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Content Marketing 2018 – Major Changes, Trends, New Tools and Effective Chips

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Forecasting the development of any events is always difficult. Especially when it comes to advertising or internet marketing, where everything changes with the speed of sound. Therefore, to take on the prediction of the situation can only be having excellent knowledge in this area. That is why about the trends of this year in content marketing, we have selected the most reliable and relevant information, verified by our own experience.

Changes in analytics, personalization development

Few people in our progressive time pay attention only to site traffic. In addition to traffic, modern media outlets also identify other indicators of audience interest. These include conversion of reading, popularity of individual articles, headlines, etc. With the help of the collected data, it is possible to determine the popularity of individual topics and even authors. And for this, only Yandex tools are not enough. Metrics or Analytics from Google. There are other tools to track conversion.

Recently, personalization has become increasingly common for editorial analysts. Now, all sorts of projects with content begin to customize for a specific audience, although earlier it was only relevant for social networks.

Контент-маркетинг 2018 - основные изменения, веяния, новые инструменты и эффективные фишки

Now, in addition to the usual indicators of CEOs, editors analyze the number of users who have unsubscribed from the list, requests from the site, and many different commercial factors. At the same time, according to experts, it is necessary to take into account not only the numbers, but also the trends in dynamics, that is, the increase and decline. These factors primarily indicate the effectiveness and popularity of the content.

Therefore, you can come to a simple conclusion. If you do not look only at the bare numbers and do not take into account the standard metrics, and analyze the personal characteristics that are important for the resource, you will be able to get normal customers. To increase the audience you need almost for everyone to provide relevant information, articles and so on. Only an individual approach will help in this difficult matter.

Creativity in everything and more. The cost of promotion of well-known brands increase

For the first time ever, Internet advertising has overtaken TV advertising. It happened in the fall of 2017. And this is not surprising, because it is the Internet that has replaced television for many, and the effectiveness of such advertising is much higher.

Companies invest heavily in the promotion of Internet projects and social networks. This trend continues in 2018. Below are the most interesting digital cases in 2017.

  • Leroy Marlene, a company that sells heaters, has implemented a creative idea. During the start of sales with one agency, they launched an amazing project that attracted a lot of attention. A huge inscription “Price” was made and installed, made entirely of ice. Its weight was one and a half tons. The trick was that heaters were installed around the ice block. And live this process was watched by more than 1,000,000 viewers. At the same time it was possible to vote for the installation of additional devices. As a result of this advertising move, more than 4,000 visitors visited the section of the site where the heaters for the home are located.
  • The world-famous company Ikea surprised its subscribers on Instagram by making rooms with design of popular literary monuments in the form of living stories. Were selected several recognizable and all your favorite books. Children’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen”, as well as “The Wizard of the country of OZ”. They also took a room for development where the narrator first met Desi, one of the main characters in the book The Great Gatsby. Not paid attention to the creators of the great work of Russian literature “The Master and Margarita” and the cycle of stories “The Human Comedy” by French author Honore de Balzac. The creative team presented videos about how to recreate the interiors of these books at home and at the same time presented suitable products for this. Such a move attracted many customers and increased sales.
  • A brand NIVEA MEN did not bet on television commercials, and on YouTube. In this dream, a video was invited S. Druzhko. And for this they played the plot very effectively. The first video tells the story of how an actor and presenter wants to act in an advertisement, naturally from the first person. The second shows how he visited the company to discuss cooperation. The third is directly advertising the shampoo, shot by the actor himself. It says that shampoo is not intended for the hair of the actor, but for hair buyers. The fourth video – Druzhko receives a confirmation of cooperation. The effectiveness of advertising says the figures – 15 million views on the company’s official channel. At the same time, the video has very few dizlicas – a little more than 400 pieces.
Контент-маркетинг 2018 - основные изменения, веяния, новые инструменты и эффективные фишки

Every year such creative pieces appear more and more, so this year you can also expect unique videos, interactive from famous companies. This means that users are becoming increasingly interested in unusual content. And this, in turn, makes even smaller corporations use non-typical advertising.

The introduction of social networking formats

Content from social networks is widespread, and stories have earned particular popularity. That is why Group decided at its own peril and risk to create a project “Curious”. The target audience of the service is female gender, age 16 … 25 years. The content here is made up of pictures, gifs, sometimes videos with a mandatory description, stories. They look through one touch, like regular photos on the phone. You can find this in Yandex. Zene. The same images and gifs with texts are turned to the side. From several one-piece story.

Tatyana Polovichenko, who is the editor of a company that provides Internet marketing services, “Ashmanov and Partners” shared her experience. According to her, the main target audience of the company is focused on Facebook, so it is there that concentrated the greatest amount of information – announcements, coaching, etc. But for users of other social networks, actual content is also being created. YouTube and Telegram channels are also evolving, as this is a great option to attract the attention of users.

The popularity of video content is increasing every day. The most popular are coaching videos, analytics. Therefore, this content is also created in the company. Constantly preparing videos from employees with interesting and informative information. Analytical reviews are conducted.

Since last year the rating of Telegram increased, the company started filling it with up-to-date information, announcements, news in the field of Internet marketing. The “Ashrams and Partners” team is not afraid to introduce new technologies and discover unexplored horizons. Experts are experimenting at full speed. 2018 will bring a lot of interesting things to Instagram. Stories about employees will appear here, videos with job offers will be posted. VKontakte and Facebook will be filled up with entertainment content – tests According to the experience of many leading companies, it is video content that becomes most popular in 2018.

Pay attention to the popular sites Telegram and Yandex. Dzen

Experienced editors spotted these services last year. However, the interest in them has increased several times during this time, so now everyone knows where to go.


Figures will help to understand the effectiveness of Telegram. In the spring of 2017, there were about 100 thousand people interested in it. Six months later, in the fall, there were more than 500 thousand queries in search engines. Most likely, interest arose after the sale of the channel “Former”. Many media outlets wrote about this case, the story had a resonance.

This year already the majority of large companies have their own channels. The Russians are popular news channels Rain, Snob, etc. In this case, everyone is trying to stand out. For example, RBC created a bot, telling the news to everyone. But not only the media create channels. Many commercial organizations use the project to attract new audiences. The editor of the well-known company Evotor for the production of cash registers, Alexander Volkov, explains what works from the opposite. For her, the channel is a tool to attract visitors, and therefore no content is created for the channel, but vice versa.

Контент-маркетинг 2018 - основные изменения, веяния, новые инструменты и эффективные фишки

Specialists of the company pay special attention to the promotion of goods, taking into account the specifics of its audience. They believe that customer trust is important first of all, and it can be achieved by observing three factors:

  • It is necessary to prove that all the advantages of the product are not empty words. The team does not work theorists, and the practices that have experienced their products.
  • Your motivations, advice is based primarily on the desire to help, and not to earn money from your customers.
  • You need to be what is called “your”. That is to communicate with the audience, to give feedback.

That is why the team developed a unique project – a channel called “Brewed Business”. The project works as a reality show. The team on the dispute opens its own coffee shop and promises to make a profit after six months. For this, of course, the Evotor products are used. And every action is closely watched by the audience. At the same time it was important not to hide any facts, because the show is aimed at developing trust. So, having been in the shoes of their consumers, it turns out to find a way to their hearts.


Yandex developers are trying to create new projects, one of which is Yandex. Zen This project is gaining popularity not as fast as Telegram, but nevertheless Internet users are consistently showing interest in it. Over the year, interest has increased by 2 times. The chief editor of Ashmanov and Partners says that this project is convenient for the media, but will not be as effective for entrepreneurs. The blog in Zen is aimed at attracting a new audience, so its goal is website promotion.

Bloggers’ popularity is reflected in content marketing.

It all started with LiveJournal, then short Vains became popular in YouTube and finally it came to Instagram. Now Telegram intercepts the baton. Celebrities, bloggers and other participants set new trends in the development of advertising and creating a certain type of content. A lot of attention is now paid to such topics as journalism, psychology, and the beauty industry. And despite the fact that a blogger may absolutely not be related to the subject of your business, he will be able to increase your popularity among users of social networks.

It has become not only fashionable, but also effectively luring consumers through a personal brand. These are not empty words. Statistics can be tracked in WordState. Here you can see that the number of searches for a personal brand has increased 2.5 times. At the same time, bloggers should not be perceived as a competition, because with their help you can acquire new customers.

Контент-маркетинг 2018 - основные изменения, веяния, новые инструменты и эффективные фишки

What to do this year, what trends to follow?

It is important not to lose new trends, but this does not mean that you should immediately rush to record videos and negotiate advertising with bloggers. In Internet marketing, you should always take into account the peculiarities of your business and even more so, the preferences of the target audience. Therefore, the choice of a suitable development strategy should be approached carefully, gradually introducing new technologies and necessarily checking the reaction of users.

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