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Entrepreneurs and marketers are most likely to be answered by a “large number of customers” when asked what they like best. What is next in the list of desires for the volume of customers? It will probably be a lot of traffic on a commercial site. There are many ways to increase the number of visitors, we offer to consider twenty-five of the most effective technologies, including those that are available free of charge.

What are the most effective methods to increase traffic?

Advertising. To some, this may seem overly obvious, but it also requires separate consideration. Advertising campaigns in social networks and media, various paid events – all this helps to attract customers and create their own brand, gaining people’s trust. You need to adjust your advertising strategies to fit your business needs. Think you want to increase only the traffic or are you interested, including conversion? All paid channels for promotion have their own advantages and disadvantages, so before spending the budget, compare their capabilities with your goals.

Attracting traffic from social networks. The presence of high-quality content without promotion does not allow people to find out about you, therefore, an entrepreneur is required, first of all, activity. The best way to increase traffic to a commercial site can be called social media channels that will promote content. Twitter is an ideal platform for laconic offers and quick links, and Google Plus helps the site to find itself in personalized search results, which is quite effective. It is also necessary to analyze the potential of cooperation with sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. Today there are many useful recommendations for effective promotion in social media.

Availability of quality content. There is no magic formula for marketing success, especially when it comes to content, but many still believe in it. Try to analyze the format and content of publications, so that they look the most favorable way for your target audience. The presence of short text notes along with long longds, graphics, videos, statistics – all this will help to diversify the content of the website.

Properly written headlines. This is one of the most significant components of the content on the site. The lack of attractive headlines makes unreadable even interesting and relevant publications. We offer you to master the art of writing titles, but we do not promise that it will be easy. Even specialists with a lot of experience spend a lot of time and make several test options before they stop at the best. We advise you to think more than once before clicking on the “Publish” button.

SEO promotion. You shouldn’t think that SEO promotion is outdated technologies that have nothing to do with real reality. In today’s world, optimizing the content of sites remains useful, so think about whether you have images in publications, internal links to new texts and high-quality meta tags? All this will help make more organic flow of potential customers. Long-tailed keywords. Do you have key queries? The so-called long-tailed keywords are widely used, which take into account most of the queries in the Internet search. In general, the so-called set of phrases with low popularity. Remember that they cannot be completely ignored.

Guest blogging. Yes, modern users may think that this technology is hopelessly outdated. But experts assure that guest blogging continues to live and “be healthy”. Placing publications of this kind allows you to increase traffic and as a result to form your brand. We recommend to be as cautious as possible, since recently standards and requirements for guest blogging have changed radically, the main thing is that they do not apply strict sanctions for spam to you.

Invite authors from other sites to your resource. Guest blogging method requires two-way activity. In addition to placing content on other sites, you can invite authors and owners of business projects to your online resource. Having links to their publications with your address will help attract traffic to the site. The main thing is that the content of the pages was necessarily unique and of high quality, otherwise you will suffer from Google, which does not spare spam links.

Redirect traffic through transitions. If you do not want to spend time trying to get someone to make some links to you, which is difficult enough, you can simply create content that will be associated with other publications. This is a traffic redirection, which can be obtained by linking your records with links to popular sources.

Posting to LinkedIn. This site is currently used for job search worldwide. This social network of a professional nature is considered the largest on the planet, and therefore is quite a valuable public channel for attracting traffic. Placing interesting content on LinkedIn allows you to attract new readers to the site and make the flow of attendance more, in particular, this is important for medium and large businesses.

25 методов увеличения трафика на сайт

Using micromarking (also called microdata). The introduction of such a format can not guarantee one hundred percent increase in traffic on the site, however, allows you to simplify the indexing of pages by search engines. In addition, another advantage of using such schemes for CEO promotion is that it often results in better-quality fragments of the Internet resource, which increases the “clickability”.

Internal links on pages. The performance of your site is determined not only by how many third-party resources link to you. Traffic also depends on the internal structure of the site and whether you have redirects from one publication to another. When creating content and placing it on pages, it is necessary to monitor whether it is possible to put an internal link. This method not only improves SEO optimization, but is also useful for ordinary users, and therefore allows you to make site traffic higher.

Interview with experts. Opinion leaders are a promising direction in modern marketing. An expert is not necessarily a celebrity, in every industry you can find interesting personalities and true professionals who can share unique information. You can use it on your website. The presence of expert opinion increases the confidence of visitors to your Internet resource. Users love to share original interviews, which increases traffic.

Use email. Many companies focus all their attention on content marketing methods, however, there are a lot of more familiar ways. E-mailing is still a productive technology, and even a moderate sending of letters to potential visitors allows traffic to grow. Also, one cannot overlook the power of “word of mouth”, which becomes available when people verbally convey a positive (or negative, but we hope that this is not your case) opinion of your company to others.

Site availability from a mobile device. The time when the Internet worked exclusively on stationary computers, has long since disappeared. Today, an incredible surge of traffic that comes from a mobile phone is celebrated. It is necessary to work on the accessibility and convenience of the interface. Be sure to check how correct it is to view pages from smartphones.

25 методов увеличения трафика на сайт

The speed of the website. Have you ever waited more than thirty seconds while the page loads? We doubt it. If your own site is loading disastrously slow, you will encounter an incredibly high level of bounce. It is necessary to check the optimization of the pages, the size of the pictures and files that are contained on them, as well as the functionality of external plug-ins. Remember that a lot depends on the download speed. No one can appreciate the original content or heavy video, if it simply does not load.

Conducting webinars. Today it is fashionable to study, and seminars on the Internet are the best way to transmit useful information to the user audience. In combination with an effective social media campaign, webinars can be considered an ideal method for driving traffic to sites. Sending emails some time before the start of the webinar, as well as reminders of the “last opportunity to register” the day before it starts, and the chances that new readers will enter your site are rapidly increasing. It is recommended to archive webinars for further viewing and order advertising in social networks.

Opinion of the user community on the site. People like to express their own opinions and talk about personal experience. Therefore, the formation of your own community on the web resource will allow you to start communication with the audience and attract traffic. You can enter writing comments via social networks, for example, using Facebook. An alternative to this will be specialized forums where people can ask questions and communicate with other users. The main thing is not to forget about management to create feedback and maintain a positive image of the company.

Active behavior in social networks. Placing content through social networks is not everything, you need to actively participate in the community. If you have a Twitter account, join the general discussion, use hashtags. Do your visitors leave comments on Facebook posts? It is imperative to answer questions and communicate with people. Nothing attracts users like social networks as a communication channel. Feel free to use them to interact with your target audience.

Video as part of content strategy. Texts are good, traditional and attractive, but video is always better, as practice shows. This makes the site more attractive, enhances the interactivity of pages. Users more often save visual materials than text, so advertising in the format of commercials will become a method of attracting and retaining audiences, as well as increasing traffic to the site.

Competition events and draws. We do not doubt that your competitors are already using this tactic to attract traffic. In fact, it is an effective method to understand what readers are responding to and how to interact with them at several sites at once, including social networks. To hold such events is quite simple. Especially at the moment there are many useful services that facilitate the moment of the rally. The main point in the competition and similar events is the presence of feedback, communication with representatives of the target audience.

Conduct and participate in conferences. Practically in all branches of business, including yours, conferences are held with the participation of experts and authoritative personalities, but also occasional visitors interested in certain topics. Visiting such events and participating in them will be a great way to get a positive image and reputation as a leader of opinions, which will affect the site.

The study of information of an analytical nature. Everyone knows that Google Analytics is a great way to get data on almost any aspect on your site, from the popularity of individual pages to the characteristics of casual readers. The use of data from this service and its study contribute to the improvement of marketing strategies and the creation of more effective content.

Presentation of corporate content on sites that are aggregators. You should not shift the responsibility on such techniques, as Reddit and other similar sites will not be able to attract huge referral traffic. Members of such communities can distinguish spam from useful information. However, the periodic placement of links gives the likelihood that some of the users find them relevant and useful. Choose the appropriate sub-editors, send materials and watch the traffic.

Advertise your resource in the comments on other sites. Most likely, you often go to several Internet resources that belong to the same business area in which you work. Then why not speak directly in the comments? Creating such comments cannot guarantee an instant incentive to redirect visitor traffic in one second, but forming a positive name when writing interesting content can help you achieve a result. Keep in mind that the quality of publications and their compliance with the needs of the target audience remain extremely important. You just need to communicate and try to be useful, but do not throw outsiders with unnecessary spam.

25 методов увеличения трафика на сайт
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