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    Website promotion is a rather painstaking job. It is necessary to work on content constantly, so that users learn useful information for themselves, turn from readers into buyers. Blogging and accounts in social networks allows you to gather a circle of like-minded people who would be interested in the information posted. It is necessary to feed curiosity all the time, but what if there are no fresh ideas in my head, and have the strength left?

    Many people think that it’s enough to post content once to reach their subscribers and future customers. Like, who needs it, he himself will find an article or blog. In fact, it is not. To count on the fact that your information will be immediately read by all to whom it was intended – a great mistake. Some factors may affect this: lack of time or posting on one resource.

    My recommendation to the author is to repeat, but to do it correctly, so as not to smash and irritate potential customers. To avoid this, you need to use some tricks, which I will announce in this article.

    First way: we send the same message to different platforms in different forms

    For example, consider the situation with the interview. Suppose you had an interesting conversation with a famous person who shared useful information for your target audience. It must be brought to Central Asia, and better by all available means.

    Video clip

    Most likely, you recorded your dialogue with an expert, at least that is recommended. Process the video and share it on Youtube. Your subscribers will enjoy watching the video and maybe share information with their partners.

    Do not stop on one channel, move on. Post videos on Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte. Just do not use links. Sites are competing with each other, and therefore can not miss someone else’s reference on a third-party resource. Facebook, for example, generally hides some such postings from your friends. To avoid disappointment, it is better to be safe and place cognitive “vidos”. Thus, you can expect that it will look at several sites and not only your friends.

    И снова о Пиаре: как курировать контент

    Audio recordings

    You need to develop content in any direction. An important podcast is now considered. If in your interview a monologue of an expert occupies most of it, then by and large the listener doesn’t need a picture. Not everyone likes videos, quite a few users prefer to listen to the text while sitting in the office, eating in a car, making a run, etc. Thus, they save time, but at the same time they develop. I would recommend creating your own podcast if you don’t have one yet. You will not only lose nothing, but also gain new members in your Central Asia. Do not waste your time, upload your audio to the podcast and please your subscribers with a novelty.


    Quite a few users still love to read and study information with their eyes. For them, you also have to work hard and create an interesting article. How to do it? If you do not know yourself, give your audio record to the decryptor. He quickly translate it into a text view, which will remain as readable as possible. Here you are your own creator. Create headlines, write an introductory part, highlight the main ideas and stuff.

    With the finished article you can do the following:

    • put in your account in different social networks;
    • send mailing to customers;
    • post to blog;
    • place in corporate and external media.
    И снова о Пиаре: как курировать контент


    This is quite an interesting way to present your work. There are opportunities for flight of fancy. The main thing is to arrange the key theses correctly, arrange them into slides, decorate them with appropriate photos and design. Unfortunately, our Rospotrebnadzor has currently banned our citizens from accessing the well-known resource, where they could store and create excellent presentations. Do not despair. There is another way to fulfill the dream. You can use the Russian equivalent of, which is quite well defined by search engines, and can be a worthy assistant in the promotion.

    Whatever we do, we need one thing – to cover the information field as much as possible. To do this, you need to cover all known resources and fill them with your information. It is worth remembering that the public on the Internet is sitting different, and she chooses the ways of obtaining this or that knowledge on her own, we should try to give them the maximum.

    The second way: We remind our subscribers that a rather useful post has recently been posted.

    As I wrote above, the main thing is the constant work on the content. There is no place for laziness and parasitism. New items to publish, of course, well, but what about those works that are really worth special attention, but were ignored by readers? It is recommended to remind them periodically. There is a chance that from the first time not everyone was able to evaluate the information. Someone skimmed, others wanted to see later, but forgot or lost the link, still others were not on the list of your target audience. Remind about the old post should be carefully, so as not to cause irritation to the percentage of readers who have already become familiar with it.

    The ideal option is to repeat the publication after a quarter or six months. Many content managers are dreaming of such an outcome, aspiring to acquire a large number of useful posts, further combining and playing with them in a new way. I want to warn you, there is a small, but still likely to cause a storm of indignation among regular readers. They don’t like to look at the same information for months. Professional pride and willingness to develop will not allow holding on to content with old info. I offer an interesting way to slightly deceive my readers, but at the same time do it beautifully and for their benefit. Should learn to compilations. What it is? To begin with, many people love it when they do some part of the work for them, pick up interesting and important things and put them in their mouths. This method works on this.

    And so, we publish a new material, and in the middle or in any place within the meaning we put a link to an old article. The main thing that it was relevant in this post. Many bloggers use this method summing up the outgoing year, starting the new season, etc. In this form, it turns out a good flow, not contrary to the expectations of the target audience.

    И снова о Пиаре: как курировать контент

    Not sure where to start? I suggest, as an option, the following topics:

    • Five of my best publications for the year;
    • Ten useful articles on marketing;
    • Most popular articles;
    • The best educational articles on PR, etc.

    I hope that I was able to show the approximate direction to move. Using these tips, you can revive some old articles or videos, as well as fill out your account with another piece of information. You can decide on the selection yourself. View your publications, highlight the most important or interesting. Make a small annotation to lure the reader and use. The main thing is not to overdo it. Too many links will tire the subscriber and discourage the desire to read the text.

    One more thing. Do not attach to the final date. It is better to gradually remind of your selections in small doses in 2-3 months. As practice shows, this is the right way to save time and money, which will be used to create new content. Do not be afraid that your posts will be read more than once. For some, it will only benefit, help consolidate and assimilate information. An experienced PR person realizes that a large number of touches ensures efficiency. Do not forget about the Russian proverb, which says that “Repetition is the mother of learning”!

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