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7 recommendations from Bitrix 24 to help keep customers

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    In any business, whether it is sales or the provision of services, there is the most valuable resource, without which successful activity is impossible. And this is a customer base. Clients are rather capricious people who need special attention.

    And if you ignore them for a long time, the client base will soon end, which will negatively affect your earnings. In order not to worry about a possible failure, but to develop professionally, you need to create a kind of “client-saving” work system, thanks to which you can not only satisfy all the consumer’s requests, but also keep it, making it your regular customer.

    The best assistant in this matter is considered CRM, which in translation means a customer relationship management system. Her striking example is the well-known Bitrix 24.

    The “client-saving” system includes several components:

    1. Cooperation with consumers (on the Internet, by email, by mobile phone).
    2. Accompanying customers throughout the journey, including advice, assistance in the selection of goods and ordering.
    3. Work with the accumulated database of customers who cooperate with your company.

    But often firms tend to pay attention to only one of the above elements, as a result of which two other components suffer. Focusing on all elements of the system and thus finding and retaining the customer will be helped by the seven recommendations suggested by the Bitrix 24 team.

    Recommendation No. 1. Control communication with consumers.

    Answer a simple question: how do you and your employees communicate and keep in touch with customers? Do you send emails, get feedback in an online chat, call you on the phone or write off on Vkontakte? Or maybe applications for certain goods or services come through special forms on your official portal? Modern communications have opened businessmen access to a variety of types of communication with potential customers. On the one hand, this is very good, as more and more people learn about you. But on the other hand, it is far from a fact that you are able to quickly and efficiently respond to consumer requests in all the above areas.

    In order not to doubt their abilities and to be sure that any customer will receive competent service, use Bitrix 24. Its main advantage is that you can connect online chats, Facebook, Instagram, instant messengers, telephony and other communication channels to CRM. After you connect the channels through which you work, the contact information of consumers and the history of your cooperation will be automatically entered into the CRM database, thanks to which managers will be able not only to process applications more quickly, but also to devote more time to their main work. As a result, it will be easier to increase the customer base and not to “lose” the consumer, even if, after the first appeal to you, he chose not to make your purchase.

    7 рекомендаций от Битрикс 24, которые помогут сохранить клиентов

    Recommendation № 2. Create a selling site integrated with CRM.

    Your official website is intended not only to convey to customers information about products or services. His main task is to sell and make a profit. To do this, you need to integrate the resource with CRM. For example, if a person wrote an online call to an online chat or ordered an official call on the site, this information will instantly turn out to be in Customer Relationship Management, where the manager will be able to handle it. So you can monitor the work of the portal and control the number of people who use the site.

    All resources that are created in Bitrix 24, are integrated from the very beginning with CRM. That is, your website will include all the most effective tools for retaining users: chats in social networks and instant messengers, feedback in the form of calls. In Bitrix 24 there are a large number of ready-made templates for future sites that can be modified and improved: from single-page to multi-page portals. All sites are initially adapted for various gadgets (smartphones, tablets) and are ready for promotion in PS.

    Recommendation № 3. Pay attention to the tips of Bitrix 24, do not miss the attention counters

    Managers are people too. They may forget to dial the customer, not invoice him for services and so on. Business may suffer from such inattention. That is why you need to know how to insure against such unpleasant situations. The ideal solution is to take advantage of CRM features and functions. So, in Bitrix 24 there are meters that accompany the manager at all stages of sales, ranging from the first call to a potential consumer, and ending with the design of the transaction. These counters suggest how to bring the consumer to purchase.

    There is a special sales scenario that must be entered into the system:

    • employee actions today (write letters, process an order, call a customer);
    • tasks that have expired;
    • what clients have you not cooperated with for a long time and you need to schedule an SMS or call;

    You can once create a similar scenario, and then the employee will gradually lead the customer to design the transaction, following the tips of Bitrix 24, and taking into account the recommendations given by CRM.

    Recommendation № 4. Use the “services” of robots

    Businessmen are often afraid to use CRM due to the complexity of the settings. In Bitrix-24, there is no such problem, since robots and triggers, whose main task is to automate sales, solve everything. Triggers are a kind of trigger mechanism that responds to the actions of resource visitors and launches the robot if the client leaves a request or asks a question. A robot is engaged in sending alerts to the manager. But his functions do not end there. The robot can also “carry out promotions” on Vkontakte and others on social networks, activate reminder counters, and schedule meetings with customers.

    7 рекомендаций от Битрикс 24, которые помогут сохранить клиентов

    Recommendation № 5. Work with the client base, constantly remind people about yourself

    How to work with current customers, we talked above. But there are also those consumers who previously appealed to you, but did not buy anything, or regular customers, with whom communication was interrupted. CRM-marketing will help to cooperate with such people. What is he like? It is a tool that distributes your customers (both new and regular) according to the criteria you specify. Thanks to this type of marketing, cooperation with customers will be not only personalized, but also successful.

    There are three types of segments:

    1. Ready, which do not require additional manager settings.
    2. Static – we create a certain category of people, for example, who made a purchase in May 2018, and cooperate with these consumers.
    3. Dynamic, which are constantly replenished.
    7 рекомендаций от Битрикс 24, которые помогут сохранить клиентов

    Thanks to this segmentation, a personal account is created in CRM, where you can perform a number of actions:

    • mailing;
    • send to future or present customers SMS in social networks and instant messengers;
    • activate auto call with voice recording;
    • to advertise the company on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks, as well as in search engines (Yandex, Google).

    The above actions are really tied to specific groups – as soon as a person is in any segment, they are enabled for him, sms, calls characteristic for this group are made.

    Recommendation № 6. Take time to re-sell.

    Any manager is obliged to strive to ensure that the customer from the category of new transition into the category of permanent – to re-sell. Based on this, the question arises: how can they be activated? In Bitrix 24, there is a useful function: at the stage of closing the first transaction with a client, you can create a reminder and retrace the path that led you to success, or rather to the transaction. CRM is able not only to set such a reminder with a “prescribed” scenario, but also to analyze sales that are re-implemented, keep track of them, etc. How it works: Bitrix 24 compares the first and second sales and reports on which channels the transaction was made.

    Recommendation № 7. Analyze the data obtained and, based on the results, make changes to your actions.

    Of course, such actions can be carried out manually. But, in order to avoid mistakes, it is better to trust Bitrix 24. CRM analyzes all available data, determines the weaknesses in sales based on the results, and quickly fixes them.

    Bitrix 24 demonstrates:

    • how loads various communication channels are exposed (messengers, e-mail, feedback forms);
    • load distribution among employees;
    • Compliance with the points that make up the sales plan.

    Also, Bitrix 24 can build sales in the directions you specified.

    7 рекомендаций от Битрикс 24, которые помогут сохранить клиентов
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