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The sites in the list of search results and even the probability of falling under the filter largely depend on which sites link to your site. External links are not only a powerful tool in optimization, but there may also be a chance that in the hands of competitors they will become a dangerous weapon against your business. In order to investigate their quality and protect yourself, you need to check the external links to the site. You can do this yourself if you have certain knowledge or order a service from specialists in the field of promotion. Our team of professionals will be happy to help you figure it out at a very reasonable price without delaying the lead time.

Checking external links to the site

Why is this needed?

  • A check will help you see who is referring to your resource and how. This applies not only to negative reviews or articles, but to positive ones.
  • Not all competitors act honestly and in good faith. There are cases when a link was placed on spam sites and the site simply fell into the filters of Yandex and Google.
  • It will help to identify incorrect backlink and the content of the text near it.
  • You can simultaneously analyze the external link mass of competitors to understand where they are winning compared to you.
  • Collecting a database of low-quality links to permanently exclude them from the profile.
Checking external links to the site

What are the criteria for our analysis?

  • How spammed is the site or page that links to you. There may be an overabundance of words and phrases in bold or explicit over-optimization, and sensible information to a minimum.
  • We check the level of credibility of the donor site and how much it is ranked in search engines.
  • The number of visits and the regularity of content updates affect the likelihood of becoming a leader.
  • Indexing by search bots.
  • The ratio of the reference mass – if you link to 2000 sites, and you only have a couple, it’s difficult to call it effective.
  • Age of resources. The higher it is, the more likely it is that tomorrow it will not fall under the block and will function even longer.
  • Matching topics. In simple words, the online toy store does not have a place on the sites where advertisements for the sale of real estate are placed.

Validation alone is not a tool to solve all problems. It will only show areas that need to be given special attention so as not to let your business go downhill. We will develop clear recommendations for you, after the implementation of which, you can increase traffic, positions in search engines and increase profits from sales of goods and services.

In order to maintain the effect, it is recommended to check it regularly – once every few months.

Checking external links to the site

Why should you order the service from us?

  • For many years we have been working in this direction and were able to develop such a technique that allows us to quickly identify problem points. The sooner we find the “minus”, the faster it will be possible to fix it, which means that you will not waste money and suffer losses.
  • We keep up to date, therefore we use only the latest technologies.
  • All reporting data is provided in the form that you will understand. Are you far from SEO? It means we will not “load” it with complex terminology. Only a simple and understandable statement that will give you a complete picture of what is happening.
  • The deal is absolutely safe. We will write all the nuances that concern you along with competent lawyers in the contract. If you missed the deadlines – we will refund the payment. For some reason, not the whole series of tasks was completed – you lose nothing, we are ready to bear responsibility and refuse a reward.
  • The amount of payment for the work is clearly fixed and cannot change throughout the contract period under the influence of any factors.

Any doubts? Check out the case study and reviews section! And now we are waiting for calls and messages for successful cooperation, the purpose of which is to increase your profit and rating.

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