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If you have ever thought about why competitors are constantly ahead of you in terms of issuing or about the reasons for their significant traffic, then apparently it’s time to add additional resources to improve your own website, increase its traffic and increase earnings.

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

All the necessary data can be obtained by conducting a web audit of competitive resources. However, doing it manually is not productive and costly, primarily in time. Therefore, it is more logical to use automated tools that do all the necessary work for you and, moreover, very high quality.

They allow you to register changes in the positional delivery of competitors, used effective key phrases that guarantee leadership in the search, the availability of backlinks, SEO optimization features and other criteria.

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the selection of services used for the above purposes, which will not only analyze your competitors, but also help your website. Such a proper analysis of the resource is also not superfluous.

  • Megaindex

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

Бесплатная аналитическая платформа, предлагающая набор производительных инструментов для оценA free analytical platform offering a set of productive tools for evaluating SEO performance. The only limitation in its work is the amount of unloaded data.ки работы SEO. Единственным ограничением в ее работе является объем выгружаемых данных.

The functions of this service make it possible to analyze:

  • Site profile for incoming and outgoing reference mass;
  • the visibility of the resource in Google and Yandex search results;
  • comparative competitive visibility;
  • the effectiveness of key phrases and their clustering;
  • SEO text materials with relevance rating;
  • issuing snippets, as well as other functionality.
10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

This is probably the most powerful and all-inclusive free service on the Runet at the moment, while the quality of the results is quite high. To start using, standard registration is required.

  • SpyWords

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

The main focus of SpyWords is the analysis of data on the positioning of competing sites: by search queries (keys) and in contextual advertising. For optimization, this is a very useful tool that allows you to analyze the top positions of the TOP on your topic and borrow the best for your own promotion of the resource.

Organic issue by request can be analyzed by Yandex and Google, taking into account the URL and snippet:

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

Also available to assess the dynamics of the general indicators of the domain or its individual pages:

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

The first method of the general visibility of the URL of the analyzed domain is more useful; it is used to quickly collect popular topics and keys that increase traffic. Using separate keys, one can estimate the change in positioning over time.

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

However, this is not all that is available to the web analyzer, you can also: track similar data on ads in Direct / AdWords, identify competing sites in the contextual and organic search, compare domains, use intelligent selection of thematic queries and other important options. If you want to work on the semantic core or set up the context purposefully under the Runet – you simply can not do without this tool.

  • Ahrefs

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

Perhaps one of the best services for analytics backlinks to the site. Indeed, despite the optimal development of internal components, the reverse link weight is one of the key points of the ranking regarding topics related to competitors. The service is designed for promotion through the Google search engine and allows you to conduct a full analysis of the reference competitive profile.

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

To expand the capabilities of the tool, not limited to reference evaluation base, the development team aims to increase the possibilities for integrated SEO analysis. Current features allow you to define:

  • backlinks leading to the domain;
  • reference weight dynamics;
  • the functionality of each backlink in several ways;
  • search queries, grouping them by relevance;
  • AdWords site ads

To analyze:

  • the effectiveness of the content, giving the most popular pages for sharing in social networks;
  • up to 5 competitive sites for selected criteria.

For owners of paid program packages a wider list of options is available, but the free trial version allows you to check 1-2 resources during the day. The cost of the minimum plan from $ 99 per month.

  • Analyzer PR-CY.RU

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

A fast, though not deep enough analyzer that allows you to conduct an express audit of your own project or your closest competitors. It is very simple to work with him – we enter the address of the site under investigation into a special window on the analyzer’s main page and start. After a few seconds, the resource functionality gives us:

  • overall assessment of technical components;
  • the number of indexed pages in the search engines Google and Yandex;
  • estimated estimates of visits and traffic;
  • recommendations for optimizing the content of the main page;
  • social activity and back links;
  • download speed and options for its optimization;
  • the quality of functional adaptation for mobile viewing;
  • visibility by request and other equally useful criteria.
10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

This tool works not only at excellent speed, but also completely free, so it can be used with any regularity that you need.

  • Load Speed Analyzer GTmetrix

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

This tool is also used to diagnose errors and allows you to find additional improvement options. Indeed, today a positive user response depends not only on the ranking of the site, but also on the speed of obtaining the necessary data, so include this criterion in the list of required points for SEO optimization.

In addition to checking load speed and performance, this tool identifies unstable locations that have a bad effect on overall speed. A pleasant addition to the analysis will be the availability of effective recommendations to remedy the situation for the better.

  • XTool – irreplaceable when promoting in Yandex

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

A service that performs a directed analysis of pages or the entire site on the functionality of backlinks in Yandex. The verification algorithm used determines the responses to the site from this search engine. The correct operation of this algorithm is hard to say at 100%, but why not use it as an additional analyzer to assess donors.

  • Pixel Tuls

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

For the automated solution of a number of everyday tasks of an SEO specialist, this service offers a range of tools. Here are some of them: analysis of issue by key request, generation of a list of 10 leading URLs, verification of textual content for uniqueness, batch verification of domains by related criteria, and so on.

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики
  • AskUsers

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

The difference of this tool is that the site is evaluated with the help of real visitors. This is justified for such complex analytical indicators as usability. The human view from the side allows you to capture the most complete picture.

How it works:

  • you create a questionnaire (individual or choose a ready one) containing a list of questions about your site;
  • form a focus group based on certain criteria or manually;
  • as a result, you are provided with information with completed questionnaires and screen entries of visitors to your site.

This data can be used to improve flaws related to usability or weaknesses of the site. Such analysis and subsequent work on errors

have a positive effect on behavioral factors and conversion. AskUsers is an excellent analyzer especially for commercial sites.

  • Semantic text analyzerа Istio

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

This service will check for you text materials for the presence of water, the percentage of nausea, the accuracy of the occurrence of key phrases, indicate spelling errors and highlight the keys in terms of frequency of use, indicating the percentage of text spamming.

Before you start working out – copy the text into a special window or enter the page address by clicking the button:

  • “Add all text” – if you want to check the entire contents of the page;
  • “Filter text” – when checking only the subject article.
10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

The service works fairly quickly and is intuitive from the first time, it can be used daily.

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики
  • SEMrush

Used for analyzing competitive resources for the detection and recording of key queries that show sites in search lists and context. In addition, it provides data on the back links of the entire domain and on specific pages. Of course, it will be useful when you actively work with creating or updating content:

10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики
10 ресурсов для продуктивной веб-аналитики

The ability to compare several sites and display information in various combinations of targeted queries is available. Each key is accompanied by a list of metrics and an estimate of potential traffic, competitive level and other analysis criteria.


Regardless of the direction of your industry, you should always look after your competitors and do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Taking on weapons effective developments from the proposed list, you get a chance to outrun them, making your site better in many ways.

The analysis will not interfere not only at the preparatory stage, before the creation of a new site, but also for already existing resources, seeking not only to maintain stable operation, but also to lead.

Do you have your own options for productive web analytics for personal sites or competitive projects? We are waiting for your opinions in the comments.

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