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Crowd marketing: when it’s interesting, where it’s better to use, how to select sites

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Crowd marketing (from the English crowd – crowd, marketing – advertising) is the placement of advertising reference messages – reviews in various communities, groups, forums, blogs. Also, in different otzovikah and even in search engines, such as Google or Yandex. The meaning of placements is to improve brand awareness among users and attract new potential customers.

You, probably, have already come across such a term as crowd marketing: when it’s interesting, where is it better to use, how to select sites, but you cannot fully understand its essence? So let’s deal with it together.

Who is interested in and when

Crowd marketing is by no means considered a multipurpose method of advertising and marketing for absolutely all commercial niches. However, it is rather interesting for:

  • companies that provide unique services and products;
  • content plans with continuously updated data;
  • various online stores;
  • corporate websites of companies;
  • agencies (marketing, real estate, etc.);
  • various startups.

However, crowd marketing will be in vain or ineffective for outlets selling everyday goods, and may not be suitable for offline businesses, such as hairdressers, beauty salons, and so on. But, again, until you try – you will not know. If you find specific sites in your area, it may even turn out very well!

It is better to try and know for sure than to sit and guess!

Now many experts use the tools of crowd marketing:

  • advertisers;
  • PR technologists;
  • SEO optimizers;
  • SERM experts;
  • business owners to promote a personal brand.

This way of promotion suits a large enough audience, this is not the end of the list, believe me!

You ask where it is better to use?

And we will answer!

This method is not tied to any one site or forum. It can be used on any sources that only come to your mind. It can be:

  • various subject forums;
  • social networks;
  • both popular informational blogs and famous people’s blogs;
  • different communities and groups;
  • different otzoviki;
  • question-answer sites;
  • search engines;
  • much more.

And this list can be continued for a long time, the main thing is that these placement sites fit the right subject.

For example:                                             

You are a photographer and you want to sell more of your services and become more famous in your city / country.

That is, your goal is to improve awareness and attract new customers.

How to do this with the help of crowd marketing?

Very simple!

  • Try to find all kinds of sources, where there is a possibility to comment, and where there may be users who are interested in such services;
  • Analyze the audience;
  • Create and continue a suitable topic, for example, about wedding photography (if these are forums, etc.);
  • Bleed the account so that it is well perceived by other users. To do this, you need to communicate on any topic, get involved with correspondence and heated discussions. Desirable pumping lines in the first stages of 1-2 weeks.
  • After the profile has been upgraded, you can safely leave advisory messages in which you can respond positively about the providing services and direct some facts of your work so that it does not look like spam and comments as lively as possible.

Example: We couldn’t find a photographer for a wedding for a very long time and when it was already 1 month before the wedding, we had a panic already. Friends advised us to their photographer. At first, we were somehow skeptical about their recommendations, but we had no choice. And how not cool, we were pleased with the result, it exceeded our expectations! First, work with Ivan was very easy, he took into account our wishes and opinions, this is very important! Also about the photos … They are just gorgeous! Therefore, so that you do not have such situations as ours, look for photographers on time! I can share our contacts, Ivan Ivanov +7770000000, works throughout the Russian Federation.

Crowd marketing: when it’s interesting, where it’s better to use, how to select sites

The main sites, their pros and cons. Tips

  • Forums

+ Allows you to find a lot of potential customers and significantly increases traffic;

– Direct advertising or off-topic comments are immediately deleted by the moderator.

Advice: write recommendation messages already from the pumped-up profile, enter into dialogs and write only in suitable topics.

  • Social networks

+ Allow you to create company pages, thus this is an additional advertisement;

– You can be banned for a lodging.

Tip: keep your page so that it does not look like a fake or bot, also write advertising veiled, the use of direct advertising can lead to a ban.

  • Question and Answer Sites

+ A good opportunity to show the benefits of your service or product;

– Moderators often remove links to other sources.

Advice: use well-disguised vital advertisements, also create several active profiles for yourself to support the theme.

  • Отзовики

+ People often read reviews before ordering a service or buying something;

– Reviews are carefully checked by moderators, incorrect – immediately removed.

Tip: comments should be as informative and believable as possible.

How to select sites

At first glance, everything seems absolutely simple. However, as practice shows, only work is nearing the choice of platform for placement under a certain niche – some problems arise:

  • not appropriate sites;
  • not sufficient branches to discuss;
  • Supreme rubbish count;
  • low Internet website contract;
  • old ones discussion.

In order to navigate, you need to send interest to the following characteristics.

The choice of suitable platforms is only half the story, also check the sources for the following criteria:

  1. The region is one of the main indicators. Do not select extensive sources, focus on regional sites.
  2. Subject – it is important that you make placement in a suitable topic. A recommendation comment, a topic was not submitted – it does not make any sense, and can be considered as spam by site moderation.
  3. Traffic – choose sites with traffic of at least 50k users per month; the more traffic, the better for you.
  4. Audience engagement – stop choosing the latest topics and with a lot of comments. Older topics also do not make sense.

In addition, according to SEO-indicators:

  1. Profile dynamics – increasing the hyperlinking;
  2. Distribution according to the types of hyperlinks;
  3. Web site trust – search engines should trust you;
  4. Anchor list – a list of absolutely all anchors that refer to an established page;
  5. DR indicator – domain rating indicator;
  6. Backlinks – quantity and quality;
  7. Donor domains – quantity and quality.

An optimal donor must have:

  • Systematically increasing profile dynamics;
  • DR is not lower than 10;
  • Diluted anchor list (80% bezankornykh hyperlinks and 20% anchor);
  • Donor domains are no less than 50 with a DR of 10;
  • The presence of dofollow and nofollow links;
  • Backlinks no less than 500.
Crowd marketing: when it’s interesting, where it’s better to use, how to select sites

How to write reviews

Now we will share the basic rules for writing correct reviews:

  1. Decide on the purpose of the comment. It should be positive, and show you better than competitors.
  2. Analyze the “language of the audience” and communicate with them at the level. Do not write too abstruse comments, just be on the same wavelength with users, use slang and emoticons.
  3. You must have your own motive. Basically, the keys of motivation are 3 conditions:
  4. Self-expression;
  5. Emotionality;
  6. Problem.
  7. It is necessary to take into account the emotions that can be divided into 3 categories:
  8. Positive;
  9. Neutral;
  10. Negative.
  11. Again, the specifics of which we spoke above. Reviews have nothing to do with anything.
  12. Naturalness, that is, communicate with people like old friends, so you will cause more confidence.
  13. And do not forget to be sincere, even have a pumping.

If you use our tips, you will be able to significantly increase the ranking profile, among others. Accordingly, messages will be perceived even better!

Advantages and disadvantages of crowd marketing


  • Instant traffic;
  • Promotion and brand awareness;
  • Raising positions;
  • Lasting effect;
  • Not very expensive and reliable;
  • It does not take much time;
  • If placed correctly, then you can bypass the deletion of links and account ban;
  • Fits almost everything;
  • Direct communication with the target audience;
  • Convenient to use for customers;


  • Results have to wait;

Thank you for reading to the end, further more!

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