Take care of the uniqueness of style.

The main evidence that you are serious about the issue and, attracting element for potential subscribers, is stylistic and visual recognition. Do not save on resources and time. Try to work out the details in detail. The design should convey the main direction of the content and highlight its differences among similar, competitive ones from the advantageous side. In the future, this will greatly increase the chances of your mailing list to get on the white list, and sent letters to read, rather than random viewing.

Come up with catchy headlines

The essence of the letter should be briefly outlined in the subject. Not be superfluous and intrigue. Ask the subscriber a question or challenge. But you can not overdo it in this case. A long, volumetric headline will have the opposite effect – attention to the mailing list will be significantly reduced. Do not forget about preheader or pre-parasites. It is formed from the finished text and placed at the very beginning of the letter sent. Additional data may be included here. But to repeat the information specified in the topic is not necessary.

Both the header and preheader should not contain spam and cliché. Such phrases must be deleted. In addition to open-rate, the probability of information passing through the established mail filters is reduced by an order of magnitude.

12 способов повысить эффективность почтовой рассылки
12 способов повысить эффективность почтовой рассылки

Monitor text quality scores

Take care of the content of the letter. If there is no use, the subscriber will be less likely to pay attention to such mail, or simply unsubscribe. Lack of information content and advertising oversupply can provoke a more negative result. Think not only of your own interests, but also of the reader. Both sides will benefit from this.

Pay attention to literacy. The absence of errors, random typos will cause the reader to trust you, will be an incentive to click on the links. Subject to incorrectly designed and written content get the opposite result. do not know how to write yourself, attract a specialist in this field.

12 способов повысить эффективность почтовой рассылки

Do not ignore the presence in the letters of bright details

Video, animation, infographics, emoticons and buttons in the subject and text of the letter help to attract attention and retain it, help to cause the reader interest, provoke him to action. Consequently, the open-rate and emotional interest from subscribers is growing. Fun, easy presentation of information, its simplicity, clarity and accessibility have a positive effect on people’s loyalty.

12 способов повысить эффективность почтовой рассылки

Promise a reward for a subscription

An excellent option to replenish the ranks of subscribers will be a promise from your side of bonuses. But here, everything should be dosed. The bonus is required to attract an audience, but not to become the basis for which they will subscribe. Such a contingent certainly will not read your letters. Choosing gifts, make sure they match your direction. This will help weed out the unwanted audience in advance.

Apply conversations of letters

The method is effective in relation to beginners. A series of welcome letters (welcome-chain), according to statistics, opens about twice as often. Open rate will be higher for standard chains of several letters as compared to single items.

Take care to create an atmosphere of close interaction with the person.

Easy relationship, mental, have an audience to you. Clicking on a link stimulates even such an ordinary reception as addressing a person by name. Loyalty will be strengthened and congratulations on the upcoming holiday. It must be written on behalf of your employee. The specifics are important here. In addition to the signature must be attached and his picture.

Do not forget to congratulate with different holidays, not only the New Year.

12 способов повысить эффективность почтовой рассылки

Do not forget to track the base

With the subscriber database is required to work constantly. This is important for the demand and success of the mailing. The segmentation will help determine the choice of a topic, find an approach to each category of readers, for example, by area of employment, age, sex, the goal of your actions is a high open rate. Therefore, activate the database, remove from it those who filter you as spam. Such people need to unsubscribe.

Conduct polls

Here are two positive points. The first is that the results obtained will allow you to break the base into segments and only then engage in planning the development of your mailing list. The second is that everyone is pleased when their opinion is appreciated. It has, captivates. Thus, you significantly increase the social factor of interaction.

Set the broadcast time and its optimal frequency.

There is such a thing as “peak hours”, which are common to all. But they may not suit you. Much depends on your specifics. Find this time yourself. Careful adjustment requires and frequency. You can not annoy subscribers and do not let them forget about themselves.

12 способов повысить эффективность почтовой рассылки

Before sending letters, be sure to test them.

Modern mail services allow you to preview content and go through spam filters. Neglecting such an opportunity is not recommended. In order to completely make sure that there are no notes, run the test version of the mailing list on the basis of your friends and colleagues.

Analyze the reaction of your audience

Do not limit yourself to the number of clicks and the level of open-rate. Pay attention to the results of the surveys, mark for yourself those letters to which there are the greatest number of responses. Taking into account feedback, conduct experiments with the design. Thus, in the end you will receive a newsletter, which everyone will wait and read with enthusiasm.

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