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7 offers for successful promotion of multilingual sites

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Currently, multilingual sites are gaining more and more speed. Such sites are needed to spread business, increase demand, and the arrival of a new clientele, as well as access to international horizons. The international market will give a chance to users of other countries to get information about your service.

In order to properly apply various methods, it is worth reading this article in order to avoid major blunders when configuring multilingual sites.


  • Error when using different URLs for certain internet versions
  • What is the best way to choose for a multilingual platform?
  • Resource Address (Domain)
  • Subdomain
  • Folders (directories)
  • User forwarding
  • Relevant content
  • The peculiarity of the “hreflang” meta-element
  • Creature

Error when using different URLs for your international web versions

Creating different URLs for each option for a specific region leads to difficulty in managing and upgrading the resource.

Internet resources that use local settings to recognize the user’s browser are completely meaningless and unproductive. Before promoting such sites, you should read the Google rules, the consequence of which may be that artificial intelligence simply cannot recognize the information of such a site, and will send a request without determining which language the client prefers, and which geolocation is his.

In order to preserve your material capital, as well as work effort, we advise you to bypass this error by creating a web structure with a unique configuration and a specific address. Also use subaddresses and subdirectories for the new language version of the site. Thus, the search engines will be able to recognize and receive information on a specific URL.

What is the best way to choose for a multilingual platform?

Each tool has its own characteristics and specificity. In order to choose which tool you will use: a subdomain or directory, to implement a web structure, you first need to define the goals and objectives of the company.

Pay attention to the pros and cons of each method:

Resource Address (Domain)

The method consists in using a separate site with its own address for each region of the company’s presence.

List of strengths:

  1. High marketing performance.
  2. High software adaptation, content delivery to visitor according to location.
  3. High customization due to the creation of structure and design to the desires of the audience of a particular country.

Weak sides:

  1. Small management difficulties.
  2. Overstated execution cost.
  3. Difficulty in creating relink, in case of dissimilar address lines.
  4. The increment of the reference mass is made separately.
  5. Each resource earns respect and trust, starting from scratch.


Everything is a bit simpler here, because managing a subdomain is easier than using separate address strings.

Let’s talk about the pros of using these paths. The main positive side is the link-reference switch, then internal linking is available, but not completely, as well as a low index of change and structuring of the platform for certain people, and finally, the output to the user, based on geodata, and the level of software adaptation. Incomplete use of trust and credibility of the main resource.

Cons: management difficulties, as well as an overpriced sales price, compared with the method of using directories.

7 предложений для успешного промоутинга мультиязычных сайтов

Folders (directories)

In the multilingual web pages, the use of folders (directories) has a big difference from the above methods. They are easy to use, manage, and also have a low cost. For different variants of the pages, the main reference weight is used. Internal linking is quick and easy, without much difficulty. The main advantage is that the company will not need to re-gain credibility.

A flaw in using folders is not a good geo-targeting factor, also an inability to customize, the number of places in the search system has been reduced.

User forwarding

A certain variant of the local server has a hyper-local focus and includes the exhaustion of information, therefore the method of using automatic redirection of users is fully justified.

But there is one small nuance, if you use this method, then the bots of search engines will also be automatically redirected, they will not be able to fully recognize all the information of the web platform.

Learn from users, as well as leave the opportunity to the user of independent choice, to stay on the main platform or switch to the local version, experts of Google recommend to us.

On the Internet portals of some major brands, you can observe that the user can specify his area to redirect to a suitable resource.

7 предложений для успешного промоутинга мультиязычных сайтов

Relevant content

Error localization for different versions is quite common. The very essence is that in regions with the same language, by virtue of their culture, they have certain terminology.

In order for the visitor to go immediately to the appropriate web page, it is necessary to analyze for each region, the features of search engines, preferences and user choices.

You also need to assess the keywords, frequent requests, because the desires and preferences of users from different regions can be completely different.

For a multidimensional statistical procedure for compiling an ordered set of words, a utility will be needed to group the syringe.

7 предложений для успешного промоутинга мультиязычных сайтов

Add a keyword file, click on search.

The helper program will freely process up to 20,000 keywords at a time.

Using a TLD with a region code is possible only in the country whose code is specified

To promote a site in a specific region, the top-level domain is used according to the region code. If you need to advertise a resource in different countries, you will have to use ccTLD resources in the Internet localization region. This procedure requires additional expenses, and it is energy consuming to distribute each of the fresh platforms. Therefore, the best solution for resources with the ccTLD address bar would be to create a common web platform or a domain name switch from a local language ccTLD to gTLD.

The peculiarity of the “hreflang” meta-element

In order for search engines to provide the most relevant type of resource by language choice in accordance with the region, you must use the attribute rel – hreflang. It is a tool to adjust the language and country of the webpage.

In order to properly use the search for multilingual sites, you need to follow these rules:

  • Internet platforms that have different versions should have redirect links, also having their main link.
  • In the location of the resource of different versions, you must specify the entire domain with the writing of the protocol.
  • After clarifying the language, codes are used to determine the scope of this ISO 3166-1 Alpha form.
  • The language code is applied by standards to adjust the attribute.

If several links are in the same language for different regions, a common option should be made.

For example, there are several options for information in Russian for users from different areas, but when a person navigates to a page, it is automatically transferred to a page with the language of the region. In order for the user to remain on the previous page with Russian speech, it is necessary to add a resource with an adjustment ru, without specifying the country, so that it is possible for the Russian-speaking audience.

7 предложений для успешного промоутинга мультиязычных сайтов


When promoting multi-language versions of web pages, there may be a problem of information content, because the feature of business organizations for different markets will be similar.

As a rule, for similar resources you need to specify the main page, which bots and search engines will use more when issuing requests, all other versions will be considered as secondary.

If the right approach to setting up the same resources, then the need for the main page disappears, because search engines will consider the Internet portal as the only one of its kind.

In order for the language version to be unique, you need to use subdomains, geo-targeted folders defined by ccTLDs, written in the search console, and language adjustment in hreflang.

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