Nowadays, it is online sales that are the main way to sell goods. Both legal and private individuals use the opportunity to order the product they need through the network. Following the trend, entrepreneurs open their trading platforms, which do not always have a high conversion even in the case of good traffic. There are eleven main steps that need to be taken to achieve the goal and complete the task.

  1. Choose a field of activity consciously

There are two options: sell popular products with a huge range, or offer potential consumers expensive, niche, unique products. What to stop? It all depends on the results of the analysis of the modern market and your personal intuition. To get reliable facts, it is better to use the services of a marketer. He will conduct research and identify current trends and free niches that you can fill.

Understanding the characteristics of a particular trade area, product direction is essential. But this is not the determining factor. You already know that the market is unstable and the situation changes regularly in one direction or another. Trends tend to become obsolete. In turn, unclaimed positions suddenly become relevant.

  1. Implement the right marketing

Advertising, as we all know, is a powerful engine of any trade. Online store, to achieve high conversion rates, it is extremely necessary. Conduct experiments using different types of it, analyze which one of them gives the greatest results, watch your competitors. After that, start creating your own advertising campaigns, using the experience gained in practice. Do not forget that the results have their differences in one period or another. Therefore, to dwell on a particular method or two is impossible.

Life hacking. Keep track of the overseas market in which the appearance of trends usually leads the domestic one by a couple of months, at a minimum. This will allow you to quickly react to changes.

The main marketing tools include:

  • product promotion in social networks;
  • SEO optimization;
  • price aspect aggregators;
  • contextual advertising.
  1. Find the best CMS

System management directly affects user convenience (usability) and yours (administration). When choosing a CMS, you should take into account both your needs and future prospects (see where a more complete set of tools is). If you are a medium or small business owner, then ready-made solutions are advisable here. In this case, there is not always a connection with the programmer, since the work with the resource, as a rule, is outsourced. If the engine is known, then technical support is more operational, accessible. The move will not be soon, and it will not cause significant difficulties. For major actors, it’s not a problem to have a specialist of the appropriate level in your staff. Consequently, the option can be specially designed, which most accurately takes into account the direction of the site and the specificity of products.

  1. Take care to create a clear and easy to use interface.

Of course, beauty is a terrible power, requiring certain sacrifices. But in this case one cannot choose the convenience of its users as a sacrifice. A potential buyer will not want to solve the original puzzles and quickly move to a competing resource, where everything is not so colorful, but it’s understandable.

  1. Apply a responsive design type.

Modern mobile technology is available in various variations with a wide range of screen diagonal. Your task is to make sure that, regardless of the device model, the site has a full-scale appearance, which does not require periodic increase of individual details. That is why the specified type of design is desirable. Your care in this case will pay off with interest.

11 шагов для создания успешного интернет-магазина
  1. Take care of the diverse possibilities of payment for the goods and their delivery

Offer different ways to pay for products. Thus, you will not only make shoppers shopping more convenient, but also get more profit. If a person is uncomfortable to pay the way you offer, he will simply find another seller.

  1. Do not forget to post detailed information about product positions.

We are talking not only about the description, which should answer all questions of a person, contain the parameters, features, properties of products. In the online store, the buyer can not touch the selected product. A photo, even a professional one, to fully convey everything that is needed cannot. Based on this, for some products, for example, mobile equipment, it is desirable to place video reviews, 3D-models and so on.

First, buyers will not be able to appreciate your efforts. Secondly, there will be fewer bad reviews and returns, which will have a positive effect on your reputation and income.

If you want to increase sales turnover, offer additional services and accessories to this or that product. Practically on all successful, active sites you will definitely find an item like “buy with this product”.

  1. Take care of the availability of incentives for loyal customers

Be sure to create interesting conditions for regular customers and those who purchase products for fairly large amounts. It is important that you have discounts, bonuses, promotions, promotional codes, gifts. All this is of interest to visitors.

  1. Post news with notification settings

Do not be afraid to remind yourself once again, informing the person about the renewal of the product range, the drawing, the action on the occasion of the holiday.

You can quickly notify all registered visitors about new products and send messages with your suggestions to unregistered users.

11 шагов для создания успешного интернет-магазина
  1. Availability of feedback

A hotline is a great way to assist a customer in choosing a purchase. Online consultations are always relevant. Do not interfere in the development of business and surveys. Try to convince people to post real reviews.

Important! Don’t even think about deleting reviews written in a negative way. Naturally, this is learned, which means the end of reputation. If they have a place to be, call out what will become an indicator of your decency and indicate a desire to solve the problem, in this case, you absolutely will not suffer.

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