Advertising in social networks – what is it?

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To promote business ideas, social networks have long been considered a good platform. According to statistics, visitors on average are at least one hour a day. Of course, these are not only teenagers, but also those who are fully solvent. Fifty-nine percent of users are people over eighteen years old. You can easily find the consumer of your product using the targeting capabilities. In this material we will try to reveal the subtleties of the basics of advertising on Instagram, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte and Facebook. Let’s talk about what it is, as well as the principle of operation.

Social networks or who is who?

All the widely used mass-sharing resources (social networks) in Russia are distinguished by their features relative to the user contingent.

The most visited platforms in the country at the current time are:

  • VKontakte – network users attendance is 65%;
  • Classmates – user attendance 63%;
  • Instagram – lower attendance, 23%;
  • Facebook – 20% of Internet fans.
Advertising in social networks - what is it?

VKontakte. People of both sexes equally often visit this social network. If you take a percentage, then women a little more. Active users is the age category from 25 years to 34. A little less users of the age group from 18 to 24 years.

Classmates are positioned resource for older people, from about forty years. However, this network is considered the most numerous in terms of the number of users. Last year there were three hundred and thirty million users. This year, the company promised innovative means for business promotion. Therefore, the platform cannot be discarded.

Реклама в социальных сетях – что это?

Instagram. Many people think that women are the main audience of the network. Last year, according to INSENSE and SMMplanner, One Million Likes and, the difference between the sexes is small. Women up to 61-62%. The age category of users is 18 years old-24 years old. In a social network there are not only residents of Russia, but also those users who live in other countries. And this is a huge plus.

Facebook In terms of sexual and age conjuncture, there is almost complete similarity with the networks already described. The main age category is from 25 to 34. There are slightly more women than men. The difference between users of previous social networks and this is in their interests. Facebook is preferred by those who have their own business, employees of the IT industry, top managers. Here, more complex in content and long text messages, fewer selfies. The interface is not very convenient, somewhere it is not clear for domestic users, as it is designed for a foreign user.

What are the available advertising formats in social networks?

Regardless of the chosen site, the format of the ad is similar to each other and includes an image with text, video. However, the form of your advertising will be somewhat different. VKontakte, as indeed, on Instagram, there are stories, and on Facebook, the so-called slideshow.

Placing ads:

  • in the advertising network (on partner sites);
  • in the news feed;
  • on the sides of the news feed;
  • in instant articles;
  • in the stories.

Blocks in text format with graphic elements in both the right column and c are small text plus an image with a link leading to the community (group), canvas, messenger or resource.

Реклама в социальных сетях – что это?

Text, a lot of information, as well as the presence of CTA buttons, for example, “Go to the store”, “Details”, “Contact us” and others.

Реклама в социальных сетях – что это?
Реклама в социальных сетях – что это?

Regarding the stories. Advertising appears when viewing stories not one, but two accounts. In the history of the advertisement will be in the event that it was bought from bloggers. In the first option, the user is limited by the number of views, in the second – a time interval. Twenty-four hours later the stories disappear.

Реклама в социальных сетях – что это?
Реклама в социальных сетях – что это?

The partner network is available to users on Facebook and Odnoklassniki (in the second social network it is configured using the myTarget system). Thanks to her, advertising will also be visible on the resources and in the applications of all partner resources of Group and Facebook.

Реклама в социальных сетях – что это?

Instant articles are a unique feature of Facebook. Their download is ten times faster than if the browser was used. There are other positive features that users like very much and, as a result, are a good place for advertising. Announcement – a kind of sidebar, tearing the article into parts.

Реклама в социальных сетях – что это?

Where does traffic from an ad lead to?

After choosing a social network, placement, format, it is important to determine where the ad leads: the group, the messenger, the resource, the canvas. If the production of the famous brand is expensive, then the link can be transferred to the community. For it should be characteristic activity, the relevance of information (discussion, videos and photos). The task of the group is to provide maximum information about the service or product, answer possible questions, communicate with consumers and influence their decision-making.

When does a link lead to a resource? If there is no group or its low activity, the availability of cheap products, the acquisition of which does not require a serious approach, an effective landing page with high conversion rates.

Реклама в социальных сетях – что это?

Messengers – suitable if advertising makes you act, learn, ask, place an order through the firm’s messenger. This option is suitable for those who lack a canvas, a quality resource or a community.

Canvas – the same landing page, but on Facebook. Allows you to creatively present, submit advertising, gives you the opportunity to divide the audience into separate narrow segments and lead it to specific pages of the main resource, providing the user with relevant data.

Advertising targeting

By definition, Targeting allows you to show ads with a specific number of impressions at the most active time. From the accuracy of advertising targeting directly depends on the efficiency of the expenditure of the allocated budget, the parameters by which advertising is configured.

Реклама в социальных сетях – что это?

Location People are selected from a particular region, settlement. If necessary, you can choose the whole country and even several of them. You can also mark a single point on the map, as well as the surrounding radius (supergeo). Education and occupation (profession, field of activity). Profile data (marital status, age group, gender, other personal information provided by people) and user behavior. Hobbies. You can define a hobby by the groups for which users have a subscription. Advertising time. Information retrieval, inquiries, and online purchases that the user has recently made. The gadget from which the user enters social networks (various devices, including mobile ones).

Реклама в социальных сетях – что это?


In the event that you have your own business, you cannot ignore social networks as an advertising tool. Every day, different people are registered in social networks, indicate personal information, spend time on the site, therefore, simplify your search for potential consumers. It is absolutely not difficult to determine your audience and become a significant brand for potential buyers. In turn, targeting will make the expenditure of the budget allocated for advertising the most effective. This solution is also suitable for small business owners, since financial expenses for advertising are low.

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