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A blog is a media platform on the network where materials that the owner wants to share are regularly published. This is a rather broad concept, a blog is both an online diary of one user with several readers, and a full-fledged online media.

A blog is a media platform on the network where materials that the owner wants to share are regularly published. This is a rather broad concept, a blog is both an online diary of one user with several readers, and a full-fledged online media….

  • news;
  • press releases;
  • interview;
  • reviews;
  • analytics and stuff.

In addition, a lot of individualist bloggers have divorced. They create a page on the Internet, which is gradually filled with information. Themes are determined for themselves. This way of writing and storing information is very similar to keeping a personal diary. The only difference is the readership. If a personal diary is available for viewing only to its owner, then an Internet diary is created so that as many people as possible can see it and read at least one note.

A good blogger is constantly evolving and replenishes his knowledge base. He is a master of all trades:

  • copywriter;
  • editor;
  • journalist;
  • PR man;;
  • usability;
  • a little programmer;
  • a little typesetter;
  • part-time administrator and psychologist;
  • and he is just an expert in his subject.

Little about the varieties of blogs

Personal blog. The perfect place to create and express yourself. You are your own master (or hostess), and only you decide how to write, about what and for whom. Write about fashion, about house plants or animals, about stars, food, cars or motorcycles. About anything. The main thing is that the content is interesting and useful. Creating a personal blog is not difficult. As an option – use popular sites like:

  • WordPress;
  • Blogger;
  • Tumblr;
  • or consult a specialist.

Professional blog. Nothing less than a platform for making money. As a rule, it is organized by professional bloggers – people whom the public knows, who are read and whose opinions are listened to. They write about anything, but first of all on custom themes. Almost all the actions of leading professional blogs are aimed at receiving a cash reward.

Niche blog. Internet site, which is usually devoted to one topic. Its author is a person specializing in a particular industry. Surely you heard about Sergey Koksharov and his project Devaka, which is dedicated to SEO. A niche blog is made by those who are able to talk about their profession and business for hours. In this case, the themes for posting on the Internet site are unlikely to ever be exhausted.

Joint blog. For such an Internet site, not one author creates materials, but everyone. And they can write on any topic. The main thing is for readers to be interested, and they return to the blog page again and again, thereby increasing its popularity and traffic. More often in such a blog is still placed thematic articles, as they are in demand from a specific target audience.

Affiliate Blog. The principle of reference is similar to writing a book in collaboration. Find a like-minded person (look among friends), think through what you will write about, draw up a publication schedule, share responsibilities and work. Affiliate blog moves joint business well. You can create collections, reviews, reviews, reviews. This increases the interest of the readership both to the product being promoted and to the identity of the authors of the blog.

Media blog. News log (from the English. Video + blog). Here not only text and photo materials are published, but also videos. The more videos posted, the higher the interest of the public. It so happened that the user perceives information better and more willingly if he sees and hears it at the same time. Many celebrities are personal vlog, laying out videos about everything in the world. Thus, they constantly stir up the interest of the audience, increasing their own recognition and popularity.

And you can also create blogs within the Internet resource. What advanced companies have already done for a long time, and the non-advanced companies, to advance, are doing this at the very moment when you read these lines. Call these online sites business blogs or corporate.

Business blog. It is usually written on a specific topic. For example:

  • if this is the company’s website, materials about services, the need for their use, etc. are uploaded to the blog;
  • for an online cosmetics store, they write about beauty news, makeup pop stars, how to apply eye shadows, etc .;
  • the car dealership’s blog is about a new make of Toyota, which is planned to be released for a year, about global tire suppliers and the like.

By the way, during the study of the authoritative magazine Fortune, it was found that 50% of the 200 largest global companies maintain public corporate blogs.

Why create blogs

Everyone has different goals:

  1. Increase profits. In order to get rich on the blog, you have to work hard not one month, or even a year. So be patient and work, work, work.
  2. Increase awareness. You can promote a brand not only with the help of social networks. Yes Yes! By making a blog, you increase the chances that they will hear and talk about the product / service you are selling.
  3. To wipe the nose of competitors. How so without it? The competitors have a blog, their materials are read and reposted in social networks, but yours aren’t? Where does it go? The hour has come! It’s time to create your blog to entice readers and customers of competitors!
  4. Collect user and customer contacts. Blogs are needed for contact charges. User data owners of blogs are subsequently used for distribution with information about special offers, discounts, new goods, sales and so on.
  5. The desire to change the world or at least his perception. Another’s worldview often contradicts our own. To influence the opinion of the majority, use the personal page on the Internet. But know: the trust in you will appear gradually. And only if you regularly work on yourself and your blog, constantly adding posts.
  6. Fashion trend. Everybody creates blogs: companies, stars, and ordinary, seemingly unremarkable, inhabitants of the planet. However, all are individual and each has talent. Many people discover their own zest with blogging, which is most often created to promote your favorite business.
  7. Increase traffic. A corporate blog brings additional visitors to your business. Especially if you periodically post it in the relevant topics of the site news. Even if your product or service is not ordered, they will know about you. If the materials in the blog will be useful for the visitor, he will become your reader, and in the future, perhaps, the client.
  8. Increase ranking. A business blog is also useful because you increase the credibility of search engines through it. Bots like internal linking, i.e. when one of the pages of the site has an organic link to another. Definitely, search agents will add your web resource to their list of “excellent students” of the ranking and, as soon as possible, will increase the position of the site in issue.
  9. Communicate with the user. Thanks to the corporate site you are always in touch with users. Each article is a reason to remind myself. Plus, users always have the opportunity to communicate with you in the comments. For example:
    • to ask questions,
    • write suggestions and wishes,
    • leave complaints.
  10. Any comment plays into your hands, because customers and occasional visitors express a personal opinion in it about the posted material, the proposed product or services. Listening to the opinion of the Internet public, you increase the chances of becoming better and thereby increasing the credibility of the business that you promote.
  11. Share company news. In a business blog, you can publish not only thematic articles, but also company news:
    • what exhibition / conference / congress was held;
    • who participated;
    • what results were achieved, etc.

You can even tell about holiday events and corporate events. Clients are interested in how the company works, whether its employees are friendly and whether the management cares about team cohesion.

Ideal if your site materials are published as follows:

  • feature articles – in a blog;
  • stories about the achievements of the company and corporate events – in the “News” section.

Some tips for a corporate blog.

1. Decide on the style

At an early stage, find out which publications are most interesting to visitors (most views, heated discussions, or many direct transitions), find out what the strengths are and try to use them whenever possible. This will help develop your own style, your notes will stand out against the rest. Regular readers will have more reasons to check out new posts.

2. Do not forget about SEO

A blog is also a great way to appear more often in search results, and therefore it is important to take into account search queries when creating a content plan, the answers to which users can find on the site. For each article it is better to select keywords that can be mentioned without compromising readability.

3. Publications should be regular

The optimal frequency of new entries is too different for different topics, the best way to determine it is to test the number of transitions and the depth of views. But as a rule, new entries should appear at least once or twice a week to keep readers interested.

Often articles are written by employees for whom this task is far from the main, and their only encouragement is the attention of readers. But the blog will not be able to develop for a long time with such enthusiasm, sooner or later the authors will lose interest. That is why it is better to pick up bloggers in advance and decide on their motivation, plan out topics (content plan) and publication time.

4. Build a dialogue

The reader should interact with you, and not be an ordinary observer without the opportunity to share their own opinions. The best way to get feedback is to add the ability to leave comments.

Of course, no one is immune from negative reviews, but there is a benefit from them: when you politely and convincingly eliminate objections, instead of simply removing them, this greatly increases the confidence of other visitors. And the person who received the answer will likely also become more loyal.

5. Authors should have a face.

Often the author of the articles indicate the company itself, or do not indicate it at all. And in vain. A living person with a face and a name is much easier to trust than a soulless logo, and employees will most likely be pleased when hundreds of readers find out about them.

Perhaps we have missed something. Tell us what was the main reason for you to create a blog, and we will definitely add this information to the published list.

If you still do not have a blog, but you seriously thought about creating it, then we are ready to help you with this! Contact us!

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