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5 criteria for analyzing popular pages of competitors

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The struggle for the stay of top search engine lists never stops, SEO experts are determined to resolutely and tirelessly in finding ways to lead in the competitive struggle. Conducting competent analytics of popular related resources allows you to successfully promote any projects and bring them to the top.

5 критериев анализа популярных страниц конкурентов

Methods for evaluating the leading pages and the possibility of their SEO analysis

There are multifunctional resources, among which are Ahrefs, Serpstat, Semrush, Buzzsumo. Services of these portals will help to provide 5 evaluation reports by analyzing the leading pages of sites.

5 критериев анализа популярных страниц конкурентов

The Serpstat service creates a list, ranking it by the number of keys that issue the page when requested by the search engine, depending on the regional binding.

Take a close look at “Potential Traffic”. Here is the number of people navigating from the search to the desired page when it is on the first line of issue for the keys from the top twenty.

What does use give? When analyzing a competitor’s resource, you will see its most active pages leading in search: for an online store, these will be products and categories of products offered by a competitor. Based on this, familiarize yourself with the keys involved in the ranking and compare with your own selection. Assessing the semantics, it is better to remove insufficiently productive phrases, replacing them with more relevant ones.

It will also be useful to familiarize yourself with the assortment that interests the competitor’s target audience and increases overall traffic. If there is a similar product, but the lack of sufficient ranking, examine the difference in meta tags, headers, and accompanying texts on this particular page.

For a full-scale analysis of competitive sites, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with at least 10 leading links. The study of popular content, design and presentation of information will help you more competently create the target text.

When analyzing your own resource, you should carefully examine the traffic figures (potential). Use the “descending” sorting method, and work with the pages offered by the service that have potential.

5 criteria for analyzing popular pages of competitors
  1. Determination of leading pages by repost in social networks

Przechodząc ponownie do Serpstat, możesz uzyskać niezbędne raporty dotyczące liczby sheirs w największych sieciach społecznościowych: Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn. Aby wydać te informacje w poprzednim raporcie, posortuj je według wymaganej sieci społecznościowej….

5 критериев анализа популярных страниц конкурентов

For information on a wider catalog of social networks, go to the Buzzsumo service. It is necessary to take into account its peculiarity: to issue not the number of reposts on Facebook, but the total number of references.

5 критериев анализа популярных страниц конкурентов

What does use give? The data of this service is in demand by a wide range of specialists: content marketers, content managers and editors of sites that use it to familiarize themselves with information resources of competing projects. Choose from a list of at least ten to fifteen popular articles on repost and try to create a “best” post, on the basis of which subsequent high-quality material will be created. It is necessary to take into account the fact that different social networks have their thematic preferences.

  1. Identify leading pages with backlinks
5 критериев анализа популярных страниц конкурентов

What does use give? In the analysis of competitive representatives, the report will give a list of pages-rivals for promotion. Perhaps it will be popular HYIP products or efforts of SEOs to artificially increase the mass of links to the desired page that gives up the position. This gives a chance to outrun a competitor and take up the promotion of a similar direction.

When analyzing your own site, this report helps to control the growth or outflow of links.

  1. Identify leading search traffic pages
5 критериев анализа популярных страниц конкурентов

Semrush makes a detailed report listing the pages that received the most traffic. When setting the task, it is necessary to take into account the area in which you are implementing the project, otherwise all information will not carry values for further work.

5 критериев анализа популярных страниц конкурентов

Ahrefs offers a similar tool, but for inexplicable reasons when comparing reports received from different tools, their data may differ slightly. For example, let’s compare reports on the leading services of 3 services ranking the same site in Google RU by the number of key phrases in the search:

  • Serpstat – 124;
  • Semrush – 48;
  • Ahrefs – 53.
5 критериев анализа популярных страниц конкурентов

The obtained data can be used for similar work that needs to be done by defining popular pages by the number of key search phrases.

  1. Identifying Leader Pages by Keyword
5 критериев анализа популярных страниц конкурентов

Serpstat creates top search engine sites with maximum traffic not only by keys, but also by a group of related phrases, ranking them based on the top 50 Yandex search engine and the top 100 Google search system.

What does use give? Click on the number located in the first column and collect data from competitors on this search query, and search queries themselves to optimize the semantics in your own project.

Having considered the possibilities of the four methods for searching and analyzing popular pages of competitive resources, analyze the data obtained and start optimizing, because while you are thinking, someone is already studying your leader pages and is eager to get ahead of you.

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