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56% of users prefer to make online purchases at home

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    Two major analytical agencies, Burke and Thrive Analytics, conducted research on online purchases, the places where they are performed and the mobile devices through which they are carried out. It turned out that the most popular device is a smartphone, and the most sought-after place is a sofa that stands among users at home. Shopping in the global network, as practice has shown, is not at all obliged to take place in shopping malls or on the streets near the shops.

    The survey involved more than 1,100 US consumers. As a result of the study, it was found that 56% of them buy goods in online boutiques while being at home. 28% of respondents like “shopping for food” on the run, 9% in the store, 5% at work and 3% in the car.

    Another interesting detail is that not everyone uses the phone for commercial purposes. As it turned out, the smartphone is mainly used to collect general information about the product / service or reviews about them, as well as to compare prices in several stores and find out about the availability of the required product in a particular store.

    From here we conclude that marketers were wrong, considering that users entering product requests are already in the bottom of the sales funnel. In fact, at the moment when users start searching for information about a product, they only get into the upper layers of the funnel. By the way, among the most common information requests in this segment are the following: “popular models”, “where to buy”, and also “estimated price”.

    Among the users that they are looking for information on the necessary product in the open spaces of the network, 57% collect only general data about the product, 43% get acquainted with reviews and reviews about the product, 42% compare prices in different stores, 41% make out a discount on the product, 29% check the availability of goods in the online store, and 8% read the manufacturer’s warranty on the desired product.

    It turns out that the time required for users to make a purchase in an online store should be much more than what marketers suggested.

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