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Brand promotion. How not to get lost among competitors?

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You have worked hard for the creation of your business and have invested possible and impossible forces in it. But they began to notice that the arrival of customers is catastrophically small, and site traffic leaves much to be desired? Unfortunately, it is not enough just to create a brand, it is necessary to recommend and promote it. Next, we will deal with all the terms, we will explain important points. Be sure to read to the end, because we will reveal a secret that will help you quickly and easily put your brand in leadership positions.

Analysis of concepts

For a complete understanding of the problem, let’s deal with the concept itself and its necessity.

Brand is a recognizable image that consists of a logo, correctly chosen colors, a slogan, visual effects, etc. In addition, a good reputation and image of the product is important.

Not everyone understands its true purpose. If you are one of them, read the list below.

  • Recognizability. Well, when at first glance at the logo, it is clear about whom it is. Requires skillfully stand out from the competition.
  • Profit. Due to the high margins and the level of promotion, the brand itself will be valued more expensive, respectively, to bring more money.
  • Ease of purchase. People will not think long before purchasing a service if they are confident in a manufacturing company.
  • Regular customers. Buying users will be guided only by your name, respectively, will become fans of products or other offers.
  • Ease of forming a team. The more you know, the more willingly people will go for interviews, and you will be given a wider choice of qualified specialists.
  • Development. To expand the boundaries of their capabilities will take less effort. Thus, the higher the level of trust, the more buyers.

Branding – the procedure of image formation. This will have to spend a lot of time, because they do not tolerate haste.

Promotion is a one-time action aimed acquaintance.

Promotion is a process that fixes you in high ranking positions, but lasts long enough. Here you will need cash investments, and the search for interesting means of attracting customers, writing unique texts on the website, etc. But regularity is valuable for a quality result.

It is about the latter that we will talk in more detail, since, having no idea about the nuances, it is possible not to remain anonymous, but to completely burn out.

Brand promotion. How not to get lost among competitors?


To get performance and replenish the customer base, you need to develop a successful strategy. Unfortunately, there is no single plan for every business. Territorial location, orientation, category, etc. may affect the process. Next, we will understand more.

You need to act systematically, then you can achieve results and not miss the smallest details. Therefore it is necessary to carry out each subsequent item, adjusting it for themselves.

  1. Drawing a portrait of the target audience and the market. It is important to understand what interests the consumer, its values, priorities, culture, etc. Having made a portrait of your ideal client, you will know which way to go and what you need to attract the desired target audience. Of course, you need to think differently and work on a different segment. But the main income will be obtained on the ideal. But do not forget about the most important thing is popularity. It is required to find out how potential consumers are familiar with you, what they like, and what rejects, whether the market you are targeting will develop further and how it will happen. Every detail is valuable here, so more than one week is spent, but the result will please. Ideally, rely on a professional who, in his experience, will quickly make up a marketing analysis. But if there is no such person, then you will have to work independently. So you can check all the actions. An inexperienced person would prefer to do a simpler task.
  2. Analyzing competitors. It is necessary to understand what is interesting and attractive in competing firms and websites, and to do better. This does not mean that the case will be limited to prices or, even worse, the theft of ideas. Not. Having conducted a usability audit of the site, it is possible to say with accuracy which marketing moves attract and which mistakes you personally made. After analyzing, it is possible to use all the collected information, but in its own way. Do not be like competitors.
  3. Branding Development of name, logo, design and even packaging. But do not do everything at the same time. Make priority tasks (for example, a logo), and then gradually move on to others. So you will constantly keep in the tone of customers who will be curious to watch for new elements, respectively, increased attention is provided for the entire period.
  4. Analysis of the key features of the product. It is necessary to determine the policy of expansion and certain areas of the range.
  5. Development goals. Make a clear plan for next year, and ideally a couple of years ahead. To not grab at all at the same time. Take time for each task. Among the main objectives are: the formation of a positive image, increasing market awareness and customer loyalty, attracting customers, rallying the team. At each point there will be many sub-items that can not be neglected.
  6. Pricing – the selection of the right pricing policy.
  7. Sales Determining product sales variations and offers.
  8. Development. Drawing up a strategy to further promote the product. You can take advantage of several such options:
    • pull – active advertising, which attracts consumers to its name;
    • Push – all responsibility falls on intermediaries and sellers, who will be buyers personally and send to purchase services;
    • diverse – attraction is due to the expansion of the product range, but in the same category. Possible moment with the change of packaging;
    • develop – a completely new product or reorganization.

If you have something to add, or you disagree with something, leave your comments, and we will be happy to answer questions.

Budget planning

Before you start working on advertising, you need to decide on the financial side. This is not a cheap pleasure, plus to everything, as we have said, not to be limited to one thing at a time. With a certain periodicity should go out different commercials. Among the shortcomings it is worth noting the fact that rivals are also activated. So your financial contribution may increase significantly. To avoid unforeseen situations, plan your budget with a “margin”. So you can protect yourself and time to react to any situation.

Do not worry if you do not have significant financial capabilities. It is possible to promote yourself on free sites, and invest in the work of specialists.


When advertising a company, do not forget about creating a convenient way of communication between you and a client. From experience we can say that not everyone wants to call and learn about the benefits of the service and the like. Take care of chat bots or the availability of an online consultant. In writing, much easier to communicate. And the presence of such functions adds “ticks” to your company.

But the telephone lines should also be present, and preferably a hot line.

Brand promotion. How not to get lost among competitors?

Promotion channels

This is perhaps the most interesting thing in all the work done, because at this stage you understand how a potential buyer will see you.

Offline channels. Recently, they are not so popular, but they help to reach a wide audience. These include ads on TV, on radio, in print media, in transport, etc. If you want to cover a more specific Central Asia, then pay attention to: loyalty programs, expositions, attract sales representatives, etc. Everything is good here, but be prepared for financing. Because the first time, few people will pay attention. Therefore, we have to run it several times a day.

Online Channels. Considered an ideal type of advertising. More and more people trust online publications. Using the methods below, you can well establish yourself in the network, but you will need to wait. The most effective: SEO-optimization, content, viral marketing, contextual, targeted and display advertising, SMM, SERM.

Depending on the direction of the business, you need to form the right balance. For example, 60% offline and 40% online. This will affect the maximum amount of CA.

Unique texts

Whichever way you advertise you choose, but absolutely everybody has a text part. You can write texts yourself, but do not impose a large number of tasks on yourself, so you quickly burn out and give up this venture. Hire professional copywriters. First, they are specially trained to write unique texts, and this is an important factor in SEO. But make sure that copywriters understand what they write. Otherwise, due to a misunderstanding, you will receive a non-quality article that cannot attract, but will also scare the clientele.

We want to warn you at once that if you want to win your audience and constantly expand your business, receiving only profit, you will need to invest large sums in the beginning and work all your life. And sadly, but you can’t stop, because startups will definitely take advantage of this to dislodge you from the leading positions. And judging by the stories, it happens regularly.

But if you do not want to do this yourself or it does not bring pleasure, then it is better to entrust this to a true pro.

The time has come for the long-awaited secret that we promised to reveal at the beginning of the article.

It is not a secret for anyone that for an optimal result, everyone should take care of their mission. If you like to find unique and extravagant accessories for men or to create a style of clothing, then do it. After all, this is what you are doing well. And being distracted by strangers, even if they are so serious, you will spray and do nothing good.

The same goes for SEO specialists. Turning to a specialized company you are guaranteed to get a significant increase in sales of their services. If you find large customers in the portfolio, then know that they will not cooperate with amateurs in their business, and only trust the pros. Individual approach and complete openness are the most important details of cooperation. A good specialist has nothing to hide. By the way, such firms are not required to sit in a stuffy office. Now everything is so computerized that a successful company does not need to be all together. Freelancers work very well, even physically far. After all, only with a comfortable schedule, employees will be given entirely to their work, rather than limited to the time frame.

Turning to the pros, you will not have worries. All you have to do is continue your favorite activity. They will do the rest.

If you have any questions about the article, ask us in the comments, we will be happy to answer them.

Good luck in promoting your brand.

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