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We provide the recommendations checked by professionals about resource promotion. The instructions are clear and simple, so they are suitable even for beginners. Collected specific information without water.

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов

Board 1

The resource is required to place detailed information about the location of the company, phone numbers, mail. Contact details should contain all possible means of communication. For companies operating in Moscow, it is imperative to clarify where the organization is located – beyond the Moscow Ring Road or not. In the first case, the site will be worse ranked in search engines when searching for the capital.

Optimal content for contact details:

  • Addresses in the capital and all offices in Moscow and Russia.
  • Many visitors need a mailing address, it is desirable to provide an index.
  • For convenience, be sure to place the card on which the company is marked.
  • Telephone numbers – mobile, city, preferably with the indication of departments.
  • Mode of operation of the company with breaks and weekends.
  • Email address from this domain.
  • Other communication options are VibER, Skype, etc.
  • Pages from social networks.
  • Details, you can place them in the attached file.
  • A window for feedback.
  • Other relevant data.

You can slightly reduce the amount of information posted:

  • Leave only the address in the capital of the Russian Federation.
  • Specify one phone number.
  • Mode of operation of the company with breaks and weekends.
  • Email address from this domain.
  • Other communication options are VibER, Skype, etc.
  • A window for feedback.

You can leave a minimum of contact information, but this will adversely affect the company’s popularity:

  • Email address from this domain.
  • Feedback box.

Similarly, contacts are placed for resources of other cities. For example, in order to facilitate the promotion of a site in St. Petersburg, it will be necessary to clarify the company’s location within the Ring Road, in Rostov-on-Don and the region within the city, region, etc.

Board 2

Statistics show that when placing articles of a thematic nature, the indexation of the site improves, which contributes to the promotion. Therefore, there are certain instructions for the selection of information.

Basic tips

Selecting information and placing it on the site, you should follow the rules listed below. The first points are more important than the following, so more attention should be paid to them.

  1. The data presented on the site must be unique. This concerns not only the uniqueness of the text itself, but to a greater degree the novelty of the information itself.
  • Search engines always check for uniqueness.
  • Most of the information should not be hackneyed, and benefit the visitor.
  • It should be understood that the texts are thoroughly tested and word permutations, substitutions synonyms, combinations of different articles in one will not help to deceive the system.
  1. The size and size of the written articles have a value of at least 800 characters, which corresponds to approximately 11-15 lines in the Word document.
  • You can place texts and more, better not more than 8 thousand characters.
  • If you want to publish an article of large size, it should be divided into several parts.
  1. Be sure to update the news section of the company. Here information should appear at least once a fortnight.
  • It is better to prevent the release of news data less than once a month.
  • The lower limit is not limited, if the news will appear every day – it is not to the detriment.
  • The effectiveness of news in promotion is related to the fact that search robots define such a resource as active and lively, topical articles about the company’s business make it attractive to the audience in terms of systems.
  1. News events are required to choose only similar in thematic terms with the direction of the company. The newer and more relevant the article, the better. It is possible to introduce keys, it is only important not to overdo it, several entries (up to 5) will be enough. It is recommended to add images to news articles, even better if they are made on their own, and not downloaded from another site. For voluminous articles it is better to select two or more images.
  1. It is worth paying attention to the formatting of the text. For readability, lists should be used. No matter labeled or numbered, both of these types have a good effect on the ranking. The same goes for headings, subtitles. In addition to readability, this allows you to better navigate the page, so they should reflect the meaning of the text.

These recommendations are easy to implement and yet they help unleash a resource and keep it in TOP for a long time, which will affect the number of visitors.

Board 3

The period of creating a resource and individual pages affects the promotion process. You should know how to check whether the Yandex search system determines the age of the site correctly, because otherwise the ranking efficiency may decrease.

There used to be an easy way to do it:

  1. It is necessary to copy and type in the search field the link – url: https: // www .pixelplus.ru/samostoyatelno / stati / indeksatsiya / 301-redirekt.html. Need to accurately put down each character
10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов
  1. The second option is to enter “& amp; how = tm” in the search field. After that, a document will appear in which you can see the specific date, month and year when the first indexation was performed.

Modern way of analyzing

The above option was canceled, so now you can set the age using a special tool called Pixel Tools.

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов

Resource age

By this concept is meant the time elapsed since the creation of the oldest document indexed by the search engine. Finding such a document is not difficult when analyzing resource pages.

You need to know that the main page of a resource is rarely the oldest, so it’s better to analyze all pages.

Board 4

Be sure to control the main conditions for optimizing the service, which relate to the keys and meta tags. The main ones are:

  • In the title must be the main keywords.
  • At the beginning of the meta tag title, you need to place the most high-frequency keys, and then go the keys in descending order of frequency.
  • When there are more keys than can be placed in a title, they need to be studied in detail. It is advisable to create a separate page for the inconsistent keys.
  • The h1 header should not be similar to the title, they should be as different as possible. At the same time, it is also important to include key phrases in the title, which can be diluted. Unlike Title, where the keys are used in the exact form.
  • Main meta tags should not contain incorrect spelling, typos, as well as excessive html-code. Therefore, it is better to recheck the entered values ​​several times.
  • The uniqueness of the text on the page is very important.
  • The size of the articles should focus on their rivals. In general, the best option is 600 … 800 characters or 1400 … 2700 characters (we look at the opponents, the volumes can be more).
  • It is better not to enter the keywords from the queries once. The best option is 2 … 4 repetitions, but you should also rely on the data obtained when analyzing the texts of competitors.
  • If the search query is geo-referenced, it is necessary to enter the city, region, etc. in the text.

Assess compliance

Rate how the pages comply with the rules for successful promotion can be online. To do this, use the previously mentioned tool “Pixel Tuls”. You can use it by specifying the page address or by inserting text with meta tags. In the “Internal Optimization” section, you can select a suitable tool, for example, “Optimization Quality Assessment”. Optimization efficiency is determined in the presence of key values ranging from 76%.

Board 5

For effective advancement, you should study the tactics of your rivals and analyze the resource visibility by all existing thematic requests.

Optimal methods of analysis

To explore the keys that have a high ranking in the search, there are three simple options. They are presented below.

  1. The study of the number of users who switched to the resource

When viewing transitions using special tools (often also using Yandex. Metrics), it is possible to detect atypical, but popular subject queries. The picture below shows an example. Here you can see that the percentage of failures is zero. With the help of such requests it is possible to significantly accelerate and qualitatively change the process of promotion. Site traffic will increase.

Such a check has an additional advantage. With its help, you can check whether promotion policy is effective now. If requests do not have traffic, you should stop working with them. Therefore, this method can solve two questions at once.

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов
  1. Find phrases using online resources

Some sites provide an opportunity to check the rating of resources and explore thematic requests online. The most famous of them are:

  • MegaIndex – there are paid and free versions, the first for many webmasters is enough.
  • SpyWords – a tool aimed at studying the tactics of competitors.
  • SEMRush – designed to analyze the promotion campaign of rivals, seo-audit of the resource.
  • and other services.

They have their own characteristics, the databases of key phrases that are involved in the search also differ. It is useful to know that they are not moderated 100% of the time, so there is a risk of colliding with dummies (those keys that have frequency).

To get a list of phrases, due to which your resource is in TOP, you need to go to https: //www.megaindex.ru/index.php? Tab = siteAnalyze & site = … after registration, and enter the address of the desired resource instead of three points.

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов
  1. We study the parameters through a special panel

Yandex and Google search engines are equipped with convenient panels called Webmaster. With their help, you can also track basic information on requests – for example, resource rating, number of transitions and such a useful indicator as CTR (well, if it is large).

Further on the image you can see the step-by-step algorithm – how to get to the section where TOP requests are visible when switching to a resource.

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов

Studying opponents strategy

To find words and phrases by which rivals promote their service, the number two method is always convenient. This is due to the fact that no proof of rights to the analyzed resource is needed. There are also special services whose work is aimed at exploring resources in the concept of contextual advertising. For example, one of these services is advse.ru.

Board 6

To increase the number of links, it is necessary to distinguish resources with a thematic citation index (abbreviated TIC) equal to zero from the resources that are under the Yandex AGS filter and the thematic index has dropped to zero due to the imposition of sanctions.

The second is not to buy links better, unlike the first.

Set as a result, the CY is zero

To find out if the indicator was artificially lowered, you need to follow the link http://yaca.yandex.ru/yca/cy/ch/…. Instead of points at the end, insert the address of the analyzed site.

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов

When the index of the thematic citation index is not equal to 0, the resource does not reside under the AGS filter, at least it was written on the Yandex blog.

Important! We advise you to analyze not only in Yandex, but also in Google, the number of pages that have been indexed. It is necessary to compare these indicators with each other. Thus, it will be possible to find out whether indexing of some pages was missed in Yandex. After all, before under the above filter fell because of the decrease in the number of checked pages.

Now for the resources under the filter, the index of the thematic citation index will be reduced to zero. In this case, according to statistics, in the case of requesting this type – http://yaca.yandex.ru/yca/cy/ch/krasotaizdorovie.ru/ the parameter of the thematic citation index will not be zero, but will be displayed as not determined. This is seen in the image below.

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов

But if the resource has a thematic citation index parameter equal to zero, and it did not fall under the filter, then there is a zero.

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов

We carry out the analysis several times to be sure of the result.

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов
10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов
10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов

Dynamics of thematic citation index

It is also possible to track the dynamics of changes in the thematic citation index. This can be done using a special resource RDS. In developing tactics it is important to select sites with a good and most importantly sustainable value of the thematic citation index.

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов

Board 7

Sometimes it is very effective for promotion to hide some pages of a resource from being indexed by a search robot. It is important to provide the ability to use links on these pages. This process is carried out by monitoring the presence of lines in the URL of a web page.

Examine the GET parameter

The picture below shows by which lines you can analyze the SHOWALL_1 characteristic in the process of creating a page and implementing meta tags (noindex – disables indexing, follow – allows you to work with the reference mass on the page). You can substitute any other characteristic of interest for verification.

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов

Through this, it will be possible to create values noindex, follow, if the characteristic is, and the opposite (index, follow), if it is not.

Control the presence of a string in the URL

Often there is a need to hide a specific page, folder, to avoid their indexing. This can be done only after analysis, that is, you first need to know if this line is in the address bar of the URL. The picture below shows the lines through which this can be done.

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов

Through this, it will be possible to create parameters for meta tags noindex, follow separately for pages that have a detail line, and if it is not available, create opposite parameters. As with the previous parameter, you can substitute other parameters for verification.

We combine two techniques

There is also a way to combine simultaneously hiding pages with the GET feature and a specific line in the URL. To do this, use the special operator ELSE. Below in the picture is an example.

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов

Important! It is necessary to check one moment – so that meta tags with opposite parameters do not repeat in other places of the file. Since if it is in the template, the result is difficult to achieve. The thing is that if there are 2 or more different meta tags, the robot will select the one that allows you to index the page and follow the links. But there is an option to set certain parameters separately for each search engine. See the image below for an example.

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов

Board 8

To increase traffic and promotion of the resource, it is necessary to monitor the speed of its opening, not only the main, but also the other pages. The speed of response affects not only the position in the issue and the amount of traffic, but also the conversion. You can determine the latter by a simple formula – (100% × number of orders from a resource / attendance). Effective calculation of this indicator for several publicity channels – social networks, seo, contextual advertising and others.

Control of response time by search engines

You should know that for search engines it is not important to consider the speed of loading the resource, the weight of the page. First of all, the response is taken into account. However, there are several parameters that affect the page loading speed:

  • The total number of resource pages that were open during one session.
  • The total duration of stay on the resource.
  • Returns the visitor.
  • Total activity during the stay on the resource.
  • The clickability of existing links, which is calculated by BrowseRank.

It is important to check that the response speed is at the proper level. The time should be no more than 650 … 700 milliseconds, better if the value is approximately 200 milliseconds, that is, 0.2 seconds.

Also for the site it will be better if the weight of the code page does not exceed one hundred kilobytes.

Download speed

Statistics show that the speed of full load greatly affects the level of sales, because you can attract visitors, but because of the slowness of the load, push them away from buying, ordering services. This will primarily affect profits, and not for the better. Next, we consider a method for increasing conversion when optimizing a resource.

For example, if initially the conversion is only one and a half percent, then you can increase it to two by just reducing the download time from fifteen to three seconds.

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов

A way to check quickly and carefully

Already familiar to us tool “Pixel Tuls” allows you to analyze the download speed. Just go to the “Technical Optimization” department, and then select “Download speed, document size”. There is also a handy tool “Check Server Response”. The example below shows the test result.

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов

Board 9

It is not a secret for anyone that in the promotion of a resource the uniqueness of the content is very important, and this concerns not only other resources, but also a given domain, etc.

Common repetition factors for filling are:

  • Incorrect adjustment of the indexing process.
  • Incorrect setup of the domain name system.

Let’s talk about the last factor and CNAME records.

Correctly adjusting the CNAME record

Yandex blog has a guide for setting it up. CNAME-record allows the domain to be supplemented with aliases.

Depending on its type, the visibility of the resource differs. For example:

.site.ru. (name field)> 14400 (TTL field)> @ (date field)

Such a record allows you to detect the content of the resource in any subdomain.

Such subdomains sometimes fall under the indexation of search engines, but only if they are brought to external links. This is also possible if the subdomain was visited by the user, while there is a counter on the resource for monitoring visits, or the visitor used the search engine software. In this case, often the resource loses points when moving.

Create the right CNAME record for CEO

Correct functioning with the value “www“ is possible when implementing the following CNAME record:

www.site.ru. (name field)> 14400 (TTL field)> @ (date field)

In the opposite case, it is necessary to implement a code without this value “www“:

site.ru. (name field)> 14400 (TTL field)> @ (date field)

In this case, the CNAME record looks like this: first comes the “[TTL] CNAME alias”, followed by the “host name”.

How to set the correct TTL field value

The number above is used for good reason. TTL is the length of time that DNS servers will store data about domain name system records.

The TTL parameter is set in seconds. Therefore, the number indicated above was not chosen in vain, because in translation it is four hours to save data.

You can use other parameters from 600 to 2147483647 sec.

Board 10

Each user has come across the fact that, when typing errors, Yandex offers its own variants of search queries, but it is not always a typo that is an error, because sometimes such a request is needed by the user. To protect yourself from correcting the entered phrases, you need to enter the following characteristics in the address bar – “& nomisspell = 1” and “noreask = 1”.

The specifics of these characteristics

  • The characteristic “& noreask = 1” deactivates the correction of the request in the automatic mode. At the same time, deactivation also affects the issue of results on the revised wording. Usually the correction works when there are very few results on the main phrase.
  • The characteristic “& nomisspell = 1” indicates that the wording is printed correctly without errors and changes are not needed. In this case, the correction and the issuance of the results by the corrected query are deactivated. In this case, the adjustment by Yandex takes place in the event of serious mistakes. For example, if the wording is entered [bulk].
  • There is another characteristic – “& msp = 1”. It enters the browser line when the person accepts the provided correction option.

Where to enter the characteristics

They fit directly into the address bar in the process of searching for information through the Yandex search engine. The example in the figure.

Parameters are entered directly into the browser line, when making a request to Yandex

10 эффективных советов по продвижению сайта от экспертов

Way to google

Not only in Yandex such function is available. In the Google search engine there is a similar characteristic. Just enter “& nfpr = 1” and the adjustment will be deactivated.

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