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Direct promotion is a quick way to express yourself to potential buyers. Such PR starts to work quickly and makes a profit, provided that the right approach to planning and implementation.

What is Yandex Direct?

This is a commercial marketing service from the search engine of the same name. It includes four tools to help build an effective sales funnel.

Contextual advertising

She must display an ad in one of the three first or last positions on the homepage of the issue. Such placements are marked with the appropriate marker and striking the user’s eyes as soon as the link page is formed.

Since a paid impression takes 1-3 positions, clicks on them occur more often than on other resources found. So, the transitions to the site are becoming more common.

Smart banners

“Catch up” the visitor, showing him the goods that were viewed. This allows you to warm up interest in the purchase and recall a recent search.

Display marketing

It is aimed at forming the image of the company. Targeting data can be taken from social networks, sales management programs, and be customized depending on the interests of customers.


Stimulate repeated visits, recalling the company.

Promotion in this way consists of several important steps.

Direct Promotion

Target Audience Analysis

For promotion through Yandex Direct to be profitable, you need to understand the desires and needs of customers. Analysis involves a selection according to several criteria:

  • floor;
  • age;
  • interests;
  • geography.

In Direct, you cannot set up such fine-grained granularity as in Google Adwords, so you should approach the selection with great care.

Semantic core collection

The basis of promotion in Yandex Direct is the ability of the search engine algorithm to match the visitor’s question with the ad. To do this, use the keywords and phrases that are selected in Wordstat. This process requires considerable analytical skills, since the obvious keys are not always the most correct. For example, the word “smartphone”, which has a huge number of requests per month, may mean ordering, selling, repairing, reviews, reviews.

When setting up a marketing campaign, negative keywords must be selected that allow you to cut off all incorrect queries.

Click Pricing

Money is withdrawn from the account in the service only when the user clicks the link. A marketing strategy will not be effective if a post is set too high or low. In the first case, the profit will not cover the costs. In the second, the search engine will give preference to more expensive offers from competitors.

The system works on the basis of an auction, the display is determined by the highest value of the current lot. Only an experienced specialist can determine the equilibrium value. He makes a decision on the basis of many criteria: a niche, the number of competitors, the features of Central Asia, geographical location, etc.

Goal setting

This is a specific action that needs to be accomplished. This can be filling out a form, subscribing, clicking on the link, purchase. They are indicated in another search engine tool – Metrica, and then attached to a marketing campaign.

Strategy selection

Depends on the tasks that need to be addressed. Affects the display location, available limits, and bidding scheme. The mathematical algorithm calculates the likelihood of a click and the execution of a target action. If the calculated estimate is high enough, ads will be shown on request.

Create ad

The volume of the text is very small, so it is necessary to present the proposal in such a way that it contains a key phrase and attracts attention. If a graphic banner is used, then it should be interesting and colorful.

The advantages of paid promotion

In addition to the speed with which the effect appears, the advantage of this approach in marketing is a flexible system of settings. Unlike offline PR, the context allows you to instantly change the text, change the placement, reconfigure the characteristics of users. Thanks to the developed analytics toolkit, an experienced directologist is very quick to orient in the results and change parameters at any stage.

Direct Promotion

What the errors lead to

To the loss of finance. Even a small inaccuracy at any step will lead to a decrease in efficiency. One of the highlights is showing to a non-target user. The meaning of the funnel is to “catch” the buyer at the moment when he is ready to purchase the goods. Such customers are called “hot.” It is due to them that the conversion is growing.

If a purchase proposal has been shown to someone who is looking for a feature or description, the likelihood of the desired action is too small. Direct operates on the basis of mathematics and accumulated statistics: the more accurately the parameters are indicated, the better the result.

The involvement of an inexperienced specialist or independent promotion will require too many experiments to reach a positive balance. Only a professional will immediately come close to the intended goals, and then make additional adjustments.

How do we help

We have certified directors who have been trained directly at Yandex. Each of us has accumulated enough experience to have our own statistics, on the basis of which we can predict the result with great accuracy.

Having decided to order a marketing campaign with us, you will only win. Our team will provide:

  • detailed analysis of the target audience;
  • Correct targeting and retargeting
  • semantic core selection;
  • Create engaging content
  • ongoing analytics;
  • report generation.

We will monitor the availability of the site for visitors who click on ads, will immediately respond if the result does not satisfy the tasks and will always be in touch.

In order for paid advertising to pay off, a person needs to be kept on the site. An incomprehensible menu, a complicated interface, and an unobvious purchase algorithm will push away even the “hottest” client. Order technical support, resource audit, redesign or integrated SEO-promotion – in total, this will help to make the company a leader in its niche. The price of promotion in Yandex Direct is formed individually and depends on the niche, the number of competitors, the amount of supporting work, requirements and goals. Sign up for a free consultation to get an indicative promotion algorithm. The manager will conduct a preliminary assessment of your resource and name the cost.

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