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In general, this effect is present in several forms, but we will talk about this a little later.

301 redirects are a technique to redirect users to another location if the requested data from this site has been moved to a different address for various reasons. If the user navigated from the search engine to the old URL, they automatically redirect them to the new one. All the qualities of the old page remain unchanged, therefore, indexing by search engines does not change, and the client will always automatically find what interests him.

301 redirect - the most comprehensive guide

Here are descriptions of some of the types of redirects that are used most often to make it immediately clear what will be discussed later.

  • 301. This type is permanent; it transfers over ninety percent of the total weight of links. This view will show that the site “moved” to a new location and the old url is irrelevant.
  • 302. It is a tool for a while. It can convey a zero value of the total weight and, for the most part, it is generally better not to use it. Everyone knows the worldwide network operates on the principle of http, which means how to handle links. In different types, the server response will have a completely different status: http 1.0 – the file has been moved to another place for an unstable time; http 1.1 – that the document was not detected.
  • 307. The legal successor of three hundred and second. At that moment, how web robots will classify it as similar, by and large, it is best to use 301. The only exception is when the content of the resource actually only moves for a while (for example, if a technical improvement occurs on the site) and PSs already know that your server is suitable for http 1.1. But, since it is extremely rare to determine this fact, whether the systems really guessed that your server is correctly combined with the protocol, it is better to use three hundred and second for filling, which was moved to another location for some time.
301 redirect - the most comprehensive guide

Consider a few more types.

There are also linking methods in the luggage of CEOs: applying Meta Refresh changes or via JavaScript. They are included directly on the resource itself. It is recommended to use them only in the most extreme cases, as spam mails can take advantage of them, and they can also be used on various doorways. It should also be noted that if they are actively used, the weight of the links will be transferred in a small amount, if at all there is an option that this will ever happen.

Canonical or how can I join a domain?

To organize the configuration from “www” to an address without them, it is worthwhile to understand when the connection will take place, and why this may be necessary.

Firstly, such a gluing is a connection of a certain number of sites into one, after which the entire reference mass and the main trust indicators of the domain that is being referenced are redistributed to the main domain.

Secondly, it is used in two cases:

  • if you want to exclude duplicate content;
  • when a web resource moves to another position.

Thirdly, such a redirect can be configured through htaccess. The standard redirect is set in the file, which is the configuration of the web server and looks like this:

redirect 301 / http://www.website.com/

301 redirect - the most comprehensive guide

Also, sometimes you should use the following manipulations:

  • Rewrite the address with the inclusion of three “W”, to url without these letters.
  • Delete or add a “slash” in the tail of the link.

In order to correctly identify the main variant of the merger, it is necessary to take into account the following data:

  • which one is in the TOP;
  • by which option a significant amount is better indexed.
301 redirect - the most comprehensive guide

When creating an Internet site, it is very important to choose the correct and exact format using the forward slash at the end of the address, since for search engines two options will be identified as different web addresses:

Therefore, after you come to the thought of a specific spelling, it’s worth making redirection settings.

Linking for mirrors

The special code section guarantees that all links on the main page, including several options for direct footnotes to the site.


If you are an absolute beginner in this matter and web skills are not developed, then it is worth using special tools that will help to group basic redirects.

In such services you only need to enter your values and immediately pick up the code for redirection.

301 redirect - the most comprehensive guide

How to check?

When changes have already been made, it is worth analyzing whether everything works correctly:

  • Is the site functioning as a whole? In this case, you just need to go to the main section;
  • explore all the “corners”, “walk” on the resource.

How and when to resort to Canonical

Undoubtedly, there may be certain nuances, but Google gives exact rules so that he can find out what we want to tell him. Here’s how search engines can understand these instructions (a note of humor is present):

301 – Hello, guys, I transferred my page to another place. Be so kind as to erase the old and convey all its meaning to the new.

Canonical – Hello! I decided to create a couple of alternative versions of the same site, so please kindly process only the one on which the canonical stands. I promise to leave other positions available to users so that they can visit them, but, My dear Sobychovechik, do not turn them on and give the mass to the priority Internet site.

301 redirect - the most comprehensive guide

We will answer the question of when it would be better to use the 301 redirect:

  • By default, this method is a priority.
  • For sites in general and each unit separately – if the address is permanently changed.
  • Portal sale, style change and more.
  • error 404 and content that has lost its former relevance. For example, there was a popular product in your online store, but it was discontinued or you know that there will never be any more deliveries, it is recommended to redirect it to a card with an analogue.
301 redirect - the most comprehensive guide

In what cases would we recommend the use of canonization?

  • When the first three hundred are not possible to use, or they will have to spend an unforgivably large amount of precious minutes and hours to organize them.
  • Repeated filling, but in order to leave everything anyway. For example, in the online clothing store, make sections for the same product, but with different models or a dimensional grid under different web addresses.
  • When sites are similar and you need to keep identical content.
301 redirect - the most comprehensive guide

What are the results?

In general, you can save the reference weight if you use both options. The search system will consider them at almost the same level. Nevertheless, whenever possible, it is better to give preference to three hundred and first redirect.

No one is safe from mistakes, so let’s look at the most common problems that arise when a redirect is used, and how they can be avoided.

  • A common problem is chains. Do not redirect to a page from which there will also be a redirect. Simply put, this seems like a pointless undertaking, but for some reason some web developers still suffer from it. The path should be straight, without “useless jumps”.
  • Inappropriate redirects. Before use, consider all the necessary features of each. The most common error is the use of 302 when it is not needed at all.
  • Applying internal redirects without changing links to a new location. After you have implemented it on your site, you need to check that each site already points to a different section and within the resource you do not have links to the pages from which the linking took place.
  • Redirecting to irrelevant pages. The user is looking for boots, and you are directing him to the sandal – this is to immediately understand how to not. Content should be as similar as possible. Not specifically these boots? Guide the customer to similar but different colors or with additional clasps. Otherwise, you risk “giving” it to competitors.
  • How often do you end up on broken sites as a user? It’s not enough pleasant, is it? To avoid this, you need to check that the server response is 200, this will mean that the site is working correctly.
  • Do not redirect on trust. These are resources that are tailored to a number of key queries, but inherently carry no useful information for the user at all.
  • If the content is repeated, use the canonical address.
  • No need to use the redirect for robots.txt. Otherwise, in Yandex.Webmaster, in the “Site Diagnostics” section, a message appears that the server is responding with a redirect.
301 redirect - the most comprehensive guide

I wish you success, and we hope that even real pros have gathered a lot of interesting information for themselves in this article! We are always ready to discover something new for you and remind you that many already know. In conclusion, let’s say, in order not to lose position and stay afloat, use redirects if necessary. But remember that with each action it is better to be careful so as not to lose money. And if you are still not confident in your abilities, take the help of professionals!

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