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Site promotion is not an easy process, and sometimes it is not complicated. In the modern world it is not enough to create interesting content, because it will simply be lost in the sea of information. It is necessary to force Internet users to go exactly to your resource. And here, as they say, all means are good!

But what to do if you have a limited budget or are not ready to spend big money? – Matthew Woodworth offers 12 easy ways to get links for your content with step-by-step instructions, tips and examples.

I. Write reviews

  1. Find a popular site for which you could write a review. The main thing is that he offers services or products that you use in your niche, and be interested in posting reviews (this may indicate the presence of those or, even better, their absence in the corresponding box).

First, make a list of possible applicants. It may have the following form:

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

Here you can include listened training courses, used software or equipment, manufacturers of favorite products. For this you just need to analyze your activities. Or see what your competitors are writing about.

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

Also, it will not be superfluous to read specialized forums and see what the relevant groups live on social networks. Here you can learn a lot of useful information, which you later use in your recall.

  1. So, the list is compiled. We are looking for the right contacts. On many sites this can be done with a single click on the corresponding button. But if such is not found, use NinjaOutreach, which will provide all contact information about the owners at the site address.
12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

And the Find That Lead and Hunter extensions will also give you the necessary e-mails.

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта
  1. Now you need to contact all the people on your list. To begin with, introduce yourself and tell us about your experience in using their products. Do not get carried away with long praises, appreciate the time of the interlocutor. In addition, the shorter the message, the greater the chance that it will be read to the end. Try to be original, intrigue. And then, gently suggest writing a review for them.

Be prepared for the fact that they will answer not all, so be patient. Write a lot, but to different people. Repeated requests, as a rule, send no sense. You can not even imagine how many letters are sent to the basket, even unopened. Therefore, it is important to start correctly, which will light up in the line of incoming messages.

  1. Once you have received a positive response, write the promised review. Try to make it so good that there was no desire to give it up. But you need to write the truth, because you aspire to link building your own site, and not to the approval of the above-mentioned person. And it is better to be perceived as an experienced and honest expert than as a flattering liar!

II. Use digests

Now the network has a lot of reports and reviews on various topics, which are called the digest. Most often they are periodic issues (once a week or a month), containing links to new interesting content on this topic. For example, the SnapAgency blog looks like:

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

You only need to find a publisher that matches your topic and offer them your material. And for this you need to do just a few steps.

  1. You can find the desired site using the usual search engine:
12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

Make a list of suitable digests. And the more, the higher the probability to get the desired result.

  1. Next, find the necessary contacts and establish a connection. Remember that any well-known blogger receives hundreds of similar letters a day:
12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

Therefore, I advise you not to ask anything in the first letter. Write a short message that will make him interested in your person, put an important question or raise an interesting topic. Your main task is to make contact and make you write the answer.

  1. As soon as you are answered, offer your material and get instant results.
12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

The main thing here is to have really interesting content and a fresh look at famous things.

III. Use pages with lists

Many sites post so-called resource pages, which are in general a list of links with comments. For example, Goinswriter:

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

Find such pages easily. It is enough to use a query like “keyword phrase + useful resource” in any search engine.

As a key, use the information placed on your site or references to any products. If you run a medical blog, it will look like this:

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

It’s harder to get links to your content. Here I advise you to do the same as the previous points: look for contacts, write small welcome letters, offer your material.

Here you need to take the amount. After all, be prepared for the fact that most of your requests will remain unanswered. So, the more requests, the more chances to get what you want.

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

A good way to link building is to create internal links on your site from one material to another. Everything is very simple and has a lot of advantages:

  • You do not need to ask anything from anyone, and therefore you will not receive any refusals either;
  • You control the whole process;You control the whole process;
  • they make the material more understandable;
  • with their help, Google better indexes new content.

To perform this process manually, simply use the following step-by-step instructions.

  1. To create such links yourself, start by compiling a list of target keys and URLs for them.
12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта
  1. You can search for suitable places on your site like this:
12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта
  1. Create matching transitions where possible. This, of course, will take a lot of time, but it will bring a result that will exceed all your expectations!

V. Use expired domains

Some domains that have expired have many reference profiles, even from such authoritative sources as Wikipedia, the BBC, etc. The main thing is to find the expired domain with high authority, relevant to your content.

You can buy such a domain for the price of a new one and get its full potential as a gift! And then proceed at its discretion:

  • create your website on this platform;
  • redirect all links to your content;
  • use the accumulated traffic.

If you have ingenuity and do everything correctly, the result will definitely please you …

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

This is the easiest and most effective link building method. You immediately get all the benefits on a silver platter, without making any special efforts.

And the best tool for finding an expired domain with good performance is DomainHunterGather.

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

A couple of clicks and you have all the necessary information. Everything is simple and affordable. It remains only to make the right choice.

VI. Guest blogging

Do you think this is too banal? – Maybe. But agree that there is no more popular and effective way to link building. Although the most condemned.

And although there is no law prohibiting such actions, Google expressed his opinion:

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

Yes, and John Muller calls for the closure of the relevant links.

But doesn’t any link building violate Google’s rules? For a good ranking, you need high rates, to build up which is your complete concern. And guest posts are an excellent marketing tool for collecting the necessary indicators and target audience.

Everything is simple here. You create interesting content with links to your site and place it on a third-party resource. As a result, you get some traffic for yourself and new subscribers.

The problem is that by 2019 most of the more or less well-known sites have already managed to win regular viewers and do not want to share their popularity for free. Such correspondence is increasingly common:

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

But there are those who are ready to go to meet you. It is only necessary to find them, to establish a trusting relationship with the leadership or the editorial staff and to prepare high-quality material. And we will show you the procedure.

  1. For starters, you can use any search engine using a query like:
  • key phrase + guest blog;
  • key phrase + guest post;
  • key phrase + guest article;
  • key phrase + “guest blog provision”;
  • key phrase + “providing a guest article”;
  • key phrase + guest post provision;
  • key phrase + “submit an article”;
  • key phrase + “provide blog”;
  • key phrase + “create for you”;
  • key phrase + “create for me.”

If you, for example, offer tourist services in London, then for you it will look like this:

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта
  1. Next, make a list of suitable resources and test each of them using the Site Explorer section in Ahrefs, which will provide you with all the information about the quality indicators of these sites.
12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

And to determine the traffic of your selected sites, you can use SimilarWeb.

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта
  1. Свяжитесь с руководством или редактором выбранных сайтов, постарайтесь создать с ними доверительные отношения. Предложите свой контент. Лучше, если у Вас наготове сразу будет несколько тем, которым Вы готовы посвятить свою статью. Сразу оговорите все детали и определитесь с лучшим вариантом.
  1. Write a really interesting article that will surely interest visitors to this resource. To do this, read the existing comments, find out how this blog lives. Try to meet the needs of their target audience.

Try to put the maximum amount of useful information, but the text should be easy to read. Insert quotes, add interesting pictures, videos or links to fascinating articles on this site. A good example is the publication of James Johnson:

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта
  1. Try to leave a good impression of yourself. Such contacts will always be useful. After all, long-term cooperation can bring additional bonuses and privileges. In addition, it will be possible at any time to appeal again with a similar request and you will have more chances to receive a positive response.

The downside of this method is its complexity, but here you can find a way out, partially automating the process or using assistants.

The essence of the method is reduced to finding links that lead to already deleted pages that previously had materials close to your content.

The first step in this process will be to search for reputable sites that are close to your subject.

Next, Ahrefs or Check My Links will help you find broken links in their niche leading to an error message. And also show what other sites link to these URLs.

It remains only to contact the right people on these sites and invite them to replace the dead-end links to yours. As a rule, most editors will gladly meet you, because in fact, you will simplify their work.

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

Yes Yes! Exactly. And let your competitors spend huge amounts of money on their link building. If you are not ready to do the same, do not try to overtake them. Be smarter! Use the method of Brian Dean, who likes to analyze the backlinks of their competitors, to subsequently find the best materials on this topic and write a more interesting article. Further, he turns to the editors of the relevant resources and proposes to replace the outdated version with his more advanced one. And it really works!

As a result, he was able to create the most visited SEO site.

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

Do not worry, it is completely legal, because in fact, these actions can be called theft only with a big stretch. You simply entice customers, and this is the usual successful commercial move of any merchant. Only here for the successful implementation of the venture you need to do a little different steps.

  1. Analyze online resources and make a list of your competitors. The amount of content does not matter. But remember that sometimes the name of the owner can play a key role. Therefore, many editors will not want to lose a popular companion for even a very cool material. After all, they can get much more from this cooperation.
  2. Next, analyze the reference profile of your competitors by following the list. The most convenient way to do this is using the Ahrefs platform.
12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

The tool will show you the inbound links of a given site, and for more information, use the “link type” button, which is located in the panel above the results.

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

Also here there is an opportunity to organize links by field of activity. For example, select those that relate to the educational process.

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта
  1. Now the most difficult. Analyze all the links of your competitors and try to understand how they got them, and what you need to do in order to get hold of them. Be attentive and creative. Do not be afraid to take risks. They say this is a noble cause!
  1. Prepare quality materials and contact the right people. Use all of the above principles.

IX. Use the newsjacking method

As you already understood, for successful link building you need to create exciting and original content. And this is not so easy! Perhaps it’s easier not to try to guess what the network users might like, but try to take advantage of what they are talking about now ?!

An excellent example is the post of the Oreo company on Twitter after the electricity was turned off at the stadium (this happened in 2013).

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

Incredibly, the content in just a few hours received almost 16 thousand retweets and more than 6 thousand subscriptions, as well as links from well-known media that appreciated the creativity and responsiveness of the guys.

This is called newsjacking! The main thing here is to be creative and keep abreast of events or be an active user of social networks. Want step by step instructions? – You are welcome!

  1. Find out what they are talking and reading now. This can be done using Google trends.
12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

This tool will not only help you learn the most relevant topics on the Internet, but also tell you how popular your own ideas are at the moment.

  1. Try to link popular themes with your own content. Be original and advanced. Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous. Moreover, strive for it.

If your blog is dedicated to entrepreneurship or leadership, you can sprinkle Tim Cook and post, for example, the following articles:

  • 5 simple ideas for successful product promotion from Tim Cook.
  • How to succeed, using management experience Tim Cook.
  • What should be avoided in the manual? 3 major mistakes of leaders from Tim Cook.
  1. Choose the most interesting topic that you can beat interestingly, and create exciting and original content. Just consider the time you need for the project. Make sure that the subject matter does not lose its relevance during this period. Broken records are not interesting to anyone!
  1. After the publication of the material do not rush to relax. You still have a very important task: to attract as many people as possible to your content and preferably in the shortest possible time (as long as the subject has not lost its relevance). Here it is desirable to use all your contacts. Use social networks and other possible platforms, connect friends and acquaintances.

X. Use known name

A good marketing move can be a mention in its content of a popular person or an influential expert. This will not only attract an additional audience, but may also give a couple of additional links if this fact pleases the person concerned. This technique is called influence marketing and is used quite often.

Of course, trusting relationships with the right people on reputable sites will also be helpful. Therefore, we do not get tired of repeating the importance of activities in the development of such.

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

In addition, you can post an interesting interview with recognized experts who are ready to share their own experiences. Think it’s too hard? – Follow the following tips and you will succeed!

  1. To get started, decide on a theme and create an intriguing headline. He should not only indicate the subject matter of the future material, but also make a definite promise about the presence in the article of interesting or informative information.

For example, you can immediately mention an influential name or promise a summary of the opinions of a certain number of experts on this topic.

  1. Try to clearly explain all your questions. Distinguished persons value their time and are unlikely to agree to engage with you in extensive rants. If you want to get high-quality material and interesting answers, write your questions accordingly.
  1. Next, proceed to the direct search of famous and popular. Here you can use the usual search engine, and you can show your ingenuity. Make a list of those who seem to you the most interesting. Do not forget about the ratings and traffic. You after all fight for them!

I remind you that Ninja Outreach can help find out the contacts of the people you have chosen.

  1. Write a message with the appropriate proposal. Try to be concise and unobtrusive, get interested in the prospect of cooperation with you. Here you can embellish a little. Only not much! After all, the veracity of your words is easy to check, even without your knowledge!
  1. According to the results of the appeals write the relevant articles and place them on your website. As you can see, everything is quite simple, although it requires some time and labor investment.

XI. Use statistics

In the modern world, every day there is a sea of new publications, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to create fascinating material. But in order for content to bear fruit, it must first of all attract the attention of as many people as possible. To help him stand out can be unique data or original design of known facts. Here, for example, is a very interesting publication:

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

The results of this survey were designed in the form of infographics:

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

And attracted the attention of users.

12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта

To obtain unique information you can:

  • explore in detail the industry of your activity;
  • conduct a survey between your customers or subscribers;
  • analyze someone else’s research and arrange the corresponding diagrams;
  • collect previously unknown facts and include them in your content.

Surprisingly, many people like to participate in all sorts of surveys or view statistics on various topics. After all, it is useful for general development and is easily remembered.

XII. Take advantage of references to you by other users.

This method is not suitable for beginners, because it is based on previous developments and previously gained popularity. If you have one, you can use it to further promote your content.

Unfortunately, most site owners do not think about the interests of third parties and do not rush to create links to the materials they use. Your task: to find such references and require the placement of appropriate links to your content. You can bring this to life using the following algorithm.

  1. To do this, find through the usual search engine all references to your platform or specific products that you provide for general use. Your request may look something like this:
12 стратегий линкбилдинга от Мэтью Вудворта
  1. Next, create a list of sites that:
  • did not create a link to your content;
  • created a broken link;
  • created a link leading to the address error message.
  1. Well, now it remains for you to contact the people responsible for such a disgrace and demand the restoration of justice or the removal of all references to this kind. Believe me, most often they tend to the first option, because it is less time consuming. And the created links of this kind do not commit this site to anything. So it turns out, and you are good, and they are not bad.

And in parallel, you can try to establish a strong connection with the right people, or promote other your content by getting an additional link. Just do not bend the stick! Otherwise, you can get a completely different result and only hurt yourself.

Let’s sum up

As you can see, all the aforementioned link building methods are fairly simple, but they require certain steps and time-consuming steps to be implemented. In addition, most of them can not bring instant results and need patience. But the cash costs are minimal.

Only here you should not immediately try to implement all twelve methods. So you can easily get lost in your own actions and reduce to no. Matthew Woodworth advises to use no more than three methods at the same time, but choose the closest ones to your way of thinking and the most understandable ones. Well, after they finish, you can try something else. You are free to dispose of their own time.

If all this seems too complicated to you, you can always turn to specialists who will not only answer all your questions, but also take care of the promotion of your content. And you will only enjoy the creative process and the implementation of their ideas.

When choosing one, pay attention to their previous work. Experience is of course very important, but it should not be the only criterion. More important is the understanding of this person of your ideology, creativity, not zamylenny look at well-known things and an excellent orientation in the modern world of information. After all, our world does not stand still and every day there are new directions and ideas, keeping up with which is quite difficult. You just need to live it and try not to get lost in the rapid flow.

Well, if you still decide to do on their own, be prepared for trial and error. Be patient and do not despair, even if not only the first pancake came out lumpy. The main thing here – diligence and perseverance in achieving their goals!

And remember that the impression left by reputable people can both open all doors and tear off all beginnings at the root. Try to always be polite and unobtrusive. Useful contacts in this business are very important and you should only try to increase them. Otherwise, success you simply do not achieve. And we wish you only success in your field!

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