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Content SEO is perhaps the most powerful engine in website promotion in the TOP search engines. Each person visiting the site is asked to solve some important question for himself. And for this, he needs a detailed and detailed “infa”, which will not only give all the necessary answers, but also make you discuss, share and bookmark.

So, if you do this, consider that the page relevance problem is automatically resolved.

Let’s see what content is. This is the content of the site’s pages. For the most part, these are articles, but there may be graphic content. Does everyone remember meme sites or video resources? This is also he, darling.

Content SEO

Whatever the navigation, graphic design or redirects, all this will sink into oblivion if there is no useful and high-quality content. You can purchase tens of thousands of links, but if the user does not find what is useful and interesting to him, the money will be wasted.

Which of these can be concluded? Each of us comes to web pages for content.

Despite the variety of video files, colorful pictures, the most important role is still played by the text.

Content SEO

The meaning of promoting articles

Article promotion can be divided into two stages:

  • Systematic replenishment of the site with useful and informative content. It should not be forgotten that each text should be unique and relevant in accordance with search queries.
  • Placement on articles of trusts of articles and announcements containing backlinks to your resource.

Why is this effective? Everything is pretty simple. Search engines perceive links in context as something very natural. Thus, when the link is concisely entered into the general structure of the text, you get a lot of transitions, and this positively affects the position of the site in the search results lists. Relink is a quick and effective way to raise a site in the TOP.

Now the task is to find trust sites and create high-quality and unique articles.

Content SEO

Platforms for placement

This is a kind of one way to make money on the Internet. As with other types of network earnings, everything is organized and clear here. On the World Wide Web, you can find countless so-called article exchanges. Such sites are created specifically so that you can promote your site through texts. A CEO can easily find trust resources that allow articles with links to be posted.

Pricing policy largely depends on the position of such a resource. How to choose it?

  • Choose sites that have a high TCI and PR.
  • Age is also important. Better if the site is at least three years old.
  • You need to make sure that the selected trust does not use selling links through SAPE or similar tools.
  • High attendance.
  • A related topic. If you are engaged in rental real estate, then it’s definitely not worth it to post on a resource that gives information about children’s products.

It must be remembered that over time, the placed link may simply disappear. No exchange will guarantee that it will keep the information forever.

Another point that many sin. Especially very “green” projects. Doing a lot of placements at once is not necessary. Let everything go the natural way.

Content SEO

Select content

When the places for publications are selected, the time comes to create what we will post. You can create content in different ways:

  • Copywriting. The method is the most effective and high-quality. Yes, it is expensive and requires a certain amount of time. But you will definitely know that each text is unique, carefully worked out, requests are included in it, and, moreover, the subject is well understood, and it will be interesting to the reader.
  • Rewrite. Also a good option. Less costly in money and time. In this case, ready-made texts are taken, for example, from competitors and corresponded with one hundred percent uniqueness.
  • Translation of foreign publications. The option is very good in the sense that not all network users have enough knowledge in foreign languages, but you want to get food for the brain. It is necessary to include in the text, in addition to its link, the transition to the source.
  • Using someone else’s content. Why are we talking about this? To let you know that this is by no means impossible! Firstly, it’s far from unique and unique, and secondly, such a “feint” will not do you any honor.

What conclusion do we come to? You need to hire a professional copywriter who will create an excellent text or, with the talent of a writer, write it yourself.

Content SEO

How to write yourself?

No one better than the project owner knows it better. So it will be interesting to write about it, but the result will be the most high-quality. True, you still need to learn a few tricks, since you also need to be able to print texts for the network and there are requirements in this matter. Plus, since there are also other tasks that need to be solved, everything will not work out as fast as we would like. But no one needs to pay.

Order text content

If you adequately understand that your writing talent did not even visit you, time is running out, but there is an opportunity to pay another person, do not even hesitate. The question is different. The network is full of exchanges of freelancers who are ready to provide their services at very different prices, but you can only check the quality and interest by getting the material on hand.

The most difficult thing is to find a worthy copywriter who will be on the same wavelength with you, clearly understand the task and create a truly worthy text. In this case, we advise you to contact a company where there are full-time specialists and you can see and read what was created earlier. By the way, our team employs real talents who clearly understand what the client wants from them, and can quickly and thoroughly understand even the most unfamiliar topic. You can familiarize yourself with the work on our blog or read customer reviews.

Content SEO

What is good text?

Whatever method of creating content you choose, remember the following rules:

  • Even if a rewrite is done, there must be a high degree of uniqueness – above 90%, better than 100. At the same time, meaning should not be lost.
  • When creating SEO-optimized articles, don’t go too far with key entry. Check created on special services that will help determine the degree of spam. Not a single search engine will miss the text oversaturated with key phrases in the TOP.
  • There is such a thing as generation. For example, one text is written, and then it is generated in a special program so that it turns out a lot, but unique. This method is good for announcements or small press releases. Abuse this is not worth it, because whatever one may say, but the original will remain the highest quality. The remaining texts can be generated in frankly unique nonsense.
  • Love what you write about or find a specialist who will really love your business with all your heart, then each letter will delight the reader. Otherwise, do not expect favor from users. Indeed, if the writer is not interested in the topic, then the text will turn out dull and useless.
Content SEO

As we can see, content SEO requires a thorough approach, time and certain costs, but the result is excellent. As they say, you can’t catch a fish from a pond without difficulty. Want TOP positions? Be kind to try. Well, in turn, we are always ready to help. Therefore, we are waiting for calls and messages. Our copywriters are already tired of waiting and want to create amazing articles just for you!

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