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Most often, the authors solve assigned tasks by writing articles. This is the main disadvantage of both our and our customers. The article is far from the only way to solve the problem that is set before us. And even more, there are better options.

It is better to immediately determine the scope of the conversation. Categorical and fanaticism is not welcomed in any case. There are no hard and fast rules.

Sometimes, a marketing specialist comes for the client’s article, and he knows in advance what he needs of us. You do not need to talk to him about solving the problem in a different way than through an article. He has specific requirements and conditions. If you need an article – write an article.

Let’s talk about those moments when our client is not a marketer and he does not know that his task can be accomplished in other ways. We will discuss other options.

  1. Test task instead of article

At the time of study at the School of Editors, one of the main tasks was to write an informational text on the proposed topic. All according to the standard scheme: information gathering, writing, teacher verification, criticism and evaluation. The most common task. The theme is the positive and negative effects of coffee on the body. Pupils have written standard articles of different sizes. Someone approached the task simply and standardly, someone spent more time studying the material.

In the course of the work, we dumped texts in the public domain. Anyone could read the article of his colleague, but there was no particular desire. Because when you work for some time on one topic, re-read a lot of information, write and correct your work, then you no longer have the strength to re-read other similar texts. Superficially ran his eyes for the sake of interest or out of curiosity. Maybe you would find something interesting and managed to apply in their work before the assessment.

With this view, I found the work of a colleague. And numb, because it was not a given article. It was a test task about how soon the coffee will kill you. About clinical studies of physicians and their relationship with our understanding of the positive and negative effects of the drink. I do not know about others, but I immediately thought that the work would not bring him any marks higher than two. I decided that my colleague overdid and read the task inattentively. After all, it was clearly written – article. And he did something completely different.

We had competition on our course, but not enough to wish for the complete failure of our comrade. But the words to say that he was wrong, too, was not. After all, it was obvious that the person tried, did serious work, and did not take the idea from the ceiling. I thought that at least for the work done and diligence he must be satisfied satisfactorily. In order not to delay intrigue for a long time, where the final story is so clear – for the task the colleague received the highest rating according to different criteria. For the first time in the history of the school, the assignment was rated 5.

7 альтернатив написанию статьи

The human skeleton was modified at each stage of testing.

As mentioned above, no one had the strength and desire to read the work of colleagues. The exception to the rule was this test. He passed all. Thus, he posed the task as much as possible and it was he who drew the attention of a huge number of readers to the topic of the benefits and harms of coffee. He became the best on the course. We set our own framework. Indeed, in the task itself it was said about writing an informational text, most of us decided that this was an article. So only the guy with the test managed to transform the text into a test. The rest thought the standard, although instead of the article could write anything.

  1. Replacing articles – files

I will share recent personal experience. The company providing transportation services has applied for rewriting the text of the instruction format for the client. He was confused, with difficult professional words and written in a strange form. Understanding what was happening was reduced to almost zero. It was said in the instructions about how to correctly fill out the payment of customs duties. Often people made mistakes and had to deal with disastrous consequences. The amounts went in the wrong directions. It took a long time to figure out and return the money from one department of the customs service to another.

Eventually, instead of instructions, a test appeared. It consisted of three points in which it was necessary to choose the correct answer. As a result, there was a link to the documentation specially selected for this case, in which it was necessary only to insert their data. The task that the client applied to was not at all correcting the “wrong” instruction. The problem was that the person was mistaken in filling out papers with complicated, long numbers. And it would continue further, no matter how simple and understandable the instruction would be. The only way out was not to fill in the numbers yourself.

7 альтернатив написанию статьи

On the left side is information about how it was before, and on the right is shown as now

  1. Replacing articles – pop-ups

The owners of the hotel chain came to a friend for help, they rented rooms under their own brand in other hotels. This is very convenient for guests, because they know exactly what to expect. The owners enter into contracts with hotels, choose rooms that meet their criteria, decorate with branded items and rent through their website. The difficulty was that when entering the site, people did not understand its significance and significance. And therefore, it was necessary to convey information to them.

7 альтернатив написанию статьи

So incomprehensible page looked before

It was too hard to completely redesign the site, so we just decided to add to the catalog a rubric explaining the mechanism of work. It was possible to follow the link in which it was possible to read how the system works. But this, too, would not be a solution to the problem. Not all people will search for some page, go through it and study. Everyone is looking for easy ways, and if there is a search box, then why go through some links? Therefore, a friend suggested not to create another tab with the text, but to make a certain number of cards with short explanations of the system’s work. It told what it is and how it works. The explanations should have appeared on the main page automatically, completely closing the page for a while.

7 альтернатив написанию статьи

One of the initial examples of pop-ups.

7 альтернатив написанию статьи

The final version of the card. It is necessary to read or click on the cross to further advance the site. This is a win-win option to accurately convey to the visitor the necessary information briefly and clearly. The amount of information in such pop-up windows is limited, therefore only the most important and useful for visitors is allocated.

  1. Replacing articles – photo

Many people forget that visual-figurative thinking and perception always work better. Visually perceived and remembered information. In advertising, especially in tourism, a huge number of photos of significant sightseeing places and phrases to them are used. The captions under the photos are underestimated in importance. Many images either have no explanations, or have such content that it would be better without them. For example, a photo of the beach with the words “Beach”.

The captions on the images are some of the most viewed items on any page. It is necessary to attract the attention of a person with a title, a photo and a brief interesting description. But now there is very little information that can teach how to work properly and attract the attention of customers. We are taught to write headlines, but no one pays due interest to the captions under the pictures.

7 альтернатив написанию статьи

The user of the car rental page envy.rent will choose the model that he could see in the photo.

7 альтернатив написанию статьи

Almost all the inscriptions on the page describe in detail the photo, which helps to learn more information about the car

7 альтернатив написанию статьи

This is better than usual beautiful advertising words.

  1. Article Replacement – Video File

The principle of visual perception and the fact that it is better to see once than 10 times to hear applies not only to the photo. One of the best ways available to convey to the person the necessary information – video.

7 альтернатив написанию статьи

I wrote an article about what was said in the video file, there were several printed pages and photos for better understanding. Although, sometimes it is better to read specific information, especially if the information is difficult to understand. For example, the instruction to something.

7 альтернатив написанию статьи

It is difficult to clearly and concisely describe with words how quickly and accurately a high-quality kitchen knife cuts a tomato. What thin and beautiful pieces come out. It takes a lot of time and in general is not a fact of what happens. And using the video, it can be shown for a few seconds.

  1. Article Replacement – Digital Computer Video Recording

This kind of information is exactly better than written text. With the help of a screencast, you can visually show the computer screen by commenting on your actions. Thus, the information becomes as easy to read.

7 альтернатив написанию статьи

Trying to write an article instead of a screencast, I had even more printed sheets than when I described the video. And it did not work out at all without using a large number of pictures.

  1. Replacing articles – image files

Graphic files will be indispensable if you need to visually compare a large amount of data with numbers that do not require clarification.

7 альтернатив написанию статьи

It is even difficult to imagine how incomprehensible a text with a huge number of complex numbers would be. The output can be just the infographics. Tables and diagrams are also useful, but they are still not so simple in perception.

Here, all in one image conveniently accommodated different types of data. It would be very difficult to display them even schematically, but here everything is very accessible. Written text with complex numbers would be simply unreadable.

7 альтернатив написанию статьи
  1. Replacing an article – anything

The assertion that everything can replace an article is suitable for starting a discussion. But it is too cardinal to seriously, fully focus on him. But still, I advise you to remember to refute the assertion each time. Especially when you need to solve the problem by writing the text After all, in the end, all the same, most likely will visit the idea that you need to write an article.

But it will be a balanced decision that will be based on conclusions and on specific information. And not just because it is impossible to solve the problem in any other way. A huge amount of options, as seen in this article. And this is not all ways to solve the problem. Every person who knows at least a little bit of this can think a little and offer his own version of reporting information. You should always try something new, you can always do the standard.

7 альтернатив написанию статьи
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