Nawet dzisiaj, pomimo obfitości informacji, szerokie możliwości pracy z treściami nie są w pełni wykorzystywane. Cały problem polega na braku znaczącego zrozumienia mechanizmów skutecznego funkcjonowania. Obecność jednej rzeczy: SEO lub treść (nawet wysokiej jakości i wyjątkowa) jest niewystarczająca i nieskuteczna….

Let’s take a look at the rules of the interaction of these components, without which it is impossible, to make a productive content plan. However, before this, you should start with an understanding of the content strategy.

The main objectives of the content

Creating a marketing strategy for the implementation of key objectives, we expect from the content:

  • Formation of a positive reputation of the resource (brand, product or service).
  • Enhance benevolence and trust of the target group.
  • Increase the consumer base or the number of visitors.

This list is relevant for any online resource, regardless of its thematic focus.

7 SEO-рекомендаций по созданию контент-плана

For optimal results, it is necessary to work simultaneously in all areas, avoiding kinks. Forming a marketing plan – choose focus on the interests and problems of the buyer. This approach generates the most lucrative materials that remain relevant for a long time and make it possible to establish contact with the customer, positioning themselves on trust and long-term interest.

What to look for when creating a content plan

  1. Analysis of current traffic

For an assessment use the ready analytical tools provided by various search engines. Assess the effectiveness of the words adopted in the semantic core and their combinations that allow visitors to find your resource, as well as the ranking of the resource in search results.

Evaluate and analyze user reactions and actions. Especially it is necessary to work with failures, calculate what scares future buyers from the decisive step and try to eliminate it in the shortest possible time.

  1. Analysis of demand for thematic content

Before you start creating any content: text, video, audio or images, you should assess the demand of the target audience, demonstrated on the network. Choose for work the most useful and interesting materials for reading.

To cover broad topics, it is necessary to expand the number of key requests, that is, the semantic core and competently structure the resource itself for subsequent work with updated content.

Particular attention should be paid to the importance of the submitted content – this not only attracts more visitors, but also increases the network traffic. Analyze is carried out in three main indicators:

  • ease of use (after the first reading, the user must immediately understand how to apply this data for the benefit of himself or others);
  • novelty and temporal relevance;
  • structure and readability (the text should be written clearly and easily, as well as visually well perceived – headers, lists, infographics).

An important element of any text is the presence of key phrases and words that harmoniously fit into the context. According to him, search engines will give out your site when users request for this or that information.

All texts presented to readers must be functional and have a specific meaning: entertain, help solve a problem or teach. Based on the tasks, replace the existing materials with the updated ones.

7 SEO-рекомендаций по созданию контент-плана
  1. User trust is the basis of content

The success of the site depends on the trust that users have in it. As a result, such resources lead the TOP issue, have more reviews and increase the number of links (reposts) to their materials.

User confidence criteria for content:

  • authoritativeness of the site;
  • the duration of the history of the domain – the site causes the more confidence, the longer it exists;
  • attractiveness: visitors pay attention only to interesting pages and unique content;
  • restrained advertising policy.

When planning and developing a content plan, you need to create an image of a targeted visitor and try to interest him to stay on your site.

7 SEO-рекомендаций по созданию контент-плана

Based on this, you need to choose the most optimal form of content delivery – often for conversion and traffic you need to use several text formats and alternate them.

  1. Auxiliary keys for landing pages

Compared to SEO specialists, use for this purpose several additional tools that guarantee the highest coverage of updated queries.

Even if the site has productive traffic and optimal search results, do not refuse to update requests. This tactic allows you to additionally attract new users and increase conversions, as well as improve the delivery of ineffective pages.

For this purpose, analyze the keywords, taking into account popular combinations, using special analyzer utilities.

7 SEO-рекомендаций по созданию контент-плана

Increasing the list of phrases allows you to expand the capabilities of the created content, and optimal text conversion for selected questions will significantly increase traffic.

You can also expand the core semantics using the tools of Yandex or Google, as well as any credible resources. The use of third-party helpers can reduce time costs, as well as:

  • identify problems with current requests;
  • create thematic groups of search words;
  • estimate the amount of competitive resources with similar semantic cores.

Having collected the keys, you need to bind them to the selected pages and on the basis of them to prepare a list of topics for new materials. It will be logical to choose topics directly or indirectly related to your activity: production, installation, tips, video reviews of products and their capabilities.

It is not enough to fill the site once with content and fold your hands while waiting for feedback. Information needs to be replenished regularly and make it diverse, then the site “comes alive” not only for visitors but also for search engines.

  1. Estimation of the density of competition

Having grouped the profile requests and compiling the topics of the necessary texts, it is useful to analyze the competition and the possible difficulties of entering the TOP.

The main stages of the analysis:

  • Build your own ranking of competitors leading in issuing for similar requests;
  • Follow the links and specify additional data: about the age of the site, the number of sections and pages;
  • Familiarize yourself with the materials offered there, their quality, performance and usefulness.
  1. Development of technical specifications (TS) for a copywriter

TS for the production of textual and graphic content, is made on the basis of the desired keywords and links, taking into account the compiled list of topics and competition analysis. The work plan must be drawn up in advance and not less than 6 months.

7 SEO-рекомендаций по созданию контент-плана

The TS for creating the text should contain the following basic parameters:

  • subject;
  • structure;
  • approximate content (what to mention and what to omit);
  • the desired number of characters;
  • availability of additional materials (infographics, images, charts, facts, quotes, accurate data and other things);
  • a set of keys consisting of individual words or phrases;
  • words reflecting the topic;
  • date and time of delivery of the finished project.

The key condition is the requirement for the uniqueness of the written text. Non-unique materials are not useful for SEO, and it makes no sense to post them.

  1. Content Creation Requirements

An important requirement of each user to any content is clarity, without the need for additional time and resources to search for additional explanatory information. Do not use abstruse words in articles designed for a wide range of readers.

Visually, the text should also be perceived structured, with subtitles and lists. Publish content regularly and make attractive, adding high-quality additional elements that improve perception.

Work through each page, leaving the possibility of additional interaction in the form of comments, feedback, links to similar topics or downloading files. Only high-quality and useful content guarantees the desired result.

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