Advertising your site on the Internet

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What is traffic?

The Internet is a real Klondike for profit. Everyone is online: without letting go of your smartphone, they are looking for the best deals, where to eat and where to go. Take your niche, and you will find yourself in a huge plus, providing both income and business development. Unlimited possibilities and countless tools – this is what Internet marketing is.

Which is cheaper – online advertising or offline promotion?

You can compare the cost only by the combination of “investment / result”. From this point of view, online is certainly more profitable. To reach at least 100,000 people, you will order and print the same number of ads and hire someone to distribute them. Or pay the subway for pasting cars. On the net, this will cost a lot less, but an additional bonus: to respond to your offer, the client only needs to click his finger. But at the address from the paper you still have to go or call.

Online Marketing Opportunities


Ability to use tools and knowledge of features can raise your business very highly. At the same time, the costs will be incomparably lower compared to the clip on the first channel. And the reach of the target audience is greater.

The biggest plus of online advertising is flexibility. Carrying out continuous analytics, the specialist sees the effect instantly. And it can change the settings to adjust the process. All this without loss of funds and additional investments.

The main thing is to choose a team of competent marketers who will not “merge” the budget into a void, but will achieve the desired effect.

Advertising your site on the Internet

What our studio offers

Team members at the iPapus Agency are not just making money. We are really interested in what we do. We are passionate about creating sites, promoting them, preparing content, and design. Therefore, our approach is appropriate. We are ready to conduct marketing campaigns separately at different sites or provide a single integrated approach. We own all types of advertising on the Internet.

On sites

Run Ads in Google or Direct in Yandex and get an instant influx of customers.

In social networks

We’ll expand your group, provide competent targeting and ad impressions only to the target audience.

Email Newsletter

We will write a letter to which the recipients will be read out and send it to potential buyers.

In blogs

We cooperate with the owners of well-developed sites where the best bloggers of our time will be able to advertise your company.

On the forums

A lover of communication will leave positive feedback about you in hundreds of branches of the most famous and favorite forums by users.

Viral marketing

We’ll create such a video for YouTube that they’ll talk about your business for weeks, and its slogan will become a catch phrase.

Advertising your site on the Internet

What is important to consider in the strategy

The size of the optimal budget is influenced by several factors.

  • The niche that you occupy. Highly competitive commerce requires a lot of investment.
  • Purpose. Attracting buyers or readers to a blog requires completely different approaches; accordingly, the cost is different.
  • Type of selected ad. In total, the complex will cost less. And for each type, the price also varies – a viral video costs more than support on the forums.

Issue price

You determine the cost of your advertising campaign yourself. Being within the budget, we provide maximum results, wisely combining the cost of showing an ad with a possible profit. Only in this case the advertisement will pay off and make you richer.

You can develop a marketing strategy for any budget and before you launch a campaign, we will show you all the forecasts. But the dependence is always the same – the more you invested, the greater the coverage of the target audience, and, therefore, the influx of customers.

The cost is determined per month. If you have financial difficulties or the need to stop the process for a while – you can do it at any time. Contact and receive turnkey services – we will do all the work: order advertising, write incendiary content, purchase impressions on suitable websites, create an impressive banner and much more. To become popular you just need to call – the first consultation is free!

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