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Promotion of online stores, of course, will be different from the advertising of ordinary sites. In this case, certain tactics are applied and certain errors occur. If you don’t want to waste your time trying to unleash your resource, learn the six basic mistakes to never make them.

What hinders the promotion of an online store: common mistakes

Technical SEO

According to experts, the development of only technical SEO will not help to rise to the first positions of search results. Therefore, it is more rational to pay more attention to links as an equally important ranking factor. To do this, you need to create high-quality content for placement on third-party sites, because high-quality links (and positive traffic, as a result) are what will help the online store promotion.

Ignoring optimization on product category pages

Often, a user searches for a product without specifying a specific brand, simply typing categories into the search box: “tracksuit”, “skirt”, “sneakers” and so on. Obviously, he wants to get to the categories page for this query, where many models will be presented to choose from. So, it is unwise to neglect the optimization of category pages for the corresponding keywords. Correct this error.

The conviction that unique product descriptions will help to occupy top positions

In fact, this is in some ways not the case. Let’s give an example. Amazon is considered a recognized leader in e-commerce. For the keyword “diffraction glasses” on Google, it will be above even the manufacturer’s website for those very points, even though the card’s description is completely ripped off from the manufacturer’s website. The success lies in the fact that Amazon has a powerful reference profile and the description of a “carbon copy” will not change the position of the service in the TOP. Our advice is to pay attention to the factors that are really important for ranking the store. Already after the steep reference profile has been built up, you can begin to come up with unique descriptions.

Lack of division of the audience into users-researchers and those who are ready to make an order

As you know, in any sphere of trade there are those who are focused on finding favorable conditions for themselves and further purchase, and those who are just learning the topic, eyeing the goods, studying the market. If we are talking about e-commerce – this is especially important. You can not combine both categories of users. For those who are ready to buy, optimize category pages and product cards. For “educators” – blog articles that will help to understand and understand the issue.

Распространенные ошибки SEO-продвижения интернет-магазинов

Neglect of reviews

Oddly enough, reviews can be defined as a free tool for SEO optimization of an online store. There are several reasons for this. The first is that search engines rate them as unique content. The second is that testimonials create an atmosphere of trust from users, that is, improve behavioral aspects. Thirdly, if reviews are posted on various external resources with an active link to you, then this enriches the same reference profile that was mentioned earlier.

SEO is a panacea for all problems

This is a deep misconception. If you are aimed at the productive promotion of your online store, then you need to work out all aspects: design, navigation, content. Outdated design, inconvenient navigation and poor-quality texts reduce user experience at times. And no attraction of interested traffic will help you. These were the main points that must be considered when creating a strategy to promote an online store. Remember that website promotion is always a complex work.

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