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It is impossible to conduct large-scale work in the promotion of a resource without using special tools. Without them, progress will move too slowly. In addition, such tools greatly simplify the implementation of some tasks. Therefore, we offer you 7 convenient and necessary services that help simplify and optimize the process of resource promotion.

7 эффективных и полезных SEO-инструментов для продвижения


In the case of SEO promotion, it is very important to choose the right keywords when writing texts. And also need to explore their immediate competitors. The first is aimed at optimizing the texts, and the second provides opportunities to analyze and correct the mistakes of competitors and state the merits of the company.

7 эффективных и полезных SEO-инструментов для продвижения

These two advantages and allows you to implement the service.

It is enough to enter the key and address of the competitors site, and the user gets the required data. At the same time, this option is available for free, but not for many. For SEOs with a large number of customers, you need advanced functionality that is paid for certain rates.

For one day, you can check about 30 times in the absence of connected paid functions. Such a set would be enough for a copywriter and novice seo-specialist, site owner.


7 эффективных и полезных SEO-инструментов для продвижения

In the case of promotion, it is important not to forget to keep track of how resource pages are ranked by search engines. If there are many, then it is very difficult to do it manually. A special resource will come to the rescue, where online you can track the positions of all pages and not spend a lot of time.

On the site allpositions.ru. it is enough to specify the domain of your resource.

Then you need to select the search engine, the position in which you want to analyze. You still need to enter keys, you can insert them from a text file.

Online service does not work for free. Payment for services is carried out by a special currency – there are coins. One request will cost ten coins, this is equivalent to ten kopecks. Every new participant gets a thousand coins as a bonus during registration, this will be enough for a certain time and you will not have to pay.


7 эффективных и полезных SEO-инструментов для продвижения

Foreign English-language site that provides the ability to analyze competitive resources. By domain you can find out the number of visitors, keys and positions, as well as a lot of other information. With the help of this data you can find out the tactics of site promotion.

Despite the English language content, using the resource is not difficult. If the level of knowledge of English is not enough, you can use the translator online.

The site works for free, but to increase the functionality you will need to pay for some features.


7 эффективных и полезных SEO-инструментов для продвижения

There is a characteristic called “Trust”. It shows the level of quality of the resource and determines the effectiveness of its ranking. There are a large number of various parameters that define a trust, it is impossible to calculate it yourself, but you can use a special service.

You can enter a domain in the special field on the Checktrust website and perform a quick analysis. Only 5-10 seconds will be answered.

It uses a scale of one hundred points, that is, if the site is gaining a maximum – 100 points are given. Although there are other options for evaluating other resources. But if the result is small, it will affect the ranking. Therefore, you will need to take action, for example, to purchase links from good resources.

In addition to establishing a trust, an opportunity is provided from a personal account to acquire and control links. This is also convenient because you can track the results and work only with trusted donors.

The site does not work for free. At first, after registration, the participant is provided with 500 checks that do not require payment. Further, the test is removed ten kopecks. You need to choose a suitable tariff. For example, for optimization specialists, payment per month will be 1000 rub.

7 эффективных и полезных SEO-инструментов для продвижения

For effective promotion, you need links, and donor sites should be chosen carefully, because they must be stable and never fall into the black list of search engines. Only under these conditions, it makes sense to post links to the site.

Gogetlinks is a resource that contains proven resources. They are thoroughly tested, so there is no risk of wasting money to buy unverified links. At the same time the possibility that a certain site will cease to function remains. But the user in this case will return the money. Well, a guarantee that the donor resource will not be in the filter 100%.

After registration, users have access to a variety of functions – site selection, adding projects.

However, the titanic work of the creators and the hard work of moderation require feedback, so you need to be prepared to pay for the services provided by the service.


7 эффективных и полезных SEO-инструментов для продвижения

This service helps to promote press releases online. It will quickly increase traffic. This is done through online media. Placed in various sources of various kinds of news, announcements increase popularity, the site gains popularity and vigorous discussion, so the transition to it increases, including the target audience. It affects the sales performance.

Therefore, this promotion option is less in demand for a blog, more for commercial projects.

  • An inexpensive fare of $ 70 allows you to place press releases on resources of a specific subject suitable for the client. Profitability is low.
  • The next cost of the service is $ 120. Called tariff “Business”. Adding promotion in social networks, aggregators. For a multiple increase in efficiency, you can order distribution of news resources. In this case, the cost will be $ 280.
  • Tariff “Guaranteed”. It is clear from the title that a guarantee of results is given, but since the price for it is not indicated, most likely it is calculated individually.

This is an effective method of promotion, which in a short period allows to attract a large number of customers.

7 эффективных и полезных SEO-инструментов для продвижения

For ranking is very important not only the link, but also how it is placed in the text. Despite all the efforts of SEO managers and copywriters, the system very often manages to determine that the link has been purchased. It does not help even a well-written article, suitable topics, or other tricks.

Therefore, recently, articles written under a certain link are valued. This is done to readability and give naturalness. But this service is not always available on ordinary sites and not every operator can be ordered to perform such work. For these options and service is intended MiraLinks.ru.

Optimization specialists will be required to provide text with a link in it to the webmaster. He will post it on his website. In order not to write independently, you can find an experienced specialist – a copywriter.

You can also receive income here, as well as job offers from optimization specialists. This is convenient for webmasters from any angle. It is possible to earn a good amount for a simple article and get good content.

Other tools

These are the most convenient sites resources that will help in the cause of SEO. But every day there are new ones that work better than before. Therefore, it is always necessary to monitor and analyze online services, because you can find convenient, time-saving, money and nerves. In addition, they are multifunctional and having picked up 5-7 services, you can replace a greater number of less functional programs and sites.

7 эффективных и полезных SEO-инструментов для продвижения

For example, there is a program called KeyCollector. With its help, you can determine the keys, analyze the site of competitors and your own, create a semantic core. Other useful features are available. Such a program is easy replaces a dozen ordinary.

The main trouble is the lack of free operation, because often such options on sites and programs are paid. But small cash deposits can increase attendance and sales, so they are reasonable in terms of money, at first fewer tools are needed for promotion, but with a set of popularity, the demand for various tools for analysis will increase.

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