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The appearance of infographics was noticed only recently, although many people knew about its existence for years. She was noticed at the moment when it was necessary to transmit complex information quickly. An article that is filled with all sorts of figures, graphs and text is usually read sluggishly, and half of the reading is not digested. To give the user useful information without overloading it, an infographic has been created. Our curiosity does not allow us to miss a new infographic, and as soon as we see it, we immediately try to get to know it.

This article contains useful information and tips for those who want to create their own infographics. We will also define the moments that are undesirable and very necessary to implement.

Создаем качественную инфографику - 10 советов в помощь

Try to create a focusing center point.

In an attempt to create something original and informative, the designer often turns a picture with text into a heavy canvas for perception. To prevent this from happening, create a focus. Focus on the image that conveys the main idea. Make it so that the main subject or figure is immediately conspicuous and memorable.

Создаем качественную инфографику - 10 советов в помощь

On the example of corn, it is clear that the ear takes all the attention. It is located in the middle and its appearance shows that it is the main thing in this chart. In addition, an excellent combination of colors is used, which makes it possible to draw attention to the main pattern in contrast with faster. Now, when our attention is attracted, we calmly study the information from the side, above and below. It is absorbed faster and remembered.

Создаем качественную инфографику - 10 советов в помощь

Can we read the text, looking at the picture once?

We remind you that infographics is used to convey complex information to the desired user with the help of bright pictures and simple schemes. It should be endowed with a goal that allows you to assimilate the information received as soon as possible. Here we are talking not only about individual graphic points, but also about a common idea. At first glance, the meaning should be clear, values ​​and indicators should be captured. Ask yourself the question: “Is everything clear to me the first time, looking at the picture?” If you answered your question positively, then you are going in the right direction.

I would like you to take advantage of this rule, because without it you will quickly achieve. We will agree that the image is much more attractive than a solid text and users will like it anyway, but our goal is to present information easily, interestingly and easily.

Создаем качественную инфографику - 10 советов в помощь

We gave an example of a complex graphic image that is hard for the user to perceive. To get acquainted with the information, we have to constantly move the eye, peer, compare. Here you need to learn to match the color, meaning and name – quite difficult, especially for the person who first encounters such a flow. In a good infographic, you need to immediately consider how many times you have to move your eyes. The smaller, the more successful the idea, the more intelligent it will work.

Use the appropriate metaphors

The most attractive feature of infographics is that with its help, even boring information can be turned into an actual metaphor that will be accessible to perception even to a beginner.

Below we have presented a graph that perfectly displays the metaphor. The goal was to show in the figure 50 positions of the economic growth of 14 countries. Agree, if there was a boring chart with numbers on the screen, it would be uninteresting, and incomprehensible to watch it. It would be necessary for a long time to deal with indicators and highlight the leaders and losers. And against the background of the metaphor of competition, we quickly understand which country is leading and which one is lagging behind. It is interesting to discuss such a schedule, it is not necessary to load it with explanatory texts, since even a novice user will grasp the essence of the picture.

Создаем качественную инфографику - 10 советов в помощь

The following example considers the influx of immigrants to America. The indicators are fixed with multi-colored columns imitating the flag. Thus, the designer again gives our eyes the focus on the important and capture the essence itself quickly and easily. In addition, the picture is well remembered that in the future will be able to provide a good service in the development.

Создаем качественную инфографику - 10 советов в помощь

Use 3D graphics

In serious organizations, it is very important to place the right accents and present the information in expanded form. Here comes to the aid of infographics, which looks like a slice or three-dimensional graphics, showing the situation from the inside and outside.

Создаем качественную инфографику - 10 советов в помощь

On this chart, we can immediately grasp the essence and understand what’s what. It would be necessary to describe such information on several pages. The numbers on paper are boring and incomprehensible, but here, just a glance is enough to understand the situation.

Создаем качественную инфографику - 10 советов в помощь

Try to submit information beautifully

There are situations when infographics combine information that is easy to read, and there is when it tries to visualize a huge flow of values. In such cases, it is not recommended to pay undue attention to each value. Focus on the overall picture.

We have to look at the whole picture at once, see what it carries in general and what its data says. In pursuit of perfect content, designers are able to create real masterpieces.

Создаем качественную инфографику - 10 советов в помощь

In order to understand the scale of the entered information in the schedule, you need to follow the link and look at the picture. Make sure that there are too many things “stuffed”, but thanks to a competent designer, the information is fun and interesting.

Fewer bar charts

I remember one piece of advice given by my teacher and a great designer. He said: “The first idea that comes to your head is the most primitive and banal.” In fact, it is true. The first thought that came to my head is no different from the thoughts of other similar designers. We need to think more to create something unique and not boring. This also applies to bar charts. The tool is still popular, it is easy to read, but terribly banal. In the lower example, I will show how to make the original out of the boring.

Создаем качественную инфографику - 10 советов в помощь

See, here the designer suggested considering the US allies, but not in the form of a classical diagram, but as a deck of 3D cards. The higher the deck, the closer the ally. The scheme is quite simple, but original in its own way.

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Repetition is the mother of learning!

If you use the same data in different contexts, then learn how to use repetitions. This is a feature of designers.

The bottom picture shows a vivid example of using replays. Here the author wanted to show the number and location of remote employees and marked them in the form of a marker. The metaphor is chosen correctly and gives us a complete perception of information.

Создаем качественную инфографику - 10 советов в помощь

Narrate pictures

Again, we give advice to use as often as possible pictures. An important feature of infographics is to convey the whole point in pictures, to submit information for quick reading. Of course, numbers and text can and should be used in the creation, but the main thing here is the image.

On the example of the image below, you can immediately get a lot of information without reading words and numbers. If you pay attention to the shape of the phones, you can see that the graph shows the evolution of devices. Above weights are drawn, in their form and size it also becomes clear that the weight of the phones of previous years and modern models is compared. The designer in one picture showed the advantages of a new type, without loading the reader’s brain with background information and not spending a lot of time studying.

Notice, we don’t even look at the letters, but understand perfectly well what is at stake.

Создаем качественную инфографику - 10 советов в помощь

Want to check your work? Before you turn the working sketch into an infographic, try to leave only the drawing on the canvas. In this form, show a third-party person who has not seen the image before. If he can tell what the picture is about and what is the meaning of it, then your idea has been a success.

Draw comparisons

On the one hand, I will give advice not quite on the topic, but on the other hand, this is an important point that is worth paying attention to. It is important to provide and compare information in infographics. For example, the typography is now popular, but for the scale of the picture is not enough to draw bright numbers, you need to make a graph or chart for the credibility and assimilation.

Somewhere in the beginning I wrote for you to work out your diagrams in your head, but now I want to advance this thought. First of all, I want to ask: How would you show a comparison of two huge numbers – 14.2 trillion and 6, 95 billion? What tools were used to convey information in a few seconds?

The infographic below shows a vivid example of drawing a comparison, which clearly shows the scale, value and difference.

Создаем качественную инфографику - 10 советов в помощь

Generously provide infographics with visual cues.

Take for example the histogram. It is used by many and it is appropriate, but there is an important point – it needs to be made more readable and clearer, even if the information will be abundant.

Below is another example to understand. The graph is pretty clear picture with the data. We can independently get acquainted with the figures, and they will be clear to us, but the checkboxes in the infogram complement the information content. Due to them, the final figure is immediately visible and there is no need to spend time on mental work with the calculations.

The designer has refined the material in such a way as to be 100% sure that his material will be exactly readable.

Создаем качественную инфографику - 10 советов в помощь

Learn Infographics

For quality work you need to learn and improve all the time. Want to learn something new and useful? Then we will list popular sites where you will find a lot of useful:, Style and Flow, Infographic Gallery, Cool Infographics,

Final chord

The whole post was reduced to one thought – to make the work of infographics as readable and understandable for users. Of course, the heart of the designer is more responsive to the beauty of construction, to the flow and aesthetics, but the main goal is to satisfy customer requests.

A vivid example of graphic design is infographics. It is with her, you often have to face. The design work here consists of something more than a combination of fonts and color matching. Here, infographics is a creative, styling and presentation in one person. It serves to increase the readability, digestibility of information, which leads much further than a simple post or article.

If you use our tips correctly, most likely you will increase your professionalism and create a high-quality infographic that hits right on target.

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