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Contextual advertising drives traffic and sales from the site. Its correct settings are 90% guarantee business success, brand recognition and increased profits.

In order to make sure that your advertising campaign is working properly, you need to use the Yandex.Direct Audit service.

Audit Yandex.Direct

When and to whom is it necessary?

  • There are stable visits to the site, but there is no conversion to orders and calls.
  • You used the services of a third-party company to customize advertising, and now there are suspicions that they were performed poorly.
  • Low traffic and customers.
  • After analyzing the costs, you understand that the cost of one click is too high, respectively, it is unprofitable.
  • It was previously noted that Direct worked with a bang, and recently a noticeable decline in efficiency has been revealed.
  • The advertising campaign has successfully started, but everything went on its own way, and no one else is engaged in conducting.

What are the criteria for our audit?

  • We analyze the basic settings. We’ll examine the delivery strategy, bid adjustment, prohibited sites, geolocation, business card, and others.
  • We check the written ads. Uniqueness, setting titles, pictures, tags, quick and displayed links.
  • Keywords. Study phrases and negative keywords, the division into campaigns.
  • Statistical data research. The presence of ineffective impressions that increase the price of attracting one visitor, unprofitable phrases, ads that drain the budget.
  • Yandex Metric. The presence of inappropriate traffic, the goals in the system, setting the counter.
Audit Yandex.Direct

What do you get as a result?

  • A detailed report with all identified problems. It will become clear to you why the advertising campaign does not bring results, where the expected traffic goes, why each client costs a pretty penny, which, on the whole, was done incorrectly.
  • Clear recommendations for correction that will help bring your business to a new level, and contextual advertising effective. After fulfilling all the improvement tips presented in the report, you will see a tangible effect in a short time – the conversion will increase, the cost of attraction will decrease, the traffic will increase. If this does not happen in the first month, we are ready to fully refund the payment.
Audit Yandex.Direct

Why is it worth collaborating with our team?

  • Certified agency that has been on the market for over 10 years.
  • The company employs the best SEO-specialists who understand each other perfectly and are focused on the result.
  • We conclude a transparent agreement, which does not imply delaying deadlines or hidden fines.
  • We do not have the habit of promising what we cannot do.
  • The reviews section will say everything for us.

We are waiting for calls and messages to clarify the details!

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