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Black methods of promotion of the Internet resource: what should be avoided

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The owners of Internet resources are trying to raise their website to the first places in search results. For this, many are ready to take advantage of not only white promotion, but also black ways to increase the success of the site, just to see the project among the first.

Fortunately, new algorithms have been developed for search engines that allow them to recognize black frauds. From sites that promote unscrupulous methods, get rid of, and put forward only high-quality content.

Черные методы раскрутки интернет-ресурса: чего следует избегать
  • Flash elements. It is very difficult to find in the TOP resources with animations, they do not advance, rarely among the first places. Sometimes there are exceptions, but still do not need to build a web resource on flash-animations.
  • Invisible or hidden text. Search engines filter and do not include in the search page with invisible text.
  • Cheat PF. Yandex and other search engines have learned to determine the use of cheating behavioral factors and, maybe, once it worked, but not now. Especially if it was ordered from an intermediary and it didn’t entail anything good.
  • Spam text keys. Copywriters recommend inserting one key for 400 characters, not more. There is a filter that fights text spam – Baden Baden.
  • Cloaking and doorways. For the direction to the untwisted resource created site Dorvey. Redirect is used for forwarding. Such pages consist entirely of heaps of search keys taken out of context and sentences not related to each other. Search engines are seriously punished, because in fact, these pages only litter the Internet.
  • Too many hyperlinks. This is allowed only with special needs.
  • Purchased links. Links should only be from good, proven pages that fit your subject. It is important not to crush the quantity, and use quality resources. Search engines have begun to actively deal with bad links.
  • SPAM. Mention of your site should be present where it belongs. On any forum or blog, everything should be appropriate. Advertising a site about buying cars will be considered spam when discussing gift packages.

First of all, the site is created for the user, and any search engine helps resources to develop and improve their quality. Therefore, the owners of the sites have the task to make their resource interesting and convenient for the reader.

Черные методы раскрутки интернет-ресурса: чего следует избегать

What you need to promote a site:

  • Competent content optimization.
  • Good design and user friendliness. Do not use colors that cut eyes; fonts should be combined. Properly build the page menu so that the visitor can easily find everything he needs.
  • Configure technical parameters. It is important to correctly select the URL, you can include several keys in the numerical program control, adjust the site indexing, mirrors, markup, semantic layout.
  • Adding to the webmaster of all search engines (Yandex, Google, Mile, Bing).
  • Resource recognizability. Mention your site on the most popular projects on the net.
  • Mobile version. It is necessary that the site was conveniently viewed from a smartphone. Most people use mobile sources for surfing the Internet.
  • Use of links. Try to include more links, but do not forget that they were mentioned earlier, especially about the purchased ones. Here you can read about the formation of its reputation and getting natural links.
  • Promote the site in social networks. Better yet, create a community and mention the site in it, since a large number of people use social networks.
  • Do not forget about your project. It is important to pay for hosting in time. If the site does not work because you forgot about the payment, it will significantly reduce its attendance. If you have a news site, do not forget to update them at least once every three to four weeks.
Черные методы раскрутки интернет-ресурса: чего следует избегать

These tips can be called general, because each site has its own focus. It is clear that the online store and website services will move in different ways. There are various articles that tell about all the nuances of the promotion of various portals. If you want to purchase a plan to unwind your web resource, please contact us. We have special great deals. Our professionals will select the best promotion plan for you that suits you within your means.

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