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8 SEO-resources that are useful for the implementation of the technical verification of the site

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Work on the creation, promotion and further verification of sites associated with the need to use a variety of services and a set of functions designed to optimize the collection, systematization and analysis of data. The bulk of popular programs are commercial, and for some important tasks it is recommended to resort to their help.

7 SEO-ресурсов, которые пригодятся для осуществления технической проверки сайта

Paid services are notable for high-quality interface, good structuredness, technical support with systematic updates. SEO optimization includes a variety of tasks, and not everyone is ready to immediately lay out a tidy sum for a paid application. In this article we will look at the most popular free services, which will replace commercial analogues without loss of quality.



With it, you can visualize a brief description of the site that meets the search engine query. It is useful for developing new resources, improving existing pages.

7 SEO-ресурсов, которые пригодятся для осуществления технической проверки сайта

Unlike other SEO simulators, this variety provides an opportunity to estimate the standard number of components (title, description, URL), includes a variety of utilities, allowing to produce a possible result.

The service will determine:

  • features of a fragment of the initial text or program code with advance blocks;
  • appearance with a variety of extensions (micromarking on the page);
  • features of a fragment of the source text with the specified main entries.
  1. Bukvarix Web Server


Everyone is already familiar with the database of significant phrases “Bukvaris”. To date, includes more than 2 billion different expressions and phrases. If this number is converted into an electronic downloaded file, the size will be 170 gigabytes. All this wealth is absolutely free.

The creators of the resource are constantly working to improve the quality of services provided, as well as introduce new services for their clients. There is an opportunity to assess the visibility of a developed web page in Yandex. This innovation is useful at all stages of work: from semantics to the subsequent expansion of the kernel. In addition, you can view search phrases from the TOP list of Yandex, a comparison with potential competitors.

7 SEO-ресурсов, которые пригодятся для осуществления технической проверки сайта

The result is exported to Excel.

Here are the details:

  • the number of Yandex search answers;
  • share of words in the phrase itself;
  • characters in the phrase;
  • the breadth and density of the placement is “All World”.
  • high-quality placement of any domain name in Yandex for a given word.


The resource is designed to facilitate the layout of the main phrases by hand. The ideal solution for small projects.

7 SEO-ресурсов, которые пригодятся для осуществления технической проверки сайта

In this service, the user is offered a set of tools that are used by optimization specialists either manually or by combining in Excel:

  • inclusion of a list of phrases;
  • inclusion of stop words;
  • inquiry of formations by words-markers and their preservation;
  • exporting information and copying grouped phrases from the “Upload” section.

The main plus in the interface – all the necessary working buttons are located nearby.

  1. – query grouping


The program automatically creates a group of requests for top in Yandex. A great option for an intermediate classification, which later needs a mechanical adjustment. In some cases using paid content.

If you have lists before you, and you do not know which side to approach, the service will significantly reduce time resources and create basic groups. With existing categories easier to work.

7 SEO-ресурсов, которые пригодятся для осуществления технической проверки сайта

Main characteristic:

  • the number of requests is limited to 500;
  • designation of the clustering threshold;
  • ability to specify a classification threshold;
  • you can apply “strict clustering” (however, there is no clear description of the algorithm of this function);
  • The data integrity function has not been worked out (this can be done by copying all groups from the browser window).

Evaluating all the advantages and choosing to work, do not forget, the creators require you to give them xml limits.



Helps in finding meaningful phrases from Google tips. This will be appreciated by those who collect requests for promotion projects (the usual service from Google does not perform such an action). Also useful in the preparation and expansion of the database of search words. Provides ample opportunity to view tips from the standard Google search, as well as news feeds, images, products, Youtube-channels.

7 SEO-ресурсов, которые пригодятся для осуществления технической проверки сайта

Available data can be separated by resorting to filters. The unloading process remains unfinished.

A similar program in a non-commercial series provides some of the information, but the functional load is thought out better and more convenient for the user.

  1. WildShark SEO Spider


Ideal free service option for a full technical audit of the created site. After processing a massive stream of information, a site scan indicates errors found. The main rule is to filter automatic recommendations, but highlighting the flaws can be attributed to undeniable advantages.

7 SEO-ресурсов, которые пригодятся для осуществления технической проверки сайта

Registration is required to download program files: just enter your username and email (email confirmation is not required). The program is able to analyze a huge number of various indicators that guide for internal audit. Unfortunately, this article is not enough to talk about all the performance, we will focus on the demonstration of the program panel.

7 SEO-ресурсов, которые пригодятся для осуществления технической проверки сайта

Appearance is well thought out, structured, which makes it easy to find the right information. The lack of Russian language is not a problem. The main mass are common names that seo specialists have repeatedly encountered.

Another free option is Visual SEO Studio.

  1. Visual SEO Studio


From the moment of registration, the user has 30 days to operate the full program. Free equivalent has up to 500 URL. Russian language – built.



The program is aimed at analyzing the mass of links of competitors. Until the same Ahrefs, the service falls short, and it shows a smaller number of links in volume. In principle, this is the optimal set to characterize the whole picture. To gain access to extensive data, registration is required.

7 SEO-ресурсов, которые пригодятся для осуществления технической проверки сайта

The service provides the following information:

  • indicators of an increase in reference volume;
  • the ratio of domain zones;
  • Link texts and their level of attachment.

The program helps to store this information.


I want to believe that the above information will find practical application with existing experience with SEO tools. The materials included popular, well-known free programs like MegaIndex Tools, SeoLib, Key Collector. The authors of the article believe that they do not need additional characteristics. That is why the selection was based on new representatives of the seo industry.

If you are familiar with analogues of available resources that are not widely popular among specialists, let us know and leave comments below. We will supplement the best of them with the material, or create a new TOP-list.

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