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6 secrets of setting up your own advertising in Gmail

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One of the productive ways to advertise Google AdWords is advertising in Gmail, but due to the lack of knowledge of certain of its features, it is used quite infrequently. Using its functionality, you can reach the audience using their email profiles. Advertisers information is placed in a separate promotional tab.

6 секретов настройки собственной рекламы в Gmail

By clicking on the received letter, the user receives a banner with advertising. Advertising agency Wordstream (USA) has released a detailed guide authored by Larry Kim, in which he gives advice on setting up an advertisement addressed to Gmail users.

  1. Increase the percentage of opening advertising letters and their quality

After conducting a qualitative analysis of the indicators of paid advertising mailings in Gmail, Wordstream found that there is a direct dependence of the price of switching from% of open advertising letters (CTR) for one average company:

6 секретов настройки собственной рекламы в Gmail

Of course, the graph shows not an absolutely exact dependence, but one can trace the pattern that the advertisement that is opened will cost less than the one being ignored.

The increase in the rate of discoveries and the reduction in price differences directly depend on the topic of the letter being sent. It is on the topic that the user responds by opening the list of letters for the first time. Consequently, an advertiser simply needs a selection of “attractive” topics.

  1. Use analytics for email marketing companies.

Using email marketing allows you to analyze the effectiveness of advertising mailings and increase their effectiveness. For self-analysis you need to: go to the mailing system, create a report and sort by CTR. Thus, the most successful newsletter topics will become apparent.

Eliminate the “non-working” topics of advertising messages in order to reduce costs and increase the profitability of mailings. The best discovery rate should exceed 40%; this is achieved by using the key idea of the title – a short question to the addressee, based on his experience, Larry Kim shares.

6 секретов настройки собственной рекламы в Gmail
  1. Focus on the interested audience

Remarketing is an effective tool that analyzes the history of the browser and predicts the behavior of the future buyer. However, Gmail advertising does not provide direct targeting through remarketing.

We’ll have to carry out this work independently: after analyzing the database of addresses. An extensive base does not guarantee an increase in the percentage of openability, you need to focus on those who have responded positively to the newsletter in recent months. Loss of interest is a frequent occurrence and if the “old” active subscriber stops responding, then this indicates a loss of interest. Create mailing lists, dividing them into groups as they are active. If you wish, you can work with them separately, creating specific advertising campaigns.

Target keywords related to your brand to increase% openability. Focus on the target audience that already knows your brand, thus, by increasing the CTR and the quality of the presentation, you will significantly reduce the individual cost of the transition.

You can carry out the orientation of ads, relying on competitive brands, dragging a portion of sales. The interest of visitors to the proposed goods or services directly leads to an increase in response and reduces ignoring.

To evaluate additional effectiveness, organize a test ad campaign on related interests regarding your offers.

  1. Watch for analytics data.

In addition to opening analysis, you should consider the subsequent actions of the recipient of the mailing. Google service registers several data of Gmail-advertising, which is absent in the analytics by default, so you need to independently monitor the productive impact of the conducted mailings.

6 секретов настройки собственной рекламы в Gmail
  1. Use a variety of ad formats.

There are a few options available for Gmail’s template utilities:

  • banner picture;
  • image + text;
  • several hot offers with links;
  • catalog;
  • ability to create an individual HTML template.
6 секретов настройки собственной рекламы в Gmail

Work through all formats based on different promotional offers, maybe some of them will work with maximum efficiency.

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