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B2B companies in social networks: promotion and its features

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Every day the process of promoting goods and services in social networks is becoming common and in demand. Today it is one of the key areas of digital marketing plan. Users are independently engaged in an active search for the data that interests them, so SMM advertising allows you to quickly find good results at affordable prices. That is why experts recommend using it for their own purposes of any company, regardless of the field of activity. It is including the B2B organization. At first glance, it may seem that, due to its specificity, it will not extract significant benefits from the SMM. But as long as the owner of such a business thinks like this, he will lose a lot of options to promote his business. And if you are such a person, do not miss your chance and get ahead of people who are not aware of the benefits of cooperation with social networks.

If you logically judge, then the likelihood that large entrepreneurs will look for partners for themselves in such networks is scanty. Nevertheless, such cases were, and plus to everything, the search for customers directly – this is only 1 of the tasks of SMM. For enterprises, the first place should be to ensure awareness, as it allows open access to the multi-million audience from around the world.

What can a B2B organization do through network offices?

  • Increase the identity and trust indicators of the company.
  • Increase traffic allocated to the site.
  • Attract attention by providing informative information.
  • Search for potential consumers.
  • Build a positive image by collecting feedback.
  • Conduct analytical research surveys.
  • Organize discussions on interesting topics.
  • Pay attention to every needy customer.
  • Receive feedback and further interact with it.

What is the SMM strategy for?

If you think that for SMM you just need to create several accounts and post new entries from time to time, then you are greatly mistaken. The goal of brand promotion in the presented situation will not be solved.

In order to remove some benefit from working with social networks, the representative must have some knowledge and skills. It is recommended to act in a systematic and not chaotic manner. For such steps, it is better to hire a special employee – an SMM manager who will professionally add together the algorithm of future actions, select the best areas of influence, and also manage your pages.

B2B companies in social networks: promotion and its features

Among the components of this strategy should be highlighted:

  • definition of the main goals and objectives in the promotion and segmentation of the target audience;
  • analysis of the activities of competitors and the presence of mentions;
  • KPI planning;
  • creating content development;
  • adaptation of the content of the company, based on the defining features;
  • collection of feedback and statistics;
  • work with errors and so on.

What to pay special attention to at the stage of SMM-promotion of a B2B enterprise?

At the beginning of the work of B2B organizations are obliged to focus on several main factors: the necessary result of the promotion, the specifics of the social network and users. It is imperative to monitor the relevance of the content posted on the page.

Approximate scheme of the content plan

  • methods of attracting the attention of potential consumers;
  • the number of publications per day (no more than 3, so as not to seem too intrusive);
  • rubrication system (news, results of the week, polls, interesting facts, etc.);
  • post style.

Always follow the 80/20 principle. Most content should be informative and useful for users. And only the fifth part of publications can be devoted to advertising your services.

Never forget that in the field of B2B decisions are made by a group of people after careful analysis. So try to gain confidence and demonstrate professionalism.

Refuse the fictitious methods of obtaining subscribers through mass mailings, as there is a huge risk that you will be blocked and you will remain “at the bottom of the pool.”

B2B companies in social networks: promotion and its features


The most popular international social network, which will help to establish numerous connections. To do this, you should maintain a page in English. Its users, as a rule, are more solvent than in other similar services. There is a chance to find potential customers.


If we talk about Russian-speaking users, then Facebook is considered to be the main competitor of Вконтакте. The public page in the “Interesting” section provides an opportunity to win a large audience. It also allows you to fully edit the page if necessary.


Quite promising service, as users here can explore all the necessary information in a convenient format – a video. And if you think about the style of presenting information, then you can win a lot of subscribers and earn money on views, likes, subscriptions, etc.


Every day this social network becomes more popular. Its main feature is a visual way of presenting information with minimal textual equipment. Experts strongly recommend using hashtags to advertise their products and services.


A distinctive feature of this social network is the instantaneous exchange of information and its compactness. Therefore, it is recommended to use it for posting data of a news nature. In this case, hashtags are also extremely important.


Not many people know about this service, but it was designed specifically for the business segment. Here you need to focus on the profitable presentation of their professional qualities. Particularly welcome mention of profitable cooperation, awards and other achievements.

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