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During the optimization of the site, specialists perform a variety of actions that are aimed at promoting it. They add new content, options and design elements. However, they do not use personal opinion or outside experience that seems to be effective. This article will consider the transformation of the portal, which will not lead to promotion, but only worsen the position in the search engine.

7 неправильных способов для продвижения сайта. Анализ ошибок

Site structure and easy navigation

  1. Call to action

There are cases when the site is not defined target action. The management of the site most often interested in their performance by any action. The visitor must download the catalog or watch a video, place an order or contact feedback from the administrator. To quickly resolve the situation, you need to make a button on the page visible, and it should attract every user.

In practice, there are such cases when a person already wants to fulfill his decision, but something is stopping him. Such an action is called “paralysis of choice.” The user wants to do it, but at some point simply does not. Experts recommend on the page to mark more calls for further action any one 100% will interest the user. The “call-to-action” button is considered an effective option. It sends to the bottom for a quick purchase.

If this button is one on the page, then other leading elements may divert attention. “Techwyse” conducted research in this area and came to the conclusion that the heat map of the user’s contact with the content will help in determining the behavior of a person on the site. They concluded that the non-clickable “No Fees” sign interested people the most.

7 неправильных способов для продвижения сайта. Анализ ошибок

It can be concluded that the small icon distracted the user from the most important element on the page, like a phone number or contact with the manager through a message. The problem was solved by a design change. Experts made an object that is definitely worth the attention.

7 неправильных способов для продвижения сайта. Анализ ошибок

If you prioritize correctly, you can get rid of a number of problems associated with the conversion.

  1. Range of site navigation menu

The main menu should attract the attention of people as much as possible, and therefore work on its design for a long time. It should be attractive and it should be presented the necessary services or goods for people. If the user is faced with a large number of products that are not sorted by sections, then the same “paralysis of choice” begins. The presence of filters will easily simplify the selection and search for the desired service or product. This will increase conversion.


  1. Banners and Sliders

Sliders enjoyed a long period of popularity on the sites. They allowed to quickly show the user the ongoing actions and make the offer unique. This is the best option that will allow several target groups of the audience to be interested in the offer. Conversion of this action can lead to problems due to incorrect actions. On the way to the actions of the User – Slider – Conversion, difficulties may arise and must be eliminated.

It should be understood that any content is similar to advertising, and therefore users ignore it. The company Nielsen Norman Group conducted research on tracking the eye and concluded that the user focuses only on what he really needs. He will not pay attention to the colorful and bright sliders. Even if they pay attention to them, there will be no further action.

Using key messages for conversion will not help promote a proposal. If the slider is at the head of the home page and becomes an area of ​​all special offers, then it will not be confused. When moving down the page, the focus is reduced and simply blurred. User departs from conversion. Selecting the right place on the main page is not as easy as it seems. The specialist will have to work to eliminate this problem. For a quick fix, Landing Page was invented. They are designed for the target audience and perfectly perform their task.

It should be remembered that banners occupy a large amount of space on the pages of the site. Eric Runyon decided to conduct some research site Notre Dame University. He needed to determine user clickability. According to the test results, it became clear that 1% belongs to the slider, but 84% of the transitions were on the 1st banner located on the carousel. Testing was also carried out on other sites where there is a small target audience. In any case, the advantage was always on the side of the first banner.

7 неправильных способов для продвижения сайта. Анализ ошибок

It should be understood that many people simply do not pay attention to the sliders. You should not try over them and invest in them a lot of effort and money. They can be made brief and easy to read. They should fit into the overall style of the portal. The use of split testing will determine the rationality and efficiency of work.

  1. The presence of social network buttons on sites

Social networks have always been and will be relevant, but the placement of buttons with the transition to them from the main site creates the illusion of popularity. If we consider the information portals, then they are needed in the work, but for online stores they can become a red herring. Visitors will be distracted from the main task – shopping. These buttons are perceived differently by visitors. In addition, if the number of subscribers on pages in social networks is very low.

If you decide to place these buttons on your website, then you should decide in which groups your target audience is. You also need to know the relevance of these buttons. Their design should be as close as possible to the general appearance of the site and located in a convenient place. The user may not want to share his new purchase with users, but he will like interesting attractive offers and news.


  1. News

Having news on the main page about the company and its innovations increases confidence, and people are more loyal to him. This is a great way to get people interested in new products in this area.

When compiling news it should be understood that they are not just created. They are an important part of content strategy. At the same time, we should not forget about the main goals of the business, such as the attractiveness of the audience and the increase in profits. If people are interested in the life of the company and this field of activity, then they will not be focused on purchasing goods or ordering services. Specialists should think every moment and direct visitors to the sales funnel.

7 неправильных способов для продвижения сайта. Анализ ошибок
  1. Reviews

On each site of the company there is a section with reviews. This is an important point that can increase conversion. But he does not always help. If information is not constantly updated in the block, then visitors will lose confidence in the opinions of buyers. Also, reviews should not be too positive. This will also reduce conversion. The company 37Signals conducted a study and proved that adding photos of users can increase conversion. As a result of the tests, they managed to increase the rate to 102.5%. About each reviews posted a photo of the person who left him. These actions are not due to the appearance of the person, his gender or the beauty of the picture. The visitor understands that he was left by a real person.

Another option can be considered the use of reviews in social networks. Such a relationship is also considered real and impossible to fake. The person just does not need to find out the real author of the review or not.

Registration Form

  1. Suggestions for registration application

Up-sell can be used, but not when a person wants to make a purchase. The presence of various links can knock a person down and lower the conversion. When a person decides to place an order for a purchase, the user must calmly proceed to its execution. Brion Aiberberg conducted research and proved that “visual noise” when a product hits the basket, or rather blackout the main screen and highlighting the dialog box, will allow a person to focus on the task.

7 неправильных способов для продвижения сайта. Анализ ошибок

Lowering the conversion in all cases can reduce the credibility of the site and dispel attention. This opinion is explained by human psychology and research in this area. If something worked on one site, then on the other does not work. In no case can not be guided by the experience of other sites. 100% of the result may not be. It is much better to conduct your own research and draw conclusions.

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