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Algorithm for checking the site to develop a strategy for promotion, examples of the best tactics

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Much depends on the chosen method of advancement. It affects not only getting into the top search results and the popularity of the site, but also essentially sales, so you can’t make a bad choice. Before you choose the right strategy, you need to define a specific goal, which you need to achieve when moving.

How to set a goal? Determine what exactly you want to achieve, put a specific figure and the time to achieve it. For example, after three months, you need to increase traffic from search engines by 5,000 clicks. At the same time, it should be understood that the audience visiting the site may be untargeted; therefore, an additional condition should be put that the available conversion will not only be maintained, but also increase. And just need to determine the percentage increase. Only in front of you need to set real, that is doable, tasks and understand they relate to the capabilities of your resource or not. Only after you have a specific goal, you need to proceed to the choice of a suitable strategy.

Алгоритм проверки сайта для разработки стратегии по продвижению, примеры лучших тактик

Key Aspects Influencing the Strategy

There are certain factors that influence the choice of a web resource promotion strategy.

  1. First of all, the type of service has a significant impact – that is, it is a forum, an online store, a portal, a social network, etc. Since different sites have different goals (attracting customers, visitors, company promotion, etc.), the approach will be different.
  2. The lifetime of the resource. In this case, not only the age of the site is important, but whether events aimed at its promotion have already been held.
  3. Subject – the main directions of activity depend on it. For example, tactics for an online store selling children’s goods should take into account the characteristics of the audience, its behavioral responses. It is also important to make a convenient catalog for normal navigation, provide a description of the materials from which toys and clothes are made, because it plays an important role for parents. The main thing for the portal, which reflects the events taking place in the country and the world, is the speed of the appearance of news, updates of the tape.
  4. The region is also important, because the tactics vary depending on the geographical location, as well as the breadth of coverage – the city, region, region.
  5. The current situation is whether there is content, whether it is seo-optimized or not, whether standard optimization has been performed before, which web resource positions are among others, what the conversion is and the other. These factors also influence the development of tactics.
  6. A different approach is chosen for each search engine chosen for promotion, since they have their own characteristics, and the scheme that works for one will not work for another.

Strategies – Three Illustrative Examples

For clarity and greater understanding of the essence of the promotion is convenient to consider a few examples for the online store.

  1. The first case is a new store, and before that there was no action to promote it.

If you do not have deep knowledge in this area, then it is better to immediately seek help from experts in SEO-optimization. It will save time, effort and money. For this reason, our team has an experienced SEO specialist who installs the semantic core, selects the appropriate keys, and already on this basis, the structure of the resource will be designed, the right content matching the search engines and users will be selected. It is beneficial to do at the very beginning, soon after the creation of the site. The tactics of promotion of a new online store, a resource of a different focus is quite simple. But it is important to understand that the result will not appear immediately. In six months, it will be possible to increase traffic, but, for example, it will not be possible to immediately reach the level of the best resource in this area.

Usually convenient approach, which was given the name Matryoshka. That is, from simple things to the more difficult. This method is used not only in this case, but also in various fields, which only confirms its effectiveness. To do this, you first need to get into the first rows for low-frequency search queries. After that, the queues are large requests from users, which include 3 … 8 words. And then we gradually reduce their number and bring it to 2..3 words, they should be higher in frequency. To learn more details, you can read the instructions for promoting new sites, where all actions will be listed step by step. But with an elderly web resource (this includes those that already have a year, and certain actions for promotion have already been carried out) are all ambiguous.

  1. Service age more than a year, work on which has already been conducted.

From the previous type of tactics differs dramatically, since the resources created some time ago have a certain reputation. In this case, even though no special measures were taken, there is still a definite reference mass. Therefore, you can choose the option of promotion by high-frequency queries. In any case, before developing an approach, it is necessary to conduct an SEO audit that will help to find weak points and indicate the direction of work.

  1. There was an ineffective promotion.

Often, site owners turn for help, who were not satisfied with the final result or there was practically none. Then it is necessary first of all to carry out in-depth analysis and look for the reasons why the previous activity was unsuccessful. Having found flaws, you should build tactics based on previous experience.

The approach to the promotion of the last two services often depends on the quality of the content, the existing reference profile. It is also necessary to pay attention not only to SEO-optimization, but also to technical. Examples can be cited to infinity, but it is better to help in creating a strategy for the specific needs of each site.

Features of creating a strategy

For more useful information presented here, you should add interactivity. Below will be described in detail the main factors affecting the development of tactics more than others. Everyone will find and select the actual one for himself, in the end he will receive an individual strategy suitable for promotion. Make a list for yourself, check each item using the algorithm described here and tick if the characteristics of a particular item match the parameters of your website. Let’s start with the simplest.

  1. Content

Filling plays an important role and start better with it. It can be classified into 4 types:

  • Normal

That is, satisfying the basic requirements – uniqueness, optimization, readability, etc. Almost everyone thinks their content is normal, but it is better to immediately check it for non-compliance with all the conditions listed below.

  • Non-unique content

If articles, descriptions of sections, categories with low uniqueness or not all information is unique, then there is a lot of trouble. It is required to diagnose the presence of duplicates, which can be not only outside (the text coincides with the information on other web resources), but also inside (when the same data is placed on different pages).

Troubles are often the result of:

  • incorrectly configured system to manage the service;
  • theft of articles from your service;
  • the poor performance of the copywriter, who made poor-quality rewriting with low uniqueness, but the owner of the website did not follow this;
  • accidents when the same information is placed in different sections, for example, the text telling about the company is placed on the same page and on the main page.

Check for duplicates easily. To do this, take the text from the Main and run it through the service control uniqueness. It’s easier to do it not in specially installed programs, but on-line. For example, the site is very convenient, as well as the content-watch. At the end of the test, look at the result; the higher it is, the better. Ideally, the text should have 100%, but this is not necessary, 90% or more is enough. If the uniqueness is less, then it should be noted for yourself.

  • Not optimized enough

Everything should be in moderation. Enhanced optimization, as well as insufficient, does not lead to good. The text nausea parameter is very important, it will indicate whether the article is correctly optimized. This indicator immediately affects the readability of the content and its popularity among search engines. There are many online resources for diagnostics. The same, but for example, take another, more convenient.

Copy the article posted on the main page, then go to the PR-CY, insert the article and analyze it. Then we look at the percentage of nausea. When the indicator is below 5%, the text is poorly optimized. If the result is 5 … 8%, then this is normal. Greater than 8% indicates that the text is probably too optimized. If the figure is more than 10% – very bad. So, only if the service gave the result of – then there are no problems. Deviations in any direction are unacceptable and are a problem, therefore, this must also be remembered in order to correct it later.

  • Not like visitors

If the text is not interesting to users, it will also be poorly ranked by robots, because many factors influence this process, including behavioral factors. The easiest way to check for the interest of users through Yandex. Metrics. Indicate this will help the current percentage of failures. To do this, go to Yandex.Metrika. Next, go to Reports → select Standard → go to the section Attendance.

We look at the figure, if the percentage is more than 20 in three months, then this is clearly a problem. It is necessary to change the content, it is possible to change the way to attract visitors. The latter is sometimes due to the fact that the site gets a non-target audience, which, having seen that the site is not suitable, immediately leaves it. Seeing a large number, we also note that this item needs to be corrected. So, if uniqueness, nausea and popularity among users are normal, then only the content is considered as such.

  1. Reference Profile

This factor is also reflected in the process of promotion. Normally there should be a variety of links:

  • From several sources – from third-party resources, forums, websites that specialize in reviews, social networks, etc.
  • Various species. Links are different – anchor, bezankornye, images, redirects, etc. Need to use all kinds.
  • Different in weight depending on what site they are from.

An example of the quantitative distribution of different types of links:

There are many items to check the reference profile. The following is a step-by-step analysis guide using the Megaindex service.

  • Perespam

Great for promotion links that contain the key is not in declination, not diluted, but in direct entry. At the same time, they are also very dangerous, since most often for their excessive use it is possible to get a punishment – an exception to the ranking. If the advantage of commercial anchors (that is, in the footnote there are keys according to which users search for something to buy), then the reaction of search engines should be monitored.

For verification, open Megaindex and compare the order of distribution, the volume of references of its own and those of competitive companies. In the process, it is important to identify what is your difference from the leaders in this profile. Pay attention to the section “Popular in anchors.” If commercial words prevail, this indicates spamming. We note this for the future.

  • Clean

It is characteristic not only for new resources, but also for those that have been working for a long time, but no activity on creating a reference profile has been carried out. We go to Megaindex, if the number of incoming is less than ten, then the situation should be corrected. We celebrate it.

  • Critical

For search robots with modern verification algorithms it is easy to understand that links are bought. Identifying this can result in a number of troubles, sanctions. Regardless of whether the anchors are in order, spammed, you need to check the dynamics of the appearance / disappearance of links. Horse racing is perceived negatively by search robots, so they can pay attention to the resource.

Consider the following examples:

When the dynamics are negative, it is better to seek the help of professionals.

The following example. At first, the links were bought, then they were deleted because of a sharp jump.

We check the situation. The sharply increased number of links purchased, as well as their excessive removal, are equally critical. It is better to immediately contact the experts in order not to get into the black list of search engines.

  • Normal

If in the previous paragraphs you have no problems, then, most likely, everything is in order. But it is better to be safe. In most cases, the most words in anchors will display your name, web service address. Here is how anchors should look like:

And something like this should be shown on the graph of their growth:

  1. Technical optimization

For her, there are several aspects to which one needs to pay special attention.

  • Duplicate

First of all, you need to find out if there is a redirect from the website www to a website that does not have www. Such an analysis will help you quickly and easily determine whether the basic optimization was.

For verification, we enter in turn different addresses:


This is an example, and you should enter here the name of your resource. When neither there nor it is impossible to enter / remove www, it indicates that the redirect is missing. Then this is a dubbing, and for the right resource should automatically change to the address corresponding to the main mirror.

Other addresses may also be doubles:

  • other.

According to the rules, only one can open, the remaining cases indicate the wrong redirect tag. Therefore, we note to ourselves what exactly is wrong or vice versa that everything is correct.

Now it is the turn to get close to the semantic core:

  • Correctly selected kernel and resource configured for it.

The semantic core defines the keywords, without which promotion is impossible at all. It is not enough just to enter them into the texts and wait for the result; it is important to structure them and place them on a web resource, because ultimately with their help you can generate traffic. To find out how efficiently the keys work and how they are distributed, select any important page in your opinion. We copy its address. Now you need to find out how optimized it is for the kernel. To do this, paste the copied address into the already familiar PR-CY and analyze it.

You need to enter the keys that were used to create the content. But if you do not know them, you can not fill this item. To assess the analysis we draw attention to the category “Weight”. We select requests for which the indicator is greater than 1.8 (normally, if 2 … 3, more than 4 is unacceptable). You also need to mark the words that in the previous column are marked with Title, Headers. If commercial requests consist of two, three words, then this is normal. Check again, specify the relevant queries before checking as keys (if not specified) and compare the result. If the density is not more than two, three, and the relevance is 100%, then this is a good result.

Especially, if the keys are not only in the text, but also in the meta tags. Then mark this item.

  • The site does not match the semantic core

We also check with PR-CY. Actions will remain the same, the difference will be in the result. Take the page of another site: Seeing the numbers in the “Weight” column, it seems that everything is fine. The indicator is normal for a few words, the others are less than 1.8. There are also no words that have a parameter higher than four. But you should pay attention that There is a “price” in the meta tags and if there are other words for the title, not for the title, this should not be the case.

This indicates that the primary key is not completely in the main meta tag. This suggests that the optimization was not enough. Check for nausea. If the index is less than five, then the theory is correct. The main thing is to look at the nausea parameter without stop words. So summarize. Signs of poor optimization are insufficient, excessively large keys weight, their absence in the tags, as well as the level of nausea.

Алгоритм проверки сайта для разработки стратегии по продвижению, примеры лучших тактик

Features of creating a strategy

Slow opening of web resource pages often repels users. Now everyone is chasing speed, especially on the Internet. Check the download time of the site can be on different online resources. It should be no more than two seconds, otherwise visitors will go to competitors, without waiting for further loading. It is also very convenient to check with the help of Google tools, which gives points for speed. To do this, enter the address of the page, as in any other services, to analyze the speed. It is better to navigate the main page of the web resource.

The score is set in the range of 0 … 100 points.

  • From 85 and up – there is no problem with speed.
  • Below 85, you need to correct the situation.

We note for ourselves the results of diagnostics.

We get the result of analytics

So, there are many approaches for the promotion of middle-aged services. It should be chosen on the basis of what has been worked out before and what is not. Our experts first conduct a deep audit of the resource. With its help, it is possible to find flaws and neutralize them, while problems are solved in order of importance. We work exclusively on the result, so in our work we use white methods that help to place the service in the top issuing positions in the shortest possible time, but do not expect this to happen in a month or two. For new sites with which no one has worked yet, it’s not difficult to choose the current scheme for our professionals.

If you followed all the recommendations and carried out the analysis while reading the article, then below you will find special tips. But if it is difficult to cope with some points and the analysis is beyond your power, then it is more profitable to order SEO audits from specialists in every sense. Then we can better, in more detail than described above, analyze the condition of the site and find effective recommendations for their elimination.

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