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The design of the online store is exactly the “clothing” by which they meet him. The first look is always the most important, since changing this impression is too difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to work out every detail of the interface so as not to repel customers and get a high income.


By this concept is meant not only and not so much the selection of colors and beautiful pictures. It is much more significant to get a user-friendly UI (User Interface). The main thing in this matter is no rules, only harmony. Therefore, the design of the store includes various aspects – from classic to unexpected for the customer.


Despite the existence of many instructions and psychological research, in the case of web pages you need to be guided by common sense. Modern trends are rigor and unobtrusiveness, without vivid contrasts and incongruous elements. However, the selection depends on the direction of the business. For example, when selling parts and youth accessories, the color scheme will be completely different. It is only necessary to ensure that the gamma does not cut eyes and does not cause discomfort.

Often corporate colors influence the choice – this happens when you already have your own or trademark recognizable image.


If you plan to develop your business in the future, you should order an individual style. Brand promotion is a popular service that can significantly increase the recognition of an online platform. Many buyers remain without thinking about the price and other advantages – only the degree of trust affects. This is due to the peculiarity of remote purchases, where unscrupulous sellers can deceive.

Free space

An empty space on a web page is called “air.” It is he who gives your user “breathing” – that is, choosing products deliberately. Many are so accustomed to beauty and severity that with littered with bright banners and huge text sites immediately leave.

It is part of the brand – it will recognize and distinguish you from online stores with similar names. Its development is a thorough process requiring a creative and creative approach.

The convenience of use

Denote the term “usability”. There are many studies showing where the eye falls first when opening the page, in what ways most people are used to placing an order. It is important to observe the rule of three clicks – the ability to make a purchase in three clicks of the mouse. Usability depends on business processes and sales scenarios, so it is designed after a detailed study of the organization.

A good site should be obvious – if a person gets confused in links and starts to get lost in offers, he will never buy anything. A logical menu, working links, convenient filters, buttons before your eyes – this is part of the design.

Design Online Store


The designer does not select text and specific images, but has an idea of their size and color. Otherwise, future content will not “fit” into the overall image and will cause irritation, not interest.

Call to Action Elements

Usually CTA details are green – this is an established tradition related to the perception of traffic lights (red – not, green – possible and necessary). But when traditions do not fit into the overall style, the designer selects the color and shape in such a way as to attract the user as much as possible. If the order button or cart is hard to find, there will be no conversion. Everything that motivates the target click to fit into the overall design, but be contrasting.

Additional items

The more interesting your store offers, the more active customers will behave in it. Cost calculators, furniture designers, virtual fitting rooms – everything is in use and is also part of a beautiful design.

Developer Choice

The contractor must have professional qualities.

  1. Be familiar with traditional solutions, research results of the psychology of the audience.
  2. Have creative thinking and the ability to generate ideas.
  3. Understand the functioning of the online store.
  4. Know the brand promotion algorithm.

It is important to understand when to adhere to classical realizations, and when it is possible to show unconventional thinking. To do this, you need a good understanding of the psychology of the target audience that comes with experience.

The studio iPapus Agency employs just such specialists. We know how to listen and hear the customer, generate ideas, offer new approaches and modernize old familiar rules. 10 years of experience allow us to “on the fly” evaluate the type of activity of your company and offer several design options and UI. Ready to create a logo, identity and image of the company. We do not use ready-made templates and guarantee unique copyright design solutions.

Development stages

The process includes several required steps.

  1. The target audience is analyzed. We have accumulated enough statistics to understand the main features of your customers. Based on them, basic interface tricks will be created in the future.
  2. Business is being studied. All possible interesting offers are selected, the scheme of interaction with the client is analyzed, and “chips” are searched.
  3. A product structure is created, nesting levels are calculated, and a filtration system is being worked out.
  4. Design UI. A prototype is created and visitor behavior scripts are written. Forms are being worked out, the number of fields and transitions is minimized.
  5. Choose a color scheme that matches the expectations of potential customers, corporate identity and products sold.
  6. A logo is being created or finalized.
  7. Icons, pictures are selected.
  8. Basic web page templates are drawn.
Design Online Store


Each online store contains functional elements familiar to the person: a shopping cart, a button and CTA links, sorting, filters. This is carefully drawn up, as it leads to a purchase.

All that can be graphically depicted will be translated into images: a magnifying glass on a search, a funnel icon on a filter. This refers to the basic well-established signs and often changing them reduces the conversion.

Traditionally, the basket is located in the upper right corner, next to the contact details. It must indicate the total cost. These details are styled with pictograms familiar to customers around the world. This is the moment when the creative is appropriate only in case of obviousness – the user will not confuse the call to action with anything.

Content should be as informative as possible. Detailed descriptions, many photos, videos – this is the only way to talk about products. With us you can get site content along with the design. This will be done by experienced copywriters and graphic specialists.

Another unspoken rule is a minimum of fields in the order form. If the visitor is forced to enter a lot of data, most likely he will not perform the target action. Leave only those fields that are necessary. The rest can be found out later or by phone. If absolutely necessary, we divide the purchase into several stages, offering short forms.

When designing a UI, every little thing matters. For example, it’s convenient to show its composition in a small pop-up window when the manipulator cursor is hovering over the basket – so the person will not forget what has already been selected. Be sure at the last stage before the transaction should be provided with information about additional services – delivery, assembly, etc. The clothing store needs to be warned about the conditions of fitting or exchange.

To increase the conversion, the main page is worked out especially carefully. You need to decide what the best deals are placed right before your eyes. It can be bestsellers (people like to know about the preferences of others), promotions and sales (the user will be immediately acquainted with the discounts).

Product card also requires a lot of attention. You have no other way to describe the products in detail, so include the most detailed specifications, professional photographs (your own or from the manufacturer, but not from the network), videos, reviews, a list of similar and related offers. Despite the fact that competitors have it – the absence will catch the eye and cause discomfort.

Cost of work

Attracting attention and graphically implementing a sales funnel requires professionalism. In order not to pay extra for the redesign, think over your wishes and describe them in detail to us. A professional designer will give his own recommendations and together with you will develop harmony and interface. Attention will be given to every nuance.

Cost is always determined individually. It is impossible to name even the starting price in advance, since the specifics of the region make a scatter from “draw as they have” to “unique original, so that it will not be repeated anywhere and never”. Therefore, leaving a request, attach your wishes, and the manager will evaluate them and be able to orientate on the final amount.

For our part, we guarantee a truly creative approach, meeting deadlines (with a refund if they were disrupted by our fault), a fixed price for the work. You will clearly know what you are paying for – each stage is discussed separately. And if you want to save money – order the development of an online store, and then its promotion. After all, comprehensive services are cheaper! The first consultation is free.

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