Integrated optimization and promotion of the laser car wash company website


Integrated optimization and promotion of the laser car wash company website The region is the Russian-speaking segment of the CIS countries, Russia. The task is to optimize the site for search engines and users as much as possible, to provide excellent behavioral factors and to raise the site to the TOP position in Yandex and Google search engines. Start of works from scratch, at the time of start the site was just launched.


The budget for work is strictly limited to a specific amount, so the task was in its correct distribution among all types of work and in the time interval. At the time of the start of the work, the number of site visitors from organic search engines was 0 per month, i.e. there was no traffic. At the moment we have 5500 visitors per month on a very narrow topic and a new market segment, because the company was the first to start selling these types of car washes in Russia. The growth of commercial targeted search traffic by 900% over the last 8 months.

What was done:

A complete analysis of each page of the site and the entire site and its server as a whole was carried out, the full audit contained 180 verification points, among which was the analysis:
1. general information - domain age, renewal date, presence / absence in various directories, TIC, site indexing, setting up mirrors, processing 404 error page (response codes, page view), robots.txt, sitemap, statistics system.
6. all types of micromarking, recommendations for implementation, setting up extended snippets
7. on the uniqueness of the content - text, images
14. code pages on the site littering, the correct use of tags
15. correctness and effectiveness of content placement
16. used relink and static weight distribution tools
21. Broken links
22. PageRank hanging nodes
23. Duplicate pages
24. Duplicate text
25. Duplicate Title
32. Redirect blocked in robots.txt
33. Redirects with incorrect URL format
34. Incorrect Base Tag Format
42. Missing or empty H1
43. Multiple H1 Headers
44. Duplicate H1
45. Min. content size
52. Incorrect blocking in robots.txt
53. Incorrect blocking in Meta Robots
54. Incorrect locking in X-Robots-Tag
55. Images without ALT attribute
56. Max. image size
57. 5xx errors: Server Error
67. Short Description
68. Max. H1 length
69. Max. HTML size
70. Max. content size
71. Min. Text / HTML ratio
72. Nofollow to Meta Robots
73. Nofollow in X-Robots-Tag
80. robots.txt
81. sitemap.xml
82. Diagnosis of technical problems affecting the indexation of the site by search engines;
83. Testing for the presence of search engine sanctions ("bans", "filters", "fines");
84. Search and definition of affiliates, “mirrors” of the project;
85. Analysis of the position of competing sites in search engines.
86. Check the uniqueness of content within the site and search engine index;
and many other check items.
- on the basis of the audit reports, a technical task was prepared to optimize and correct the errors found
- Items from the TK were transferred to the relevant departments
- full elaboration of the semantic core of the "carwash" theme included the analysis of demand and the formation of the most complete base of key phrases on the subject of carwash, but with screening out housekeeping, handwash and other unsuitable query groups.
All semantics was cleared of junk phrases that were defined in a separate group.
Informational phrases were also separated.
All commercial requests were grouped by request and distributed between existing and future (which need to be created) pages of the site.
- analysis of competitors
For each group of semantics, an analysis of competitors on the subject of car washes was carried out, which are displayed in the TOP 5 search results of Yandex and Google by relevant keys.
- the formation of the specification for the refinement of the landing pages - based on the analysis of competitors.
- the formation of TK for a copywriter - based on the analysis of the text of the landing pages of competitors.
- Writing texts by our team of copywriters.
- implementation and verification of the implementation of TK to avoid incomplete study of items.
- work on the external link promotion to ensure sufficient dynamics of the reference mass and the formation of an optimal anchor scheme for each landing page of the site.
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