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    Optimizing content on the YouTube site is easy and simple if you follow a strategy, the main aspects of which will be revealed later in the article. The rules of SEO improvements have long been no secret and no news, but there are some little-known tips that will attract attention to the content and make it even more popular. Ranking video will provide a good result and improves the position on the issue of the result on request to YouTube. This whole strategy is based on the main goal: attracting subscribers, increasing the number of content revisions and video traffic.

    Советы по распределению в топе выдачи сервиса YOUTUBE
    1. Keys are of paramount importance.

    Initially we define the keywords that should be first.

    Target phrases are inserted into the title, not losing the fact that the YouTube service highlights the terms that are located at the beginning of the title information.

    Example: in order for video content on demand [off-page SEO] to be ranked more efficiently, we prescribe a title where the key-terms are placed at the very beginning of the sentence. The title, as “Top-3 rules off-page Seo”, looks and reads well, but if you rephrase it by the rule and insert a keyword in front, it will become more popular on YouTube.

    In this case, it is possible to optimize the title text: “Off-page SEO – top-3 rules”. You can rephrase the text without much effort and time, but progress is guaranteed.

    1. Interested in original signals

    It is possible to involve users with funny and individual signals and increase the interest of the service to the channel, or more precisely to a specific video, in the following ways:

    • attraction of subscribers by repost method;
    • set of a huge number of likes and reposts;
    • comments by visitors of the video.

    Responding to viewers in any of the ways listed above signals YouTube that they like this content and pushes the site to increase in the search results.

    What to do to make people react to the video channel? After numerous tests, it became clear that the call for commenting or likes is at the end of the video.

    Many bloggers use special phrases such as “Write your thoughts on this issue,” “Write a comment on this video,” “Describe your emotions in a comment under the video,” and others. It is worth noting that a more specific call for response works better and more effectively than frequently used phrases. It is better to direct the thought of the person and clarify what it is worth to leave a review or write a comment.

    Example: you can ask the viewer which of the three rules from the video “Off-page SEO – the top 3 rules” he will test first and which of them, in his opinion, is the most effective.

    Советы по распределению в топе выдачи сервиса YOUTUBE
    1. Algorithm for creating working tags

    Tags for the YouTube site have lost some of their importance, but they still exist. Therefore, it is worth considering the issue to allocate time.

    In practice, most people use the wrong tags. These tags first of all should help the resource to find out the content (semantic core) of the downloaded video. In this case, it is not necessary to enter numerous tags, because with excessive use, you can confuse and YouTube, and of course Google search. Services simply do not understand what is actually described in the content.

    Naturally, if YouTube did not understand the essence of the video, then it will not be promoted. It is necessary to use some specific and extremely clear labels.

    Act recommended as follows:

    • Initial labels should contain basic words and phrases. A case similar to headlines, YouTube will give more attention to the original tags. It’s simple, if the video is about soup recipes, then the first tag is “soup recipe”.
    • The following tags will be alternative phrases. For example, it could be: “dinner soup recipe”, “simple soup recipe”, “delicious soup recipe”, “easy soup recipe”, etc. It’s easy to find the right options – you need to enter a keyword into the search box on YouTube and the service will give you many variations. These recommendations will be an excellent replacement for a key phrase.
    • Recent tags are expanding, increasing the review. Tags describe the direction of the video or its essence as a whole. For YouTube, this means a broader understanding in relation to the downloaded video content. Example: common words for soup recipes can be “food”, “lunch”, “food” and others.
    1. Content clickability

    CTR in the case of the YouTube video hosting site has an important role. This factor helps the service rank popular videos. The push in popularization on the site will be the number of clicks exceeding the average value.

    How to get a lot of clicks? The answer is simple – a preview. Preliminary information that calls to follow the link will be an excellent CTR – magnet.

    When creating a preview, you should use bright colors that attract the viewer’s attention. Red, black and white are the main colors of YouTube. If you use them in the preview, it will merge with the rest of the video clips.

    Thus, it is better to use other colors, such as green or orange. This will help rise among the competing videos.

    In addition to the above, you need to use the text, highlighting it in large letters, or apply the selection in bold. In practice, content with an intriguing preview is guaranteed to receive the number of clicks an order of magnitude more than the others. The size of the information in this case is limited to thirty characters.

    Советы по распределению в топе выдачи сервиса YOUTUBE
    1. Correct description

    The transfer of information about the provided content should be juicy, full and express the essence as much as possible, while luring to view and cause the desire to recommend the video to friends. Long, but informative descriptions of the video will help YouTube rank it better, due to the service’s understanding of the content. The optimal and effective size of the text in this case is from one hundred to two hundred characters.

    1. CNR heading enhancement

    The clickability index is increased by a simple and effective technique – inscribing characters in the heading (square and round brackets). HubSpot test reported that the addition of these components brings an increase in clickability of almost 40%.

    Советы по распределению в топе выдачи сервиса YOUTUBE
    1. Videos similar in content or description

    Promotion of content on YouTube does not set goals only in the issuance of the initial results. In practice, receiving a huge number of clicks will help the video appear in the hosting section among the videos that are recommended for viewing. This method optimizes video to increase popularity for getting more views.

    To show the video among the recommended ones, apply the same tags that are used in the main, already popular videos. YouTube views similar tags and subjects the video. The relevance of the video will be equated. The result will be getting content in the recommended section along with the main video.

    View tags to the main video can be through codes to the page. There is a context menu item “View page code” in Google’s browser. It is necessary to bring up the menu by clicking the right mouse button, and then select the desired item. Now we will find key phrases among the code that are tags to this content. For example: фильм о Шерлоке Холмсе keywords are as follows:

    Советы по распределению в топе выдачи сервиса YOUTUBE

    Means Vid IQ, Tube Buddy show tags for videos without first requesting through the context menu and simplify the task.

    Now we apply the obtained results to our content and display them verbatim. Provided that the downloaded video is high-quality and similar in subject to the main one, YouTube will begin to actively rank it in the issue in the recommended line.

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