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Contextual advertising in Google AdWords: the struggle for the client in five simple steps

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    1. Know your target audience

    When you have decided who exactly you are planning to offer your services or products, try to study the chosen group of consumers as closely as possible. You will need to understand not only the income level of a person, but also personal preferences, professional speaking or subculture commitment, level of education and even views on politics. All this information is of considerable importance, since it helps to select not only key phrases, but also words that should not be used, as well as the general style of writing a selling text. Only in this case, the created ad will be able to offer potential buyers the desired product, and everything is expressed in the simplest possible language, which is trustworthy and does not make you think long.

    Контекстная реклама в Google AdWords: борьба за клиента в пять простых шагов

    Let’s try to give an example of the importance of adhering to these subtleties. Suppose you are selling tools for construction. For competent selection of keys you need a clear understanding of the audience. When working with private individuals, it is recommended to use names that are familiar from everyday life, and while cooperating with enterprises, official terms are better taken into account. And the wrong selection of even the simplest word will immediately lead to a collapse, because people either do not notice the announcement at all, or prefer to get round.

    1. Carefully work out the name

    The title also needs to be compiled correctly, since the success of the advertising campaign also depends on it, since it gets its main attention. Even more, according to statistics, the predominant number of users when choosing the right ad in the results of the issue is based on the name.

    In order to successfully cope with this task, a positive effect from the past is important: the usefulness of contextual advertising directly depends on the competent selection of keys. Standard drawing schemes are as follows:

    • Key phrase + cost;
    • Key phrase + city;
    • The key phrase + advantages (benefits, cheapness, guarantees, etc.);
    • Key phrase + features (originality, competitiveness, exclusive offer).

    The first two options are often the most viewed. If there are not enough characters, do not forget about the subtitles and correct prioritization. The most important information should be displayed in the main title, the rest – in the additional.

    There is a great option in Google AdWords – dynamic insertion of keys. It helps to insert the correct request into the header, which the user enters to increase the number of views. If the request exceeds the allowed number of characters, your default text will be used.

    Контекстная реклама в Google AdWords: борьба за клиента в пять простых шагов
    1. Analyze by competition

    Remember that you only have a second to attract the interest of a potential buyer. From this it follows that your ad must clearly stand out among the others in the issuance of results. To do this, you need a clear understanding of how they are designed by your competitors. It is necessary to find the most common phrases and words, and add them to the list of negative keywords.

    Even offering the same product, you can easily avoid stamps, and originality attracts attention, is able to interest. It is advisable to put the main emphasis on the distinctive details – this will be the most advantageous strategy of paying attention to your ad.

    Contextual advertising in Google AdWords: the struggle for the client in five simple steps
    1. Try to keep attention

    Further in the announcement you need to explain the reasons why the user needs to make an order from you. It is necessary to present weighty arguments, unfounded and meaningless phrases-clichés will repel potential customers. If the title does not indicate the cost of products or services, it should be entered into the text. Do not forget to write about the warranty period. It is also recommended to talk about the cost and speed of delivery, tell about your experience in the market, specify how many people have already addressed you. And do not be afraid to apply the numbers – they are able to increase confidence and act rather convincingly, they begin to notice the ad, take it more seriously and remember it even if they are considered for a second. Of course, in this case it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the numbers will quickly become enemies.

    Try to encourage people to follow the link using various marketing techniques. For example, customer interest flares up if the time of the sale or promotion is limited, because everyone wants to have time to get the benefits of the purchase. Google AdWords has the ability to customize the timer that counts down the days, and this feature should not be ignored.

    Контекстная реклама в Google AdWords: борьба за клиента в пять простых шагов
    1. Express emotions and encourage customers to express them.

    When submitting an ad to Google AdWords you need to remember that you can put an exclamation mark only once, but this is enough for small text. Especially if you apply it correctly. The best solution is to put the promptings to action, which are somehow present in all advertisements. This emphasis has a positive effect on its implementation.

    Descriptive adjectives can emphasize the benefits of a product or service, as well as create a positive attitude. So you will achieve the location of the customers. However, vague, inappropriate and transparent language should be avoided. For example, the phrase “great price” does not define it as low, and an “attractive chainsaw” only makes you laugh, and does not prompt you to buy.

    Contextual advertising in Google AdWords: the struggle for the client in five simple steps

    Life hacking as a bonus

    1. The viewing time is increased by increasing the attractiveness by adding extensions. Try to include in the visible URL product category, and in the text to enter contact details and additional interesting links.
    2. An interesting fact from psychology, the enticing words “discounts” and “sale” harm the luxury and brand products. Subconsciously, the client may decide that the price is reduced due to poor sales, and therefore the quality is not up to par. It is better to use the word “action”.
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