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Why do some sites fly up to the first positions of the TOP search engine and are very popular, and their competitors have been investing in promotion for years without any effect? The secret is both simple and complex – take care of competent development at the very beginning, and you will not need to carry out refinement, rebranding or complete replacement of a web resource in the future.

What is the basis of a good site

Competent developer.

The site is not design and layout. The development of a commercial resource requires a much more complex approach. It is not enough to find a programmer who knows how “this unit is right here, and the menu is right there.” A bad choice is a constant investment in the future, because no advertising will keep the visitor on a bad, boring and inconvenient resource.

Development website

So what is the development sequence?

  • Building a model of the company. Starts creating a good website marketer, familiar with the analysis of business processes and the target audience. It is necessary to answer the questions: how the customer comes, how the sales are made, what the commercial offer is, what services you are able to provide. All this has to do with the future interface. The task of this stage is to minimize the number of actions that the client must perform, performing the most important thing.
  • Parsing the content mass. The best way to convey information to the user is to give him interesting visual content. This includes video, text, pictures. Each of them should have its place, which will be found in the next step.
  • Search for optimal design, color combinations. This is a fine line between harmony and “I want both competitors, above these, and below those.” The main requirement for design is to meet the user’s psychology, as accurately as possible when representing a business. Every nuance is important – from the logo to the color of links.
  • The study of the interface. His main task is to hook the client, lead him away, push him to the target action and show that this is not all, and the site is fraught with a lot of interesting things. It is here that we make an offer to the visitor that is impossible to refuse and increase the conversion.
  • Coding. We use the most advanced CMS, creating unique templates for them. This makes it possible to further flexible management of the site, quickly creating new pages and placing texts.
Development website

Development cost

Our studio can not name a single price for the site. It depends on the topic, design complexity, type of resource, requirements. Landing Page and the corporate portal require completely different labor costs and even within the same type of development the cost will vary.

In any case, we give quality guarantees. First of all, optimization is to promote a new site made at iPapus Agency easily. We know the requirements of search engines, we understand how to create a fully valid code that meets international standards for web development. This means that no design phase will be missed.

We provide services “turnkey” – independently further promoting your business in the network. We bring the site to the top positions, ensure the flow of customers on an ongoing basis. This approach is beneficial to us and customers. We know your business “from and to”, and you get a discount for a complex of services. And the first consultation is always free!

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