Turnkey configuration and maintenance of Yandex Direct for wheelchair repair site



Conversion from Direct 47%, Moscow, wheelchair repair, target price 35 rubles


Due to the competent implementation of the landing pages and clear screening of the audience, attracting the most targeted visitors, the correct direction of visitors to the landing pages, minus incorrect requests, a conversion of the visitor (who left the application) was added 47%. The price of the target was 35 rubles, which for Moscow is an excellent indicator at the time of working with advertising.


What is done in the process of work and what was done:

1. Audit past advertising campaigns.
2. TK to correct errors.
3. Semantic core.
4. Base negative keywords.
5. Ad headlines.
6. Texts of announcements.
7. Account rating is brought to the highest possible rate.
8. Analysis of topics, competitors with the greatest visibility in the contextual search results.
9. Installs Yandex Metric and Google Analytics.
10. Goals to track performance.
11. UTM tags.
12. Rate management system depending on the season / need for traffic from a particular RK.
13. Additional cleaning of stop words based on the analysis of the data from Yandex Metrics.
14. The monitoring system of site availability.
15. Terms of Reference with a list of recommendations for improving the conversion rate of landing pages.
16. New media campaigns.
17. Graphic advertising campaigns.
18. Retargeting advertising campaigns.
19. Disable inefficient sites in the media network.
20. Detailed analysis of CA, collection of information based on brief data, as well as a survey of customers in the form of a brief report, collection of data from open sources, on the basis of which A / B testing of ads is carried out with the choice of the most effective variations and their implementation.
21. Conduct advertising campaigns with constant optimization and lower cost per click, increasing the conversion rate.
22. Search remarketing
23. Banner remarketing
24. YouTube Advertising
25. Advertising in Gmail
26. Video remarketing
27. Dynamic remarketing
28. Dynamic search ads
29. Smart campaigns from Google
30. Call Tracking
31. Retargeting Vkontakte
32. FaceBook Retargeting
33. Regular reporting

Customer feedback

We started with the order of one type of advertising, finished two more, as a professional approach bribed.
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