Differences of promotion in Yandex and Google

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Among specialists, such as optimizers, webmasters and just owners, there is a lot of controversy on this topic.

The fact remains – there are indeed certain differences in the ranking. It is the features that are unlike each other that make it possible to distinguish between two conditional types.

Differences of promotion in Yandex and Google

Minor differences

The length of the titles. If you take Google, then it recognizes the first twelve words as the title, while Yandex sees everything like that. This means that during the formation it should be taken into account that after the twelfth Google will see plain text, not keywords. But with his brother, the situation is simpler. No matter how the keywords are located, Yandex will perceive them quite adequately.

  1. Violas of pictures. Systems have completely different perceptions of alt images. Google takes them into account in the search, its brother, on the contrary, does not see it.
  2. Micro-marking. Each search engine has its own markup, which can change over time. This indicator is insignificant, but still affects the conversion – clicks, conversions, calls and purchases.
  3. Spam protection. Ways to prevent spam attacks are also different.
  4. Region. In this case, the attitude towards ranking is very different. Google refers to this much easier. If there is no reference to a specific geolocation during promotion, then this will not particularly affect the positions in the issuance. But Yandex countries and cities must be precisely registered.
  5. Factors affecting positions in search results. For the Russian famous search engine, there are about a thousand of such factors. His multi-colored international comrade issues a little more than two hundred.
  6. Brand fame. Suppose that your target audience enters queries for the most part in Google, then statistics will be accumulated there. Hence the growth of popularity and increase in position will be only in this search engine. And vice versa.
Differences of promotion in Yandex and Google

Major differences

Search engines use completely different services for promotion, and this moment should never be overlooked.

Services for Google:

  • Analytics – with the help of this assistant you can track all the statistics of the actions of site visitors. How long they linger on the page, what actions they take, if there are purchases, then how long after the transition they are completed, registered, calls, repeated calls, newsletter subscriptions and more.
  • Cards. Even the unknowing person who owns the site, the first thing he does is add his organization to the map. So you can not only raise your rating, but also get useful feedback from users and their ratings, which will allow you to correct errors in customer service and improve.
  • Google Places If you are localized in a specific region, this tool will be most welcome.
  • Google+ Local social network, due to the activity in which there will be a correlation in the search results.
  • YouTube From experience, you can say that the more activity on this video site, the more your resource will have more popularity. In the case of Yandex, it may skip this fact altogether.
  • Chrome A very popular browser among users. And activity in it also affects the position in the issuance of key requests.
  • Google Docs An extremely useful ranking tool, but Yandex does not index these indicators.
Differences of promotion in Yandex and Google

Yandex Services:

  • Metrics. This is where page traffic statistics are kept. The search engine says that when it is used, there will be completely different indicators than in the absence.
  • Cards. You need to take into account the point that this search engine is more careful about geodata, so the more accurate they are, the greater the chances to rise in the ranking.
  • Directory. It is worth using if you want to increase snippets when adding addresses.
  • Catalog. Using this source, users can learn a lot of useful information not only about the site, but also about the company as a whole, which will also increase the rating.
  • Browser. The tool is able to track all the data. These will be clickthroughs and factors that influence user behavior.
  • Market. Are you the owner of an online store? Then this tool is for you! Customer reviews and other data will be tightened, which will significantly affect the position of the site.
Differences of promotion in Yandex and Google

The time has come to draw certain conclusions. Now you know that if you use different services, this will directly affect the ratings of your resource. Analyze the positions in each of the search engines separately, and you will see that they can be completely different. In one you can be in the TOP itself, and in the other you can’t get on the second page. Read the article again, and then you will understand what else can be used to even the results.

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