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Facebook Business Manager is a platform from the Facebook social network, designed specifically to promote online business. With it, you can manage your projects, regardless of the personal page. This service has a very extensive functionality.

Facebook Business Account Benefits

  • Upload your product / service catalog;
  • Creating the necessary publications;
  • The choice of payment methods;
  • Management of all resources of this platform;
  • Providing access to other employees / partners;
  • Manage applications, pages and advertising accounts;
  • Concentration only at work. You will not receive messages from friends and will not be a news feed, as on a personal page;
  • Moderation of a large number of profile pages.

And this is not all the advantages of this service, there are a lot of them and for each they have their own, it all depends on the subject of business.

Business account Facebook, Facebook ads to help

Work with a business account

Facebook has 2 types of permissions. Now we analyze each of them.

  1. The first type will give the opportunity to manage the staff of the company, that is, you can add users as employees or administrators.
  2. Employees have access to the company’s personal information and settings, but there is no access to change anything.
  3. Admins have full access, they can change / add / delete information or even the company itself. They also have access to add / remove employees. Administrators are those people who have all the work under their control.
  4. Other users have no access, but you can assign any person to a position in the company, even if you do not have him as a friend.
  5. The second type will provide an opportunity to work more effectively with your partners or various agencies, you will have the opportunity to provide access to resource management.
  6. You can work on promotion and launch advertising from different partner or personal accounts. The only thing – the owner of the page is only one.
  7. Each advertising account must have its own payment method. Such pages can be used to explore analytics or create advertisements. But then again, the owner is one and it is very important that the same person takes care of the payments.
  8. The owner of the page can create up to five pixels.
  9. Each application has its own ID, thanks to which you can find out how many users download it and how many use it. Applications can be connected to multiple profiles.
  10. Your partners also have their own ID, adding new colleagues to use it. You will be given an invitation link that you send to future partners, it can only be used once, which lasts only 30 days. Be careful with this!

Also, you can not do without a tool like Facebook Ads, with which you can create or edit your ad. Also make all the advertising settings, ranging from the right audience, budget, invoices for payment and ending with tracking the effectiveness of this advertisement.

Business account Facebook, Facebook ads to help

What can be achieved with the help of advertising:

  • Increase the number of subscribers through the content on the page;
  • Increase the number of customers, even with a small budget.
  • Show advertising posts to people who like the page;
  • Find your target audience;
  • Display ads for people who are very similar with your target audience;
  • Show advertising posts to users from the list of e-mail newsletters;
  • Set up targeted ads for people who have already been on your site.

Nobody wants to use their personal time for nothing, so working with such a powerful tool as a business manager is perfect for every business. In just a few minutes you can solve many different tasks – this is the main advantage of this platform.

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