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    Do not be afraid to start something new. And in no case do not give up after the first failure. That which does not kill makes us stronger. But we have collected 8 things without which there will certainly not be a good result. Check, maybe some point you missed?

    1. Purpose. To evaluate the result, you need to know what to strive for. After all, when preparing a dish, do you expect to get a certain result or just like the process itself? The same is true in business.
    2. Mentor. Find the person who has achieved great success. It is he who should direct your movements in the right direction.
    3. Environment. Minimize communication with people who don’t believe in you. And surround yourself with those who always support and will not stop believing.
    4. Full immersion. Do not spray on several things at once. So you will not achieve any result. Only after concentrating on a single case for a certain period (week, month, year) can you achieve a breakthrough.
    5. Method. Chaos will not lead to anything. Only a clear strategy of action will bear fruit.
    6. Acceptance of one’s weakness. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you really can not cope on your own. Only strong-minded people can recognize their weaknesses.
    7. The acceptance of one’s strength. Weaknesses we often notice in ourselves than strengths. Therefore, learn to value yourself and use your own skills at full capacity.
    8. Decision-making. The knowledge gained does not solve anything if you do not make decisions. Want to start a new life? Then move to another city, open up new opportunities, study and earn more. At every moment of your life you make important decisions.

    Well, do you follow all the points?

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