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Having the right tools and tools will help you to fully realize yourself as a specialist. You will be surprised how big the difference is in the time spent for doing the same work, if you do it yourself and if you entrust it to special programs and services.

23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the list of free tools that solve various problems and tasks for SEO. In the collection you will find both tools on a completely free basis, and those that offer limited free functionality, and a full list of options is available when making a payment. In any case, you can find a lot of useful sites.


This is a real set of tools for those who work in the field of CEO. You can use online, most of the options are presented for public access free of charge. It is difficult to find a similar service that will be with the same functionality and at the same time free.

23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

You can learn the features of competitors, analyze their sites. All funds are open in the application section, today you can find here a list of 28 tools.

23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

After you register, you can do the following:

  • Get information about how external links to the website are displayed.
  • Look at the visibility of pages in search engines.
  • To analyze the pages in the leaders of the issue by keyword, by territory.
  • Perform clustering of key phrases, focusing on the issuance of search engines.
  • Analyze snippets on your website or on competitors’ resources.
  • Identify competing sites and compare your visibility indicators with them.
  • Monitor positions by keywords.
  • Get the history of the issue in the search engine on requests and other relevant tools.

This service is in fact worthy of recommending it to any SEO specialist, as it offers almost all the necessary options on one site.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

For any web resource, constant auditing is required to detect errors in time and eliminate them, which is important for productive SEO promotion. If you are looking for a platform for prompt inspections, take this tool into service. Here you can get reports on a number of criteria almost instantly. This is an effective tool that is suitable for the operational analysis of projects that are considered potential customers to work in the field of promotion.

The site does not even have to register. It is enough to enter the address and click on a special button for analysis. What information is provided to users?

  • Information about the indexation in search engines Google and Yandex.
  • Reporting on demographic parameters and attendance.
  • Information about the level of activity in social networks.
  • Analysis of the optimization of the main page on the website.
  • The presence of back links to the web resource.
  • Server information.
  • Visibility data on the main keywords in search engines.
  • Analysis of the adaptation of the site to work with mobile devices.

The results are available for download in pdf format. If you subscribe to this platform and pay a certain fee, you can activate branding to work with the document in a commercial mode.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

A site for checking texts for uniqueness, which is much more convenient to use compared to programs that require downloading. The “free” version allows you to perform up to seven checks daily, and the limit in terms of volume is ten thousand characters. If you do not need to check a lot of texts, this should be enough.

Several options are supported for inspections:

  • Only texting.
  • Check site.
  • Scan a specific page.
  • Checking a package from several sites.
23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

In addition, the creators of the service provide an option to periodically check in automatic mode (it is charged). You must specify certain pages that will be regularly monitored for uniqueness. Reporting with the results you will receive an e-mail.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

A tool that allows you to analyze texts on a number of criteria that are important to the CEO. This is a useful tool for both a copywriter and a webmaster. You can copy the text on the page or enter the desired link, and after you click the filter button, the main text material will be pulled up without unnecessary parts (cut off in automatic order).

After the test, the results will be presented with statistical data on the volume, availability of keywords, on the parameters of nausea and water. The program also selects topics, highlights key requests, demonstrates their map, checks text for morphological and spelling parameters. This is a relevant tool for working with text materials, the value of which is steadily growing today.


This platform consists of a set of tools that can automate various tasks familiar to specialists in the field of CEO, for example, allows you to perform an operational analysis of the list of sites for a number of parameters, make a list of sites leading search engines for key queries, check the package of requests for dependence on geolocation and the subject of commercialization, and much more. In general, there are twenty-five interesting tools.

23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

The free version allows you to perform up to hundreds of checks daily. If you need more work, go to the paid rate.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

This is a service that analyzes the level of speed of loading pages. Also, the analyzer program demonstrates, in accordance with the results of site scanning, a large list of tips for improving performance. It looks on the page as follows:

23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

Tips are highlighted in different colors according to the criterion of how it matters (green, red and yellow), it also indicates what kind of recommendations are related (for example, about content). If you click on any line, you can get information in detail.

23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

A useful product that automatically generates SEO reporting for those who collaborate with clients on promotion issues. Here you can enter information on various indicators (page traffic, geo-dependency, etc.). In addition to the CEO data, indicators of economic pay (lead value, etc.) also indicate. There is the possibility of branding documentation, other useful features. The free version supports work with one site and one analytical program.

23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO
23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

How to work with the service? The order of work can be divided into four stages:

  1. Add sites for which data will be generated with reports.
  2. You connect analytics services and other sites (information is pulled up by API).
  3. Configure the reporting structure using a special constructor and writing information for the output.
  4. Click on the button to create a report, get information in doc or pdf format.

Considering how much time you can spend making up documents with reports yourself, especially if you work with several sites at once, using the service will increase your productivity.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

A progressive platform that analyzes the sites of competitors on a number of criteria in the complex. Even a free tariff involves many useful options for SEO optimization. Here you can get about almost any web resource:

  • Data on page attendance.
  • Information about the territorial indicators of the audience.
  • Data on how traffic is distributed on channels.
  • Information about the sites where the transitions are from.
  • Data on social activity (by transitions to pages).
23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

The results demonstrate other information, however, precisely those parameters that are indicated above are of the greatest importance. Of course, the “free” version does not imply full access to all functionality, but it will also become an indispensable tool for analyzing competitors’ sites.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

Actual service for SEO professionals and those who work with Internet marketing. Here is a calculator for calculating the payback of investments, promotions, work with various channels. You just need to enter the basic data and click the button to calculate. The platform works quite quickly, including from mobile devices.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

Convenient tool to filter and group keywords, making up a semantic core. Here is an attractive and simple interface. The tool is faster compared to using ordinary Microsoft Excel. Of course, it is not suitable for operations with several thousand keywords. For example, here you can not save the working draft. However, if operational processing of small semantics is required, feel free to use this site.

There is no need to register. To use the service, make a sample, remove the excess yourself, then check the frequency of requests.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

Most SEO specialists worked with a database of keywords called “Bukvarix”. It includes today more than 2 billion requests from the Internet. They are distributed by the creators of the service free of charge.

Relatively recently, developers have offered users a new tool that works online. It allows you to quickly get a selection of key phrases that display web resources in search engines. The list of requests will be available for download in a zip or csv archive format.

23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

The information provided is accurate, as confirmed by reviews of satisfied SEOs. In addition, the service is completely free of charge.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

The tool allows you to solve a significant issue – reset the cache for a specific site in all popular social networks at the same time. This is true for those who are engaged in the dissemination of the promoted site on social networks, and for several reasons, the information from the open raph markup is not tightened. You must enter the url in the appropriate line, and then click on the button.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

A whole range of useful microtools, all of which allow solving specific and quite relevant problems. Experts mark here forty small services, in particular, among them you can find tools for:

  • Uploading the text part in Title, Alt images by the list of pages.
  • Identify applicable CMS.
  • Checks the use of Yandex.metrics and Google Analytics.
  • H1-H6 header downloads.
  • Determining the status of codes, etc.

The tool is aimed at processing the list of websites in the form of a package, which is important in many work situations.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

On this site there is one useful service that can be found in the Screenfly section. It allows you to see how your site is displayed on a variety of devices – on a computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet or even TV. In addition, if necessary, indicate custom resolution indicators, if the devices that you require are not in the proposed list. Use the button that creates the link to share with other users. Also a useful option is the guest mode.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

There is one interesting service for optimizing snippets. This tool allows you to see how the snippets for certain links in Google will be displayed when filling in the required data. You can experiment with titles and descriptions to get the most presentable snippet (considering optimization needs).


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

Checklist online to check the quality of website optimization. Here you can make sure that you did not miss the important nuances, as well as create a list of what still needs to be worked on. As a result, you will receive a normal audit in the form of a database obtained using this service. The check is available in six categories. This is the work with the structure of the website, the analysis of keywords, the audit of technical issues, content, link checking and social activity. There is a button to add your item. You can get the checklist in pdf-format.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

This is a specific set of tools that test websites for download speed, the subject of optimizing pages for mobile devices, etc. For example, you can look at the lists of external and outgoing links, optimize images, etc. To analyze the site and create a document reporting will take almost a few seconds, but in the end you will receive a lot of useful information for the rapid assessment of the state of the resources that are in operation.

The importance level of each nuance in the list is displayed in different colors and symbols. Click on the links for specific items for more detailed information.

23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

This is a free tool for tracking how the interests of the audience to specific topics (requests) are changing. This shows the dynamics of how the popularity of Google has changed over the past years.

23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

You can specify territorial data to display information, a specific time interval, as well as the type of search (normal, by pictures, products, video, news). You will be able to compare the degree of popularity of different keywords for choosing a working segment or assessing how promising this will be.

However, it is not for nothing that the name includes the concept of “trends”, since the most relevant are menu items analyzing popular queries and videos on YouTube over the past 24 hours. You can also view analytics from previous periods.

Google Trends is an opportunity to understand what is interesting to people at a certain time. You can compare current trends with past, analyze information.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

The service selects key queries, it is aimed at sampling low frequency queries, based on information from Google Keyword Planner and search engine prompts. You can also choose keywords from Bing, YouTube, Amazon and Epp Stor, which greatly expands the semantic core.

The territory and language are also indicated, and the list, which is received as a result, can be downloaded in excel, csv formats. Statistical information, information about how much competition in AdWords or the cost of clicks – all this is available for use on paid accounts. But the tool is suitable at least in order to quickly get a sample that you will use in other services.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

Another tool that collects key queries, focusing on data from search engines. It does not display information on criteria such as frequency. However, this service is available completely free of charge. It differs from the previous tool in a number of parameters:

  • The list of phrases is displayed by category and alphabetically.
  • You can quickly filter data by entering into key queries.
  • There is a section containing a key map.
  • You can quickly mark the necessary keywords, then they appear in a new tab where they can be copied or downloaded.

In general, the service has a high speed, simplicity and effectiveness in obtaining a good selection of keys in a given topic.

SEO Crawler

23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

The service is easy to use. In many ways, it resembles the famous XENU tool among SEO specialists. Suitable for scanning pages on sites (you can scan up to three hundred for free) and issue technical information of the following plan:

  • Title page.
  • Status codes.
  • Internal and external links.
  • Potential CEO bugs, etc.
23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO
23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

There are several additional settings. For example, you can specify a specific browser or type of device to use in the workaround. There is no need to register, the tool works quickly, which is quite convenient.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

This is a set of specialized tools for solving certain tasks that are relevant to the webmaster or optimizer. There are about twenty services for checking the package of sites, encrypting html, analyzing the update of search engines, etc. All options are fully available free of charge.


23 эффективных бесплатных инструмента для SEO

Another tool that quickly checks web resources for a number of criteria. This is a service for auditing in express mode. You can check the adaptation for mobile devices, compliance with the main technical standards of the CEO. The free version allows you to run the site on a number of parameters in six different categories. As a result, detailed reports are sent to users by mail or become available for download as a pdf document.

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