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    1. Many users of the Runet are confident that link promotion without payment is possible only as a registration in the online catalogs of sites. This is a fundamentally erroneous judgment.

    In fact, the use of directories has long receded into the background, so resort to it is in a pinch. Adequate options on the sites left a tiny amount, on the strength of a couple of dozen. They have a long moderation, which negatively affects the final result.

    18 главных советов по бесплатному ссылочному продвижению сайтов

    To achieve a quick and great effect, proceed in all directions. Be sure to use the following sites:

    • social networks;
    • services with reviews and comments;
    • catalogs of articles, companies, websites, online stores;
    • sites with questionnaires and testing;
    • bulletin boards for private and commercial individuals;
    • personal and commercial blogs, press releases;
    • forums and online chat rooms on free sites;
    • comments on third-party resources.

    You can go the tricky way, and take as a tool completely unexpected resources – pages for job search, RSS aggregators, maps and video hosting sections, “add a tour / report / discount / person”, etc. Beforehand, you should make sure that the selected resource is demanded and free.

    1. Different types of sites have different directions, and therefore they can be useful for completely different purposes. Choose necessary, proceeding from the requirements.

    What is it meant for? Consider more:

    • if you want to “climb” in search engines, you should use social networks, directories of companies and articles, pages with questionnaires and testing; various forums and press release services;
    • Need to improve sales and motivate potential customers? Use regional bulletin boards and thematic sites for your service, as well as social networks and forums, blogs;
    • Need to improve behavioral factors? Use varieties from the above item. In order to have a result, the selected site must be filled with useful information that readers expect to see on the page. Then there will be a positive result for the PF. Veiled promotion of your brand on third-party resources will not prevent: references, anchor links, etc .;
    • if you want to increase commercial profit, use the bulletin boards, catalogs of online markets and companies, sites with press releases and blogs;
    • In order to raise the TIC, you can use any sites whose content corresponds to your subject and location. Pay attention to the TCI indicator on the resource itself, as well as its regionality. Preference should be given to resources with the maximum trust.
    1. Is your page related to commercial activities? Then, first of all, regional and thematic resources should be used, on which potential buyers can be attracted, as well as to choose pages that improve the commercial indicator.

    These include catalogs of online stores, companies, sites with press releases, aggregators of prices, message boards, pages with responses, maps and forums.

    18 главных советов по бесплатному ссылочному продвижению сайтов

    Do you own an information resource? Then your task is to find people interested in the information contained therein. For this you need to use crowd-marketing pages, the placement on which allows you to increase the percentage of targeted visitors.

    These include social networks, blogs and forums, as well as news sites and resources with feedback and comments.

    1. Never place the same text on different resources and topics.

    This negatively affects the final result. Admins of each site are interested in a particular article format:

    • Blogging resources mean personal diaries. These include various social networks, thematic forums and portals. For example, if we are talking about a group of a certain city in the social network, articles on urban news are welcome here. A needlework blog should be filled with tips and stories about clay modeling, beadwork, etc .;
    • catalogs of firms. Here you should publish dry information about your resource, made in the official business style. The text is written from 3 persons, has no exclamations and emotional color, only purely business features: information about the activities of the company, its contact details, prices for services provided, current accounts, etc .;
    • On the bulletin boards it is possible and necessary to place the sold texts, in which all the advantages of your company or a specific, sold product will be indicated in detail. Do not forget to use keywords, come up with a delicious, catchy title, use anchor or bezankornye links. In general, any SEO copywriting tools would be appropriate here;
    • websites with press releases are expected, respectively, a clearly structured article created according to relevant standards. There should be a good information component, something new and unusual, presented in the form of interesting news.

    Always carefully read the material already published on the selected resource. So you can clearly understand what type of article you need to offer a particular site for publication. The key to successful placement is a thorough analysis and thoughtful attitude to the choice of page.

    1. Be sure to apply promotion using links! The criteria for its success are:
    • gradualism. No need to try to overwhelm the runet with links and anchors to your resource, especially if your site was registered a couple of months ago. It is not recommended to exceed the threshold of fifty public links per month;
    • diversity The only prepared template with the same content and a duplicate link is not suitable for placement in different sources. Promote each time something new – an article, publication, site page;
    • moderate agility. The number of placements should not sharply increase / decrease in the following month. Line up a personal diagram or tag your published links into notepad.
    1. Begin to grow the trust of your resource even before its final layout. If you wait until the last pictures are filled after the thousandth discussion, and only then place advertising links, you can lose a significant amount of finances.
    1. Remember to pay due attention to optimization your resource. It should be easy to read, contain useful information and generally interest visitors by all criteria.

    If you are not confident in your abilities, use the help of professionals who will carry out optimization at the highest level.

    18 главных советов по бесплатному ссылочному продвижению сайтов
    1. Commercial pages should be supplemented with a section with thematic texts – a blog.

    Do not lose sight of this point, because it is the presence of useful tips and informative articles that significantly increases the attendance and relevance of the site. To make the blog attractive and interesting, you should turn to rewriters / copywriters.

    It is not necessary to “pour water” on blogs. Publish useful and memorable content that contains important news, thematic tips, comments from personal experience, etc. Do not forget about the advertising component: you can talk about the benefits of any products of your company, focusing on its advantages in a blog article.

    Advantages of the blog:

    • increases and accelerates the promotion of the resource;
    • positive effect on the growth of the trust of the site, while not requiring financial costs.
    1. Keep track of the quality of published articles. It is better to publish one really cool and relevant article than to fill the World Wide Web with useless Seo texts with zero informativity.

    Most of all, users like to read well-structured, logical-paragraph texts, the content of which meets their needs. This may be practical tips, cases and graphs on a particular topic, tests and other similar publications. They most often repost and copy to other domains, increasing your trust.

    1. Even the highest-quality content will not be read the proper number of times, if you will not be active and promote your resource in the vast World Wide Web. People rarely independently scroll through hundreds of pages in search of the necessary information – usually everyone stops at the first or second search page.
    1. Make friends with colleagues and other bloggers who are similar to your subject matter.

    Regularly browse similar resources: social networks, blog domains, etc. Leave a comment (if you really understand the topic and you have something to write), subscribe to updates, put likes and communicate in personal messages. In this way, you will be able to establish mutually beneficial relationships, and rely on the approval, support and repost from colleagues when you publish your own material worthy of attention. Such psychological techniques have long been used in foreign CEOs.

    18 главных советов по бесплатному ссылочному продвижению сайтов
    1. To immediately see the result in terms of increasing the flow of potential customers, it is worth publishing on crowd-marketing resources.

    Need an urgent increase in turnover or attendance? Then do not waste time and start posting your ads on the appropriate boards, as well as post interesting posts on social networks and forums, fill out a blog on the resource.

    It really works, as can be seen after the first publication. The main thing is to stick to the high quality of the content and follow its relevance.

    The advantage of this method is the lack of financial costs and the ability to keep links to your resource, which increases the position in search engines and contributes to the natural increase in traffic.

    1. Combine different strategies. For example, on the thematic forum you can apply such moves:
    • publish on behalf of another user a question about the product that is implemented on your site. After a couple of days, you can answer on your own behalf, praise the products and unobtrusively reset the link to your resource. Make sure that everything looks true and unobtrusive, otherwise you risk earning a negative reputation. For example, you can dilute your link with similar ones, but for those sites that cannot compete with you (for foreign distributors, etc.). Open advertising also should not be: honestly tell about some of the shortcomings of the products, but focus on your TSS;
    • according to a similar scheme, you can publish a post with any problem, the solution of which, respectively, will be found in your product / service, which you will tell about later, without obtrusiveness and unnaturalness;
    • write a beautiful, competent and most important thing – a tasty article about your products / services, add a direct / anchor link there and place it in the appropriate section on the forum;
    • publish the selling post on behalf of your company. Not all resources allow such announcements to be published, but you can find those where the filtering and moderation system is as simple as possible;
    • communicate in already created discussions that somehow relate to the subject of your resource. Do not forget that new topics are constantly being created on the forums, so if today you haven’t found anything suitable, tomorrow a dozen users can ask questions about your profile. Regularly update information, perform a search by keyword;
    • Try to launch an interesting rumor about your company, or interest potential customers in an unusual presentation of any information. Such schemes are of interest to people and encourage the desire to google more about the things discussed;
    • just communicate in your own pleasure in various thematic publics, do not hesitate to express your opinion and share valuable experiences. If you recommend yourself as a valuable expert in the issues discussed, your opinion and advice will certainly begin to listen – which means you can easily talk about your products like a true professional.

    Try to combine, if not all, at least most of the above strategies. Treat the case with all rigor and care.

    By the way, any comments and feedback on forums and on social networks are topical, so you should respond to them as soon as possible. After a week, the essence of the dialogue will be lost, so keep an eye on the appearance of new answers in the created topics by connecting via SMS-mailing or by notifications in the mailbox.

    It would not be superfluous to use several computers in order to implement the above schemes. Too high and constant activity from a single IP address associated with the creation of multiple profiles can be suspicious among moderators and lead to page blocking.

    1. Make sure your publications do not look like Spam. This can also lead to the blocking of your account by the site administration.

    Try to write in a simple and accessible language, without changing the font and language, do not remix posts with the same theses, statements.

    Dilute the text canvas with themed pictures and videos from YouTube. In addition to links to your resource, try to publish links to third-party sites (just not your direct competitors, otherwise this could play a cruel joke with you).

    You do not need too much praise their products and the site – usually it on the contrary repels potential visitors.

    1. Refuse to automatically register for resources, or use it within reasonable limits. If you mass-run text into site directories with the help of appropriate programs, reference promotion ceases to justify itself.


    • each domain has its own “engine” with a unique foundation;
    • there is a human factor – the team leading a certain site has clear requirements for texts published by them that are not recognized by the robot;
    • Since the machine is not able to take into account all the nuances provided by resources that are completely different in structure, your text may be published in the wrong format, which distorts its meaning and adversely affects your reputation.

    Manual promotion or “semi-automatic” using the same program Allsubmitter cope with the tasks best.

    18 главных советов по бесплатному ссылочному продвижению сайтов
    Use both an independent search for resources and information, and automated solutions (for example, TOP-Base, which already contains the most popular and effective sites where you can publish for free and do reference promotion of your company).

    There are a lot of ways for independent search.

    The simplest of these is the introduction to the search box of a direct, basic query that relates to your subject:

    • Needlework Forum:
    • handicraft forum.

    So you get a list of the most top forums related to your subject. However, they usually have high competition and a fairly dense stream of topics that are hard to break into with something new. You can try to find a more specialized forum by entering some basic signs or words that are most often found on such resources:

    • handicraft moderator of the forum;
    • needlework topic is closed;
    • handicraft pottery;
    • handicraft work with your own hands.

    You can try to parse the bases for key features. The first digit will scare with its scale, but it can be corrected using the programs FastTrust, CheckTrust and other similar services. Just click on the label – and the program will leave the most relevant and most suitable donors on the subject, after which you will be able to safely proceed with the promotion. If you do not have enough own experience for this business, contact the specialists.

    By the way, the necessary information can be spied on and from competing organizations. For this purpose, a Linkpad service and other similar resources are invented, with no charge for its use.

    1. Mark in a separate file the most effective, suitable for your purposes sites, forums and other resources. This may be regional bulletin boards, “live” groups on social networks and not only. Keep track of where the most new visitors come to you, and in accordance with this, draw conclusions: increase the number of links to promote useful pages in this regard.

    Even if things have already gone smoothly, do not stop publishing links on new, fresh resources. Who knows – maybe it will be on the new forum that your future wholesale buyers or the most profitable customers with a positive reputation will turn out to be.

    1. No need to focus solely on open links. Even a simple mention of your resource on any forum will bear fruit. You can make anchor links that will push people to go through them to get the necessary information. In addition, search engines are not too overloaded with direct links.

    You have too competitive themes, so you can not use a large number of paid SEO-link because of the fear of being banned in Yandex and other systems? Then free promotion on the forums, social networks, service catalogs, bulletin boards, press release pages and other resources listed in the first paragraph of the article will be an ideal way for you to achieve profitability and awareness. By adhering to the above tips, you will be able to have a positive impact on the position of your site in popular search engines, and ideally – bring it to the TOP. Direct and veiled links increase awareness among potential customers, help to improve the merchantability of the product / service and much more.

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