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9 thematic blogs, authoritatively informing about the progress in social networks: current analysis, tools and techniques

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    Аудит Яндекс.Директ
    Audit Yandex.Direct
    Seo-специалист назвал самые популярные ошибки на сайтах
    Seo-specialist called the most popular errors on sites

    In social networks, popularization rules are subject to frequent changes. In order to keep track of updates and manage to adapt to the change of trends, you need to know where to do it. Check out the selection of blogs covering this subject.

    9 тематических блогов, авторитетно информирующих о продвижении в соцсетях: актуальный анализ, инструменты и приемы

    We turned for help to the authoritative experts of Mediator, an editorial analytics service for online publications, Anastasia Dujardin and Nadezhda Egorova, who compiled a list of useful sources that allow them to successfully promote projects in social networks.

    9 thematic blogs, authoritatively informing about the progress in social networks: current analysis, tools and techniques
    • Team VKontakte

    On the page, which is conducted by the official experts of the site, you can familiarize yourself with all the innovations and capabilities of this popular social network.

    Name: Team VKontakte

    Broadcast: Russian-speaking

    Orientation: by words

    Update: as news arrives

    What to look for: Article Editor

    • InsideOK

    A blog created by the authors of the site Odnoklassniki, where you can find useful information on how to promote it on this resource, taking into account the characteristics of the presentation and design of the material.

    Title: InsideOK

    Broadcast: Russian-speaking

    Orientation: by rubrics and tags

    Update: weekly and more often

    What to look for: Instructions: how to promote a post from the group

    • Facebook Newsroom

    Info-blog informing on behalf of Facebook, you can find all relevant updates on the functioning of profiles and communities, read the comments of company officials, on certain statements and even accusations.

    Title: Facebook Newsroom

    Broadcast: English-speaking

    Orientation: tags

    Update: weekly and more often

    • Instagram for business

    An Instagram command page that tells you how to effectively promote your profile. Regular updates, recommendations and examples of the most successful user profiles from various countries.

    Title: Блог для компаний

    Broadcasting: English-speaking and Russian-speaking

    Orientation: hashtags, topics, geolocation, directions and dimensions of the project

    Update: monthly and more often

    What to look for: Creating Instagram Stories Stories

    • Amplifr or “Amplifer”

    A blog about marketing techniques and features of advertising in leading instant messengers and social networks. Here you can find fresh analytics of social networks by different criteria, as well as many productive recommendations for maintaining and promoting pages.

    Title: Amplifer Notes

    Broadcasting: Russian and English

    Orientation: tags and headings

    Update: monthly and more often

    • SMMplanner

    Here you can find tips on increasing the number of subscribers, effective ways to promote the channels and get acquainted with the new SMM promotion.

    Title: SMMplanner Blog

    Broadcast: Russian-speaking

    Orientation: tags

    Update: weekly and more often

    What to look for: Evergreen content on social networks

    • smmbroadcast

    The channel hosted in Telegram Messenger with regular text publications of leading SMM conferences.

    Title: Telegram: @smmbroadcast

    Broadcast: Russian-speaking

    Orientation: not provided

    Update: as news arrives

    • BuzzSumo Blog

    A blog designed for social networks is an analytical resource that broadcasts popular marketing techniques.

    Title: Buzzsumo Blog

    Broadcast: English-speaking

    Update: monthly and more often

    What to look for: Content Trends 2018: BuzzSumo Research Report

    • Buffer Social

    The official info-blog of the site Buffer, which tells about the productive development of accounts, the use of unexpected life hacking and other techniques.

    Название: Buffer Blog

    Broadcast: English-speaking

    Orientation: topics and headings

    Update: weekly and more often

    What to look for: How to Create Engaging Social Media Videos: A Step-by-Step Guide.

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