Promotion without links to 3000 visitors with SEO per day

Case for site


From 0 to 3100 people / day with SEO on an article site with a minimum budget. The site was designed for an experiment to check how realistic it is to promote a site without a link mass.


What was done:

- when developing a guideline on minimizing the budget, as a result, minimizing design costs :)
- only article pages underwent optimization
- with clear regularity unique articles were published on the site
- each article was accompanied by unique thematic images
- manual linking of articles
- site optimized for download speed
- the site is adaptive for mobile
- in the filling of articles, tabular data, numbered and unordered lists, subtitles of different levels and other simple types of dilution of content are used
The result - at the lowest possible development, optimization and content costs, lack of work on the reference mass, the site reached maximum visibility in Google / Yandex search and receives 3100 visitors per day from organic search results.


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